Authors Note: Don't read if you never have heard of BFDI or Inanimate Insanity.

Object Battle Royale

48 Objects enter...

Only 8 leave alive...


After the events of Battle For Dream Island season 2, and Inanimate Insanity. Mephone4 and the Speaker Announcer took 48 objects and put them on a bus driving to where they are gonna have the next season.

The people they took from the first season of BFDI were, Bubble, Firey, Leafy, Blocky, Pen, Pin, Woody, Needle, Coiny, Tear Drop, Pencil, Match, Ice Cube, Golf Ball, Tennis Ball, Eraser, and Snowball.

The people they took from the second season of BFDI were, Ruby, Gelatin, Fries, Book, Puffball, and Donut.

The people they took from Inanimate Insanity were, Nickel, OJ, Baseball, Paper, Bomb, Apple, Pickle, Taco, Marshmellow, Salt, Pepper, and Balloon.

The people they took who had a chance to join one of the seasons but didn't join one are, Remote, Pillow, Saw, Marker, Clock, Grassy, BasketBall, Eggy, Pie, Poptart, 8-Ball, Cookie, and T.V.


-Near the front of the bus-

"Lots of people here." Firey said to Fries who was sitting next to him.

"Yeah, I wonder why they have 48 of us here to compete in the new season their having." Fries replied.

"Whatever it is, Its gonna be fun." Said Nickel who was sitting in the seat behind them.

"This is gonna be awesome." Said Marker who was sitting next to Nickel.

"Yeah!" Nickel said.

-Near the back of the bus-

"What do you think about this next season, Bubble?" Asked Leafy.

"I think it might be fun." Said Bubble.

"I'm happy everyone stopped being angry at me during season 2." Leafy said.

"Yeah, They were mean by chasing you and making you miss most of season 2." Bubble replied.

"Yes, that was mean." Said Leafy.

-At the front of the bus-

"Is everything ready?" Asked Speaker Announcer.

"Yeah, everything is ready." Mephone4 replied.

"Good,"Speaker Announcer said pulling out a walkie-talkie. "Start plan-B2IR." The speaker said to someone with the other walkie-talkie.

Then a metal gate apearred between the two host's and the objects.

"What the...?" Said Coiny who was in the seat close's to the host's.

"Whats going on?" Asked Woody who was in the seat behind Coiny.

"No idea, a metal gate justed appeared separating us from the host's." Coiny said.

A few vents that were in the bus started to send out purple gas.

"Huh...?" Said Pen before falling over unconscious from the purple smoke.

"Knockout gas!" Book yelled before going unconscious.

Soon all the objects went unconscious, and the gas disapeared.

Then people in suits came on the bus and carried the objects in to a building next to the bus.

-4 hours later-


Blocky was the first to wake.

"Oh my head... where am I?" He looked around and saw that he and the other objects were in a classroom that didn't have any chairs, He felt something around his neck and found out he had a metal collar on it.

"What the...?" Said Blocky confused.

"What happened?" said a voice.

Blocky turned around and saw Pen waking up.

"Pen, Your awake." Blocky said.

5 minutes later, Everyone was awake.

"Whats going on?" Said one of the female object.

"Where are we?" Yelled a male object.

Then Mephone4 and the Speaker Announcer (He will be known as S.A. from now on.) came in the building with two men in black suits.

"Hello Everyone," Said Mephone4, "I bet your wondering why your here."

"Yes we are..." Said a angry Eraser.

"Well, you have been picked to test a program." Said S.A.

"What kind of program?" Asked Pencil.

"It's where we take a lot of people and have them battle to the death." Explained Mephone4.

"WHAT!" Yelled everyone (except the non talkers who just looked surprised).

"Are you insane!" Yelled Coiny.

"Nope." S.A. replied.

"YOU MANIACS, I'LL KILL YOU!" Knife yelled grabbing Mephone4 by the neck.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you." Said Mephone4.

"Yeah, If you have noticed the metal collars around your necks," S.A. said, The objects then looked at the collars.

"If you do something against the rules, We will know since those collars can record what you are saying." said Mephone4.

"And we can also, if you really do something against the rules like escaping the area were in, try to take off your collars, or try to attack us, this will happen..." Said S.A. pulling out a remote, and pushed the button on it.

Suddenly the metal collar around Knife's neck started beeping, "What the...?" said Knife.

Then the collar self destructed detroying itself and Knife which then caused Knife's blood to cover most of the room.

"AHHHHHHH!" Screamed the objects after seeing Knife explode.

"Thats what will happen if you break the rules." Mephone4 said.

"Now, We will call your name and you will come and get a bag," Said S.A. "It has 4 bags of bread, 3 bottles of water, a map, and a weapon."

"But before we do that, We know that some of you can die easily," Said Mephone4 referring to people like Bubble and Balloon. "Those collars on you make it so you can't get killed by water, popping, heavy objects, etc. Which means that you can only be killed by someone else's weapon or something."

"Now, Come get your bags," S.A. Said.

"Boy 1: Eraser," S.A. Said.

"Once you two get out of here, head east." Eraser said to Pen and Blocky.

He then went and grabbed his bag and left the building.

"Girl 1: Pin," Said S.A.

She grabbed her bag and went out the door.

"Girl 2: Needle," Said S.A.

She got her bag and left.

Boy 2: Snowball," Said S.A.

He grabbed his bag and went out the door.

Boy 3: Firey," Said S.A.

"I'll meet you guys west of here." Firey said to Leafy, Coiny, Marker, Fries, and Teardrop.

After he went out the door, he saw Snowball with a arrow stuck in his chest.

"Needle did this, hurry and duck..." Snowball said before dying from bloodlost.

Firey ducked under a arrow and saw Needle holding a bow.

"I'm not gonna die," She said before pulling out another arrow.

Firey quickly pulled his weapon, A handgun, out of his bag and shot her three times before she could shoot him.

"Darn you, Firey." She said before dying.

Firey then looked at Needle and then his gun, "Oh no, I'm a murderer..." He then grabbed Neddle's weapon and her and Snowball's bags and ran toward the area he said he would meet his friends.

Deaths so far:

Number:BOY 13, Name:KNIFE, Death:EXPLODE.

Number:BOY 2, Name:SNOWBALL, Death:ARROWS.

Number:GIRL 2, Name:NEEDLE, Death:BULLETS.


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