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Previous on Two Worlds Collide:

"Jo, we sort of have a situation her." Fargo said uncertainly.

"What do you mean a situation?" she calmly asked Fargo. She placed her fingers on the bridge of her nose trying to stymie the oncoming headache.

"Claudia's here."

"And who would that be exactly?" Jo asked. Why on Earth did Fargo think that name meant something to her?"

"An agent from Warehouse13."

"Is she here on official business?" Jo was very confused now. If Claudia was here on official business then Fargo as head of GD was more than capable of handling it on his own.

"I don't think so." Fargo said slowly. "She says she'll only talk to one person." Jo almost had to laugh at the jealousy that laced Fargo's voice.

"And who would that be?" Jo asked.

"Zane Donovan."

Jo paused when she heard Fargo.

"Come again?" she stated.

"Claudia says she will only talk to Zane." Bitterness crept into Fargo's voice. "I'm not sure why. I'm the only one here she knows."

Jo sighed. "Ok." She said. "I'll bring him to your office."

Jo placed the phone back in its holder and looked over at Zane. His features scrunched up in confusion.

"Do you know a Claudia from Warehouse 13?" Jo asked him.

Zane shook his head. "Never heard of anyone from Warehouse 13. Actually I haven't heard much about Warehouse 13 at all."

"Well, she certainly knows you. She asked to speak with you." Jo began walking out of her office. "You coming?" she shouted over her shoulder as she neared the door. Zane just nodded and followed along. Jo wasn't sure if she was glad or slightly put off that Zane was too busy contemplating what this new situation meant to admire her ass as she walked ahead of him.

When they got to Fargo's office, Jo and Zane found Fargo fumbling around his office trying to make it more "comfortable" for Eureka's new guest. Jo assumed the young redhead sitting on the couch was Claudia. She definitely wasn't what Jo had been expecting. With a name like "Claudia" and affiliations to Warehouse 13 Jo was expecting a sleek, confident, well dressed agent in her mid-twenties. This girl looked like she was barely old enough to drink. She also wore a purple stripe in her short hair. Her clothing, a pair of converse sneakers, dark jeans, a fitted t-shirt, and leather vest, were much too casual for a special agent.

"Sup." Claudia said from her spot on the couch.

"Jo, Zane, this is Claudia from Warehouse 13" Fargo proudly presented Claudia like she was a new invention of his.

"I see that." Jo deadpanned. "Does she have a last name?"

"It's Donovan." Claudia stated while she looked over at Zane. "Claudia Donavan. Nice seeing you again, Zane."

Jo kept her face blank as she felt her heart leap to her throat. Donovan? For the first time Jo considered that this girl may look much OLDER than she actually was instead of looking young for her age. How old was she anyways? Jo did calculations in her head.

Next to Jo Zane went visibly pale like he was seeing a ghost.

"No way," Zane shook his head. "The only Claudia Donovan I knew was my little cousin. And I haven't seen her since 12 years ago when Josh died in a lab accident. No one could find Claudia so we assumed she was there as well."

"Yeah, that would be me." Claudia smiled. "I just wanted to stop by Eureka so we could have a little family reunion and hang out like the old days. You know-you, me, and Josh. Except this time it would probably be best if you two didn't crash the Pentagon's servers again."

"Again?" Fargo cried.

"yea..well…" Zane rubbed the nape of his neck as he eloquently tried to explain. "That was mostly all Josh." Fargo gave Zane a look that said he didn't believe Zane for a second.

Jo let out a relieved breath she didn't know she was holding. She felt silly for her early panic. Her mind raced as she filled in all the puzzle pieces.

"What do you mean you, Zane, AND Josh?" Jo asked. "Zane just said Josh died."

The two men turned to her shocked as they finally got their minds back on the topic at hand.

"Yeah. Josh died in a laboratory accident when I was 18. He was only 19." Zane said as he stared at the floor. No one besides Jo could pick up on the pain that laced his voice. The death of his cousin had clearly been traumatic for Zane. Jo felt a little empty that this was new information to her. She knew Zane so well she could pick up on the meaning of his mannerisms and understand the subtle changes in his voice, but she knew so little about Zane's past. Both this Zane and hers.

"After he died Claudia went missing." Zane continued. "We tried looking for her, but no luck. So people just starting to assume she was in the lab with Josh and was gone too."

"Awww. I don't know whether to be proud or insulted that no one found me." Claudia said.

"We tried looking for you, Claudia." Zane said. His voice was low and tense. He did NOT like the implication that he and his mom didn't care about Claudia enough to really try finding her.

"Relax, Zane." Claudia said. "I know you tried looking. I just had to disappear for a while. I needed to know why Josh was gone. But then I started seeing him in his old lab. I thought I was going crazy and if I told someone who knew me that I'd get locked up in some psych ward."

"You saw Josh?" Fargo finally spoke. Claudia nodded.

"Yeah. So I drifted around a bit before I finally checked myself into that psych ward to make the hallucinations go away." Claudia explained. "That's when I found out I wasn't crazy. It really was Josh I was seeing. He's not dead. "

"Claudia." Zane said slowly. "No one else has seen Josh. All the evidence pointed towards him being dead."

"No" Claudia shook her head. "He's not dead. That's why his body was never found. He's still alive and you have to help me save him, Zane."

"If he's not dead then where is he?" Jo asked.

"I'm not really sure. It's like he's in limbo or something, like he's trapped between two worlds." Claudia said. Jo and Fargo exchanged a look. They knew what being trapped in the wrong world felt like.

"Who else have you gone to for help?" Jo asked.

"Artie at Warehouse13. He was a friend and kind of a mentor to my brother. I thought he knew something about Josh's invention that could help fix it." Claudia said.

"How'd you even find Artie? Warehouse 13's almost impossible to find and Artie doesn't leave unless he absolutely has to." Fargo gasped.

Claudia shrugged. "I hacked Warehouse 13's computers."

"You what?!" Fargo cried in surprise while Jo's voice had the steely authority of the Enforcer.

"Nice." Zane said smiling widely. He was impressed by his little cousin. She was only 9 the last time he saw her, but apparently she picked up quite a bit from the 2 boys.

"Seriously?" Jo was exasperated. "The Pentagon, the New York Stock Exchange, Warehouse 13….hacking and criminal behavior is clearly a Donovan family trait!"

"Yeah…that and being awesome!" Zane and Claudia said at the same time.

Jo shook her head. For the first time she realized just how alike the two cousins were.

"So I'm assuming Artie couldn't fix Josh's invention or you wouldn't have come looking for Zane." Fargo said. "Did you bring the invention here?"

"It's on its way." Claudia said. "It'll be here within the hour."

"What was your brother working on?" Fargo pressed.

"A teleportation device." Claudia stated.

Fargo, Jo, and Zane gasped. A teleportation device was impressive even by Eureka standards.

"Oh I have so got to see this." Zane smiled. Fargo nodded his head so violently he almost resembled the bobble head doll on his desk. Jo sighed. She could already imagine the trouble this group was going to create. Zane was hard enough to keep in check. Now she had two Donovans to contend with.

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