A/N: This is an AU take on when Claudia visits Eureka on Crossing Over. In this timeline she was unable to save her brother Josh from limbo and came to Eureka hoping Zane would use his physics genius to fix her brother's teleportation machine and save Josh. For the purpose of this story, Zane already knows about the ring and is trying to find out what the Time-Traveling Five are up to. Lots of Zane/Jo sexual tension since the chemistry between those two is AMAZING!

Disclaimer: I do not own Eureka. If I did there would've been much more Jo/Zane fluff in the last seasons. Also I do not own Warehouse 13. Just borrowing, so don't sue.

Two Worlds Collide

"Claudia….Claudia." Josh's voice echoed from some unknown distance. Claudia stood in the middle of a dark room. The darkness pressed on her body like it had a palpable mass and wanted to crush her. "Claudia" she heard his voice again. She turned trying to find the source of the voice. In the darkness a dim light flared up and illuminated a sliver of the room. It cast enough light for her to recognize where she was-Josh's lab. This was where he died 12 years ago she realized as her heart clenched.

"Claudia….help me…." Josh's voice echoed. She wanted to scream to him that she couldn't but he kept pleading with her to help. She saw a light flicker and saw her brother hovering above her half in this world and half in another; forever trapped. Then he was gone and the room went dark again, the darkness overpowering her and forcing the breath from her lungs.

Claudia woke up panting. She looked around at her familiar room. She had the dream again. The vision where she saw Josh suspended between two worlds where he was trapped until she freed him. And she WOULD free him. Claudia knew he wasn't dead. For a while she had fought this idea, even checking herself into a psychiatric ward to rid herself of her hallucination. But now she knew it was no hallucination.

She dragged herself out of bed and glanced at the digital clock next to her bed. The bright green light read 3:42. Claudia groaned. It was far too early, but there was no chance of sleep now so she might as well get the day started. She needed to finish Josh's teleportation machine and she didn't know how. She had gone as far as kidnapping Artie from Warehouse 13 and even he couldn't figure out the teleportation machine. What she needed was a scientist as brilliant as her brother. It took a long time to find one and it took a surprising amount of hacking into DOD databases, but she did it. Now she just had to go get him.

Jo Lupo strode confidently into her new office. The sound of her clicking heels and the tightness of her power suits were still a bit foreign to her after years in a deputy uniform but she wasn't about to complain. She dropped some files on her desk and when she looked up she wasn't surprised to see Zane Donovan lounging in one of her chairs.

"Morning, beautiful," Zane flashed Jo a charming smile. Jo fought to keep her face neutral as a shiver of excitement ran down her spine. Damn, she thought, how could the man have such a powerful effect on her after 2 years? The fact that she couldn't have him in this universe made the sexual tension that much worse. Jo didn't know whether she wanted to kiss him until neither could breathe or punch that smirk off his face.

"Donovan." She said evenly.

"Oh come on, JoJo," Zane pouted. "Don't you think we could lose the formalities? That was one hell of a kiss the other day."

"Yea and afterwards you left with the woman who is practically my sister." Jo reminded Zane.

Zane cast his eyes towards the ground. At least he had the decency to look ashamed of that, Jo thought.

"Look, Jo," Zane tentatively said. "Zoe and I are friends. That's it. It was fun messing with Carter and all but I don't want to lead Zoe on when I have my eye on someone else."

Jo tried to ignore the flutter she felt in her chest knowing Zane was talking about her. "Seriously, Zane," Jo tried but failed to keep the frustration out of her voice. "One ring and all of a sudden you want me instead of hating me."

"Oh you're very wrong, JoJo," Zane practically purred as he sauntered closer to her desk. He leaned in close to her. "I've always wanted you, Lupo. It's just the first time I've thought I had an actual shot with you."

Zane smirked when he saw the surprise in her eyes. "I'll admit I have enjoyed this cat and mouse game we've been playing for the past 2 years. You handcuffing me is kinda sexy." Again Jo had to fight down the urge s Zane's voice was stirring inside her. "Although, you were a bit rough on occasion, Josephina. But if that's how you like it, I don't mind it rough." Zane winked at Jo.

The shrill cry of the telephone broke the tension between Jo and Zane. Jo was secretly relieved because she didn't want to admit to herself how close she was to giving into this Zane. She quickly yanked the phone off its hook.

"Lupo." She about shouted into the phone.

"Jo, we sort of have a situation her." Fargo said uncertainly.

"What do you mean a situation?" she calmly asked Fargo. She placed her fingers on the bridge of her nose trying to stymie the oncoming headache.

"Claudia's here."

"And who would that be exactly?" Jo asked. Why on Earth did Fargo think that name meant something to her?"

"An agent from Warehouse13."

"Is she here on official business?" Jo was very confused now. If Claudia was here on official business then Fargo as head of GD was more than capable of handling it on his own.

"I don't think so." Fargo said slowly. "She says she'll only talk to one person." Jo almost had to laugh at the jealousy that laced Fargo's voice.

"And who would that be?" Jo asked.

"Zane Donovan."

A/N: I just think it's fitting Zane help find Josh since Josh is a particle physicist and Zane is a particle physicist. It's a perfect match. Plus I know the two shows are supposed to be in the same universe but there wasn't enough crossing over for me So tell me what you think or if I should continue this!