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Leopard the Warrior of Africa

Three young leopard cubs ran through the clearing of the jungle. One was a male golden cub, many of his spots black while a few on his forehead were a dark, dusty orange. His golden eyes narrowed after his sister as he tried to tackle her. His sister in front of him was the exact opposite, her fur charcoal black and her muzzle grey. Her violet eyes closed, her tongue stuck out, teasing her brother. Behind both of them was another brother, his pale bluish violet eyes trailing after them as his white coat stood out from his littermates.

"Nisha! Nirav! Slow down! Singh and Kamal said that we didn't need to hurry!" Arjun yelled, struggling to keep up with his brother and sister.

"It's not our fault you can't keep up!" Nisha said, giggling as they entered the other side of the jungle. "Besides, I bet I can get there before any of you!"

"Oh no you can't!" Nirav said, determined as he sped up to her. Arjun sighed before noticing another path that his siblings missed as they ran off further. Stopping, the light colored cub perked his ears as he began to smirk. He ran onto the path, hoping that it was a shortcut to the river so that he would get there before Nirav and Nisha could. The path seemed smooth, yet easily hidden by the huge leaves that almost covered it. The leopard cub stumbled a bit, trying to follow the path until it suddenly turned into a stone path that then turn into huge stone steps and rocks. Arjun looked confused at this drop before he looked down to see if there was anything below. Seeing nothing, the cub jumped down step by step before tripping and falling the rest of the way down. He felt himself bump against something and shook his head while trying to see what he bumped into.

A young tiger cub was rubbing her head before turning around to face Arjun in confusion. "You're not Tabaqui," she said, leaning over to him. Arjun blinked for a moment. This cub was a dark orange, her stripes were black like any other tiger, and her bright amber eyes stared at him in confusion. On her forehead was a very small tuff. Getting up, he raised an eyebrow at her.

"Who's Tabaqui?"

"He's my babysitter. He's jackal, and was playing hide and seek with me," the tigress cub said, tilted her head as she sat down. She was about his height, maybe a little bit smaller and gazed at him for a moment. "What are you?"

"You've never seen a leopard before?"

"You're a leopard?" She asked bluntly, standing up and circling him. "You look very odd for one. Mother and Father said that they're usually golden or black." Arjun narrowed his eyes and pulled his ears back.

"I'm a white leopard… we're not really that usual. Kind of like white tigers," he explained, refusing to look at his paws at the moment before facing her. "Shouldn't you go find your babysitter or whatever? My brother and sister probably are at the river now," he said, heading back to the steps he fell from.

"No, don't go! You have no idea how boring it is here! Mother and Father won't let me go out by myself and Tabaqui usually uses the hide and seek game as an excuse to sleep! And every time I do go out of here, I always end up running into Mother or Father! And I've never really been able to play with anyone else!" The other cub blocked Arjun's way, her ears pulled back with a pleading gaze. Arjun just looked at her, rather confused before smiling a bit. "I guess I could stay... um… I don't think I caught your name."

"Malati Kaur. It means 'jasmine princess,'" she said, smiling at him.

"I'm Arjun, meaning 'white.'" Arjun said, puffing his chest out. Malati Kaur giggled and tugged on his ear before running off. "Come on! I'll show you the entire den! You'll love the view on the roof! You can see almost anything from there!"

Meanwhile at the River…

Baloo and Akita watched their adopted sons, Indian wolf pup Singh and sun bear cub Kamal wrestle with each other as Nirav and Nisha ran towards them. "I won! I won!" Nirav yelled jumping up and down. "No way! I was in front, so I won!" Nisha yelled. Baloo chuckled while Akita shook her head before waiting to see the familiar white panther that usually followed. The sloth bear got up and walked over to the other cubs.

"I think it was a tie," Kamal said, trying to pin his adopted brother with some struggle. Akita narrowed her eyes and sat up, feeling somehow concern. "How about we all race along the river? That way we all knows who's the fastest!" Singh said, tugging on the bear cub's ear. Baloo just shook his head and scooted the leopard cubs along towards his and Akita's before looking around for Arjun.

"Nisha, Nirav, where's your brother?" the mother wolf asked, her ears perked for any movement.

"He was behind us as always," Nisha said, watching Nirav join the wrestling. "I think he stopped to check something out, but I thought he went along and kept following us." Baloo turned to meet Akita's gaze before turning to the Black Panther cub. "Was this still the same clearing you three usually go through to get here?"


Baloo went straight forward into the jungle. "I'll go find him; he probably didn't get far."

Arjun climbed up the temple stones, Malati Kaur following him as quick as she could. The two of them had hid from a suddenly awoken Tabaqui and therefore found another hidden path that lead out of the area the two had been playing in. Arjun got to the top first, looking down at the temple. His new friend looked down as well once she reached the top of the stones.

"So, you have a brother and sister?" she asked, catching her breath as she glanced at the empty area that was usually full with dancing animals.

"Yep. Nisha was born with black fur like Dad while Nirav was born with golden fur like Mom."

"So where do you get your white fur?" Arjun looked at his own fur at this.

"Um… I think Mom said once that I looked like my grandmother, but with a little bit more grey spots," he said, know focusing on how to get down into the ruins. "So what about your family?" Malati Kaur gazed at him for a moment as she twitched her tail in slight thought.

"I take a lot of my looks from Father. He's a pretty normal looking tiger I guess, since he's the only one I've seen besides Mother, and she always says that many tigers look like Father. Mother's darker than him though, but her stripes are lighter. She also has bluish, greenish kind-of eyes. Hey," the tigress cub led her playmate towards some stones, "I think I found the way down."

"Tabaqui!" The voice of Tai Shang and Shere Khan both echoed through the area around to ruins of the monastery as the jackal they were calling for came from the beneath the thick bushes.

He was a surprising well-fed looking jackal, who could have looked like he could have done well on his own if it weren't for how his tail was lowered in such a cowardly manner. "Yes, Sir and ma'am?" he asked with a squeaky voice. Shere Khan looked unamused at the presence of Tabaqui, while Tai Shang's glare suggested that he was about to join the deer she brought back from her hunt.

"Where is our daughter?" The tigress seemed to tower over the canine, her claws out.

"She… she and I are playing hide and seek, ma'am. She's just naturally hiding." Tabaqui gave a nervous smile.

"Then why is there the scent of another cub here?" Shere Khan pressed the jackal into the ground on his back, his teeth bared at him. Tabaqui gulped, and shrugged, stating, "I was trying to find that out myself, sir."

Both tigers glared at him.

"Khanny, find her. I'll see if Tabaqui has anymore answers."


"Tag! You're it!"

"No I'm not!"

Baloo followed the sound of the dispute as he got closer to the center of the ancient temple ruins. He looked around a corner to see Bagheera's youngest cub playing with a little tiger cub, most likely Shere Khan's. The sloth bear smiled at the sight and leaned in the doorway. He could have just watched them for a good hour or two if he hadn't seen Shere Khan stalk up.

Arjun jumped around his new friend, always trying to stay out of her reach as Malati Kaur kept trying to tag him again. The moment Malati Kaur stopped and looked up to something behind him was when the leopard cub looked up in the same direction to see the huge tiger. The tigress cub smiles nervously a bit.

"Hi Father."

Shere Khan glanced at his daughter before returning to glaring at the white cub in front of him. Baloo hurried and took Arjun out of the tiger's reach as the grown feline starts to growl at the younger male. The two adults glanced at each other in a moment of silence, the cubs in their presence becoming paranoid at what was ever going to happen. Shere Khan growled lowly again before he scooped up Malati Kaur by the loose skin on the back of her neck and leaving the temple ruins as Baloo took Arjun back to the river where the others were waiting.

Arjun looked back towards the other cub, confused at what had just happened now. Malati Kaur gazed sadly at what had been her playmate and waved her paw goodbye as she and her father disappeared into the jungle.

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