Title: There's Nothing Casual About Sex

Author: Vix

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Category: Every body- mostly M&M for this part. (Has sex)

Spoilers: Nothing- it's AU

Rating: R (Or worse)

Author's note: I have NEVER done a sex scene before. NEVER EVER EVER EVER!!! Please tell me how I did. I have never done a story that had active sex. This story idea was just too much to pass up. SO please tell me how good/bad/horrid it was.


Maria DeLuca glanced around West Roswell's quad searching out her two best friends. She spotted them Alex Whitman, a tall lanky boy with bright green eyes and dark hair, waved her over to his and Liz's table. Liz Parker sat studying her biology text. Her dark hair was in braids and barely touching the book.

As Maria reached the table Liz looked up and her deep almond shaped brown eyes found Maria's, "Morning 'Ria!"

"Hey girl! What are you doing?" She asked as she pulled out her own lunch bag and began to rifle through it.

"Studying." Liz said as she returned her full attention to her text.

"What's new." Alex said gesturing to Liz and her usual study habits.

"Tell me about it." Maria said bringing out an apple and a sandwich.

"Gimmie!" She said as she reached over to the giant bag of Doritos that Alex had in his lap.

"DeLuca, No!" Alex cried as he picked them up and held them above his head.

"Alex! Not funny!" Maria said giggling as she reached for the bag.

"You two!" Liz said menacingly.

Alex and Maria quieted down and sat the chips between them.

Alex and Maria both pulled out their notebooks and began to write. Alex looked over his book of lyrics cryptically as the blonde to his left, Maria reread over her poem.


Michael Guerin, biggest bad ass at Roswell high, walked across the quad to talk to his best friend, Max Evans.

"Hey Max." He said as he plopped down on the bench next to Isabel, Max's goddess sister.

"Hey." Replied said Max, the boy with dark hair and eyes to match.

"You know you could say hi to me too." Isabel Evans, the blonde with bright brown eyes and curves galore, said with venom.

Michael glanced over at Isabel. She looked pissed.

"What happened princess?" Michael asked. Isabel had all ways been the ice princess. She was a cold bitch to any one who got in her way.

"Michael, they um. 'up graded' her position so I'd watch it." Max warned his friend.

"Up graded?" Michael asked his brain not wrapping around the double meaning.

"As of today I'm now not the Ice Princess I'm the Ice QUEEN." Hissed through gritted teeth.

Before Michael could open his mouth and make a crack the bell rang signaling the end of lunch and the beginning of fifth period.


Michael walked quickly into the Social environment room taking in everyone around him. He was so busy eyeing the cheerleaders that he failed to notice a little blonde girl walking towards her own desk behind him.

Maria's green eyes flared as she stood waiting for Michael Guerin to notice where he was standing and whom he was blocking but he kept his eyes trained on the girls.

"Guerin." Maria said exasperated.

"Oh I'm sorr.Never mind it's just you." He said as he stared down at her.

"Move." Maria said her glare not faltering.

"Go around." He hissed giving her his complete attention.

"Make me." She replied.

"Don't tempt me." He growled.

She finally gave up on the verbal quibbling and just glared at him. She was better at verbal abuse but Michael never understood the meaning of words real well.

They had only been going to school together for over a decade. She knew his fighting habit well- she knew them better than anyone else. In all the time they had known one another they had NEVER got along. Not since the first time they met in grade school.

"Mr. Guerin, Ms. DeLuca, if you wouldn't mind I'd like to start class! After all it is Friday. Let's just make it through this hour with out a fight or an office visit." The teacher said as he sat down on his desk.

Michael gruffly brushed past her roughly colliding his shoulder with hers.

"Class as you all know school will come to an end soon and some of you are lacking in points. With out these points you will fail. So for extra credit I have paired up people so that they can do the reports easier and quicker. You will have to do a social survey of any kind that we have studied. The pairs are," The teacher began to call them out over the rumble of groans his students were emitting: "Kalanowski and Baker, Dowdy and J. Parker, M. Evan and L. Parker, I. Evans and Whitman, Charlton and Philip, Williams and Harrington, Beinkimper and Vernon, Hill and Hilton, Finch and Harrelson, Clemens and Stork, and last but not least Guerin and DeLuca."

Maria eyes went wide- someone very powerful obviously hated her- a lot.


"Did you hear about the party tonight?" Alex asked as he jumped into the Jetta's back seat.

Maria had had the Jetta since she got her license and the car had survived her by some miracle because it was now their junior year.

"Does it matter? The world is ending any way." Maria said morbidly as she pulled out of the parking lot with Liz in the passenger side and Alex in the back.

"Still bummed about getting paired with Michael?" Alex asked noticing that Maria's usual bright green eyes were now a deep olive tone- not a good sign.

"Speaking of the pairs how do you feel about being with the Ice Queen?" Liz asked from the front seat.

"She was really pissed about that today. She kept ranting about 'long live the queen' or something." He said leaning back into the seat.

"Now ladies back to the original question- we making an appearance or what?" Alex asked his ladies.

Liz glanced over at Maria and Maria shrugged her shoulders.

"I guess that's an affirmative Alex we are going. Lord help us all." Liz said turning the radio on as they turned on to another road heading towards the crashdown.


"I don't want to go." Max whined like a five-year-old.

Isabel and Michael glared at him.

"Michael even goes to these things." Isabel said.

It was true. Michael did go to all the after game parties, weekend parties, end of school riots, beginning of school bashes, summer parties, and the winter get together. Not to mention the spring formal, the fall formal, the winter formal, homecoming, prom, the valentine dance, and many many other things. He had no choice Isabel had been building up his popularity since they were young. After all he was the captain of the football team he had to have standing point in school, didn't he?

"I'm not the captain of the football team, wrestling team, or the basketball team. I'm not popular, I never go and I'm not going to start today." Max whined loudly.

"I think Alex said something about Liz being there." Isabel began and her brother popped out of bed and started to raid his closet for clothes.

"Mission accomplished." She hissed to Michael as he high fived her.


"What are we doing here again?" Maria asked as she and Liz made their way around one of their classmate's in ground pools and over to the house it self.

"Him!" Liz said gesturing to Alex who was teetering dangerously close to the edge of the pool while talking to some friends.

"I'm going to go get a drink. Want one?" Maria asked.

When she received no reply she looked over at her friend and noticed Liz's attention elsewhere and that else where just happened to be walking towards them. His name was Max Evans and him and Liz Parker had had a thing for each other since time began.

Maria gave up on her friend knowing she could. entertain her self and walked towards the kitchen.

She searched around for the drinks but found the bar to be bare. She looked around searching for a beverage. She walked through the house until she found the pantry. It was a pantry slash wash room most likely to save space. She had no need to turn on the light there was enough light out side that she could see fine if she strained her eyes just a tiny bit.

She looked around and found what she was looking for- caffeine. After this day of pure hell she needed it. She pulled out the bottle and sat it on the washer that was on the opposite wall as the pantry. She untwisted the top and got ready to pour it's substance into her cup she had brought in with her, but the door opening and closing got her attention.

She turned to see a spikey-headed figure bang his head on the door repeatedly.

"KILL. ME. NOW." He said with each bang of his cranium.

"GIVE. ME. A. GUN." Maria said smirking at his distraught vibe.

"DeLuca?" Michael whirled around squinting at the dark figure.

"The light switch is right behind you buddy." She said her smirk still taking residence on her feminine facial features.

Michael flipped on the switch as she recapped the soda bottle.

"What are you doing in here?" He asked growling.

"Well I could ask you the same question. It's not every day you see a porcupine bang his head against the wall and beg for death now is it?" Maria asked in one breath as she hopped on top the washer.

"Why don't you take your blonde ass out of here and leave me be?" He asked opening the door for her and gesturing to move through it.

"Hey I have a cute ass buster." She said as she stood up with her soda and cup.

She was walking through the door when she heard Michael mumble under his breath, "If you're blind."

She smacked him up side the head with a full three liter of Coke before slamming the door shut and locking it.

"You take that back!" She huffed crossing her arms- her cup falling to the floor long forgotten.

"Damn it DeLuca. That hurt like." Michael began as he grabbed for her.

"Take it back." Maria said moving out of the way and pronouncing each word very carefully.

"Not after you hit me with the friggin' bottle!" He cried out as he grabbed his head still in pain.

"You shouldn't have said that because I don't have a fat ass!" She said stubbornly.

"Fine you don't have a fat ass," Michael said and she smiled, "You have a huge ass."

She squealed as she lunged for him.

He moved swiftly out of the way. Smiling as smugly as he could.

She turned around and smacked him in the back of the head.

"You're easy to get to. You know that?" He asked still smiling in a smug manner.

"Why are you so satisfied with your self?" She asked getting beyond pissed.

"Because you're so easy. to get to." He said his grin getting even wider.

"I'll tell you what mister." Maria began to rant but his laughing cut her off.

"What's so funny?" She asked anger evident in her voice.

"You, blondie! Look at you getting all fluster over some little argument." He smirked.

She lounged for him again but this time he moved back causing her to fall on her knees in front of him.

"You know DeLuca while you're down there and all." He began motioning his hand in and out of the side of his mouth. His tongue corresponding with the action, making his performance resemble oral sex.

Maria shrieked and his smile just broadened and his laughter just got louder.

She was going to teach him a lesson. She reached for the buttons on his tight jeans and his laughter stopped instantly.

"What are you doing DeLuca?" He asked his eyes darkening to almost a black shade.

"Wiping that smug little grin off your face." She hissed through her ground teeth.

He smiled again that annoying damn, I've-got-you-where-I-want-you smile that she had grown to loath.

"You wouldn't dare do something like that." He said matter-of-factly.

She undid the button then glanced back up at him to see if his facial expression had changed at all. He was still had that exasperating amused grin plastered on.

"You. Won't. Go. Through. With. IT." He said looking down at her.

She wasn't going to lose this game. Not this time not EVER again was she going to lose any thing to Michael Guerin.

She reached a steady hand up and undid the zipper then once again checked his face or any difference; there was none.

She put her hands on both sides of his pants and yanked down hard. They softly hit the floor.

She peeked up at him; still no damn change. Damn him! She had thought this was the perfect way to do this. He would give up soon. wouldn't he?

She put her hands on his boxers and took a deep quiet breath before making them too pool around his ankles.

She looked up at him, fear in the back of her eyes. He was still looking at he the exact same infuriating way.

She began to pull back. He could keep that damn smile this had just gotten way to serious for her.

"Told you, you couldn't." Michael began but was physically cut off.

She had almost chickened out but he opened his mouth only fueling her fire even more. She had grasped him making him quiet instantly.

She held his length in her soft hands. It instantly started to get harder.

She looked at it amazed as if she were Liz doing some sort of science experiment.

She tentatively moved her hand up and down testing its surface and she heard a soft moan escape Michael's lips.

She looked back up at him and he was still looking at her but the smirk was gone there laid an emotionless expression as he inwardly awaited the next move.

She licked her lips, the move more arousing than her hand. She slowly lowered her lips to his warm flesh that 'stood' before her.

She felt him shiver. She put her hands on his hips to both bring him closer and to steady herself.

When she encased him entirely she felt another shiver run through his body. She removed her mouth slowly, painfully slowly, from him and ran her tongue from his base to the tip encircling it before her moist, wet mouth yet again engulfed his pulsating member.

She began to stroke him with her tongue as she moved her mouth back and forth faster and faster until she felt his hands in her hair urging her to keep going.

She did just that. She felt him try and move his hip with her mouth as she changed pressures making the sucking soft and delicate. She felt him moan more than she heard him. She began to alternate between hard and soft, and quick and slow.

She began to suck harder and move her mouth quicker electing several different pitch moans out of him as she did. They had some how found their way against a wall as he held on to the washer and her head for support not because he was going fall literally but because the physical sensation was becoming too much for him to hold on to. He felt like he was going to burst any second.

Maria noticed that instead of pushing her head he was now pulling it. away. She moved back to watch him grab for her cup that long sense been forgotten and proceed to fix his 'pressing' problem.

Maria only then became achingly aware of what their little display had done to her. The ache between her legs was almost unbearable now that she had nothing to 'occupy' her with.

"Maria." Michael began her name like velvet on his tongue.

She turned around to find him completely clothed.

She stood up and brushed off her knees then looked up at Michael's face.

And this time it was her turn to smile, "I win."

With that she was gone.