Back in 2001 when the twin towers got destroyed, when all the gold in the underground vaults disappeared, three escapees went missing.

Thirteen years later

It's 2014 and world has turned chaotic with violence and rape in the streets and people constantly being robbed and murdered. I'm Clint brown and I'm on the run from people wanting to take my grandfathers notes. Along side me is my girlfriend Brooke and my best friend Samuel. We are in search of the lost gold from the twin towers. My grandfather was an escapee from Arizona max which was the top prison in the country. He said it was disgusting there, it had poo everywhere and it smelt like hell itself, the prisoners would fight and swear like troopers constantly getting bashed up.

The killers were gaining on us with there highly upgraded jeep equipped with nos and different types of traps and weapons. We were in my dads old ford fiesta metal. Speeding down the abandoned bridge reaching speeds of over 100kph and they were still gaining on us. All of a sudden when i turned back they were gone in a flash of light and all we could hear was screams and cries of the killers where they had plunged over the side of the bridge.

We drove back to granddads old mansion which had been raided 3 months before leaving my mother and my father dead, We drove into the garage and parked quickly, we then went inside up to my grandfathers study.

"How was that for the day" I said to my friends " where are the notes Brooke"

" downstairs why" she said

" just because, I want to examine them and try to work out the first clue"

We all walked downstairs to the basement where I carefully removed an old stone in the floor revealing a large stock of documents and a parchment wrapped up in old leather. We took it upstairs and laid it out over the floor.

"Sam" I yelled " go grab the computer"

He went downstairs and brought up his small laptop which was hooked up illegally to the governments supercomputer.

We examined the parchment carefully ,scanning it with high tech lasers we had pinched and the super camera which showed 100x what the human eye could see.

I red it aloud " try the other building that got blown up "

"What the heck" said Sam "that doesn't give us any clue".

"Hang on, hang on what about the other building that got destroyed on the day of the twin towers" said Brooke.

"True but it wasn't blown up was it? "

"I'll look online about it" said Sam doubtfully

"Ok, Brooke come with me I need to talk to you we'll be back soon" I said to Sam winking at her.

2 hours later

"I GOT IT, I GOT IT" yelled Sam "I finally found it"

"What is it" I yelled "we're busy doing argh research, yeah research"I said with lipstick all over my face.