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Pairing; Naruhina

Chapter 1


"Your soul has been sealed Dragon King," shouted a Native Indian shaman as he continued his spell. This shaman was known as Nightwolf, warrior to Raiden and follower of the Spirits. The Dragon King, known as Onaga, tried to break free from the shaman's binding spell, but it was too strong for him to escape. Nightwolf held his hand out to the binding circle and begun to glow red. "Now Onaga I release the sins of my people to finish this," shouted the shaman as the sins entered the circle. When the sins entered the seal, the seal turned from green to red and chains from the circle that were binding Onaga to the ground. "NOOOOOOOO," shouted the Dragon King as he fell to the ground. "You are forever sealed in the Netherrealm Dragon King," shouted Nightwolf. After that was said, a portal opened behind and sucked him in. Nightwolf knew this would happen because to be in the Netherrealm meant to have corruption in one's soul but since he released his corruption to seal Onaga the Netherrealm rejected him. To where he would go, Nightwolf was unsure of that.

Hours later in some unknown Woods

Nightwolf woke up to find himself in some strange place. "What is this place," thought Nightwolf as he looked around, "this is Earthrealm but it's different." Nightwolf put his hands together, closed his eyes, and looked up. "Mighty Spirits please guide me on which direction to take," calmly said the shaman. All of a sudden, Nightwolf felt a wind breeze pointing the north. " Thank you Spirits," said Nightwolf as he walked to the north. As he walked north, he felt a powerful demon aura. "Why does this aura feel like a fox," thought Nightwolf. As Nightwolf traveled north, he began to see a gate entrance to a village.

Leaf Entrance

Kotetsu and Izumo were on guard duty as usual. They were just sitting around until there saw someone coming to them. They stood up and then Izumo asked the stranger, " Name yourself and your business here?" The stranger stopped and replied, " My name is Nightwolf, and I am traveling around." "What kind of name is Nightwolf," thought Izumo with a confused look on his face. "I wished I had a cool name like that," thought Kotestsu with a goofy look. "Alright," said Izumo as he moved to the side, " you can pass and welcome to the Hidden Leaf Village." Nightwolf bowed to them and entered the village. "What a weird guy," questioned Izumo to Kotestsu. " Yeah but he has a cool name," answered Kotestsu.

In the village

Nightwolf noticed that the villagers were all looking at him was curious looks on their faces. "Is this guy a ninja," thought a man as Nightwolf walked by the man. As Nightwolf walked, he began to feel that aura again nearby. Nightwolf followed it to a swing on a tree. "I feel this fox aura," though Nightwolf as he saw the swing, " but I feel someone's aura as well." All of sudden, Nightwolf heard a child crying and running as well as a group of people chasing. Nightwolf jumped up to a roof to see a boy trapped in an alley.

In the alley

A man punched the child in the stomach, which caused him get in his knees. This boy was five years old and had on dirty old clothes, old shoes, blues eyes, dirty blonde hairs, and had whisker marks on his cheeks. The boy looked up to the mob and cried out, "Why are you hurting me?" The man who punched him answered, "Because you're a demon." The man was about punch the boy again and out of nowhere someone threw a weapon between them. The group saw the weapon was a green glowing axe. 'You will not lay harm to the boy," said someone from the roof. The mob looked up and saw a man jumping down in front of the boy. " I will not let you hurt this child no more." said the stranger as the man charged at him. "Take this demon follower!" yelled the man as he punched the stranger in the stomach. To everyone's surprise, the stranger did not react in any pain at all. The stranger pushed the man causing the man to fall in front of the group. "Leave before I take further action," said the stranger as the group looked at him with fear. The group ran away leaving only the stranger and the boy. He turned to the boy and got on one knee. " Hello young child," said the stranger, " my name is Nightwolf." The boy looked at the man and replied, " my name is Naruto Uzumaki." Naruto got up but fainted due to the punch he got. Nightwolf caught Naruto and looked at him. "Why did that man called Naruto a demon," thought Nightwolf. Nightwolf was shocked as he felt the fox aura inside Naruto. "Inside this boy's body is a demon," thought Nightwolf as he carried Naruto out of the alley, "but his aura is not the same as the demon." All of a sudden, a man wearing a mask appeared in front of him and said, "the Hokage wishes to meet you." " Who is this Hokage," asked Nightwolf to the man. " He is our village leader and means you no harm," said the masked man. " Very well lead the path," said Nightwolf as he follows the man, " but the boy stays with me."

To be Continued…..

Nightwolf will learn Naruto's past.

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