Hey guys! This is my newest story, Home Again, Home Again. And for those of you who are still following All Good Things, I am so so sorry! I know it's been a long time (almost a month) since I've updated, but I've gone through some problems in my social life so... yeah. But I'm working hard on it, and I should have the next chapter out by Thursday!

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CHARACTERS: McGee and DiNozzo mainly, but Gibbs and Ziva and Abby will show up, possibly Ducky as well (But I'm horrible at writing Ducky so...)

DESCRIPTION: After their car explodes, DiNozzo and McGee are thrown into the back of a semi, set off down the freeway, driving hours on end. Exhausted, injured and alone, the pair must work together to survived the Road-Trip From Hell, and make it back home alive.



"I blame you for this,"


It was a warm August night. Being a new moon, the night was awfully dark, with only the stars and the dim headlights to illuminate the lonely stretch of highway traveled on now, by a sole truck driver. Low volume country music and chirping crickets made the sleepy night even sleepier. The nearest city was a good two hours behind them. The truck dipped into one of the many common potholes. Such a perfect, quiet night…

Which couldn't stay quiet for long. Much to the chagrin of the driver, the truck lurched into yet another pothole (this road was in serious need of attention), switching the radio station to something loud and obnoxious-

The news.

"-re fighters have finally managed to put out the flaming car before the gas pumps could be ignited. Damage to the 7-Eleven was minimal, and luckily no one was hurt. Witnesses claim the car, in question, seemed to have combusted without provocation. While the cause of the explosion is unknown, police officials speculate a bomb as being the most probable cause. The two passengers, Anthony DiNozzo and Timothy McGee had disappeared after the explosion. The only other vehicle sighted in the vicinity during the time was a large blue truck bearing a yellow Wal-Mart logo. Based on speculations by local authorities, it is believed the two men maybe in the restraint of the truck. Blood splatter on the ground has confirmed that one or both of the two men maybe injured from the blast. If you have any information, please contact- KKKKKKKKKKSSSHHHHHHZZZZ – satin. Lay me down on a bed of roses. Sink me in the river at dawn. Send me away with the words of a love song,"

Admittedly, the driver wasn't much a fan of Taylor Swift, however, it was better than the blasted news. It was much too peaceful a night to further deal with such malice.

Besides, he had… precious cargo to deliver.


"I blame you for this,"

McGee choked out a weary laugh at DiNozzo's childish comment. "…If I remember correctly, it was you and your obsession with powdered doughnuts that got us into this situation," McGee responded wearily, sounding more amused than annoyed. In all honesty, the young agent barely had the energy to keep himself upright, and engaging in an argument with his partner was definitely pushing it. But he responded anyways, knowing it would make Tony feel a lot better if he did.

"Oh yeah, like I knew Svetlana's goons had been tailing us all day, waiting for us to stop so they could put a bomb under our car," DiNozzo scoffed, rolling his eyes a little. "They wouldn't even have been after us is you hadn't hacked into their mainframe or whatever!"

"I was just doing my job, Tony…" McGee spoke slowly, his slurred words tumbling out in a lethargic, jumbled mass. He sounded so… broken.

DiNozzo paused, swallowing hard. His petty arguing wasn't out of spite; he was arguing just for the sake of arguing- trying to engage McGee in any sort of conversation he could. Trying to keep in awake by any means. It pained him to keep jabbing at McGee like that, but at this point it was all he could do. Two hours into the drive, and the adrenaline was wearing off, shock was setting in and… He didn't want to loose another partner. Not after Kate. And, even though she was back, Ziva's disappearance had made Tony's desire to protect his partner that much more adamant.

"Honestly McGee, you should be thanking me," Tony remarked.

McGee's response came after a pause lasting several terrifying moments. "…How… How so?" His breath was becoming ragged.

"If I hadn't been talking about powdered doughnuts, the idea of a doughnut wouldn't have been ingrained in your mind. So when we stopped, you wouldn't have wanted to come in and get one of your stupid chocolate glazed doughnuts with the sprinkles that you're just going to pick off anyways-" At this point, DiNozzo was rambling. He didn't really have a solid argument so he was just listing off whatever stupid thought popped into his head no matter how little sense it made. "You would've just stayed in the car and they would've gunned you down and you'd be dead,"

McGee gave a small, tired chuckle.

The truck lurched, probably hitting another pothole, and both agents grunted, although McGee was left gasping a little bit.

The two federal agents were in the back of an empty Wal-Mart truck, in the middle of the night going God knows where. Rendered unconscious –or dazed at least- from the explosion, somehow the driver had forced both of them into the back of the truck. Sitting on the floor back to back, legs bound by zip ties at the ankle, a single piece of rope was bound around both of their wrists, preventing either of them moving from their back-to-back position –preventing DiNozzo from giving the attention McGee so desperately needed.

The truck lurched again. DiNozzo's heart dropped to his stomach when he felt his pants slowly grow wet-


Tony could feel the younger agent leaning heavily against him, his breaths becoming shallower and hitching ever so slightly as the pain was beginning to set it, no doubt. Tony turned around as best he could to get a better look at Tim's front. He hadn't really had the chance to examine the boy's wounds. Tony himself was a little bruised and cut, maybe a couple of burns here and there, but then again, he was still exiting the 7-Eleven when the bomb had gone off. McGee, on the other hand, was a good seven, eight feet away. In all fairness, it was a miracle that he wasn't dead. Kate… Kate was watching over him.

It was hard to get a really good view because of both the dark and the awkward angle, but the senior field agent could clearly see the many small shards of the window shield sticking out of the probie's body in various places. His shirt was awful charred and he could only assume there were some fairly nasty burns underneath. But that's not what gave him chills, and made him tremble.
What really scared him was the two-inch diameter pipe sticking out of the young agent's side.

Almost as if he could sense the sudden anxiety that had overcome his partner, McGee cracked one eye open and eyed DiNozzo.

"You okay?" He croaked. "You're shaking… you cold? You can have my jacket it you want… I'm too hot anyways,"

Tony shook his head and let out a laugh because of the stupidity of it all. Here's McGee, bleeding out with a freakin' pipe in his gut, worrying about his partner being a little bit chilly. "I'm fine, McGee," He sounded exasperated, but that's not how he'd meant to come across. After a pause he spoke again. "What about you, McGee? You doing okay?"

It took a long time before the tired, slurred response came: "…Peachy,"

Tony couldn't help but laugh a little, and McGee gave a weak grin. But quickly, Tony's smile faded. "Hey, I'm gonna get you outta here, okay?" He said, sounding soft.

McGee nodded.

"No, listen. I'm gonna get you outta here. But you gotta promise me something. You gotta promise me you're not gonna die, okay? You here me? I want you to promise me. McGee? Tim? Promise,"

McGee slowly turned to face his partner to the best of his abilities. He gave a weak smile that was about as this as watercolor. He took a long time, breathing heavily, to muster up the energy to speak, but finally, he spoke. "I promise, Tony… I promise…"

I know, the end's a little sappy, but hey, brotherly love my friends!