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Jz-jz-jz-jz-jz-jz. Silence. Jz-jz-jz-jz-jz. Silence. Jz-jz-jz-jz-jz-jz. Swear words. Jz-jz-jz-jz-jzbbddmkadddDDDDRRROOMMMMMMM MMMMMMM! Puttputtputtputtputtputtputt puttputtputtputt… SKREE! Kffff. Puttputtputtputtputtputt- ERRRRRR, THUNK! Puttputtputtputtputtputt…

Rng…! Ohw… T-Tony…?

McGee grunted as he came to, a few minutes later. He suddenly felt sick to his stomach. There was a huge noise in his head and everything was moving and-

Hang on.

It was moving.

The truck was shuffling down the highway. Swaying back and forth and back and forth… McGee shut his eyes afraid that he wouldn't be able to hold onto his lunch.

After his stomach calmed, McGee let his eyes slide open. It was dark. Too dark too see. And he was grateful for that. The light would have given him a huge headache… something wasn't right.

McGee felt his stomach do a flip-flop, bile rising in his throat. He suddenly wished there was a little bit of light.

"T-Tony?" McGee whimpered. No response. "T-Tony are you in here?" He slowly got onto his hands and knees (it was the closest he could get to standing) and crawled around the inside of the shipping container. "Tony, where are you?" He whimpered again as he looked for the senior field agent.

"Tony… please, are you in here? Tony, where are you? T-Tony!"

No response.


"Whatcha got for me Abs?" Gibbs asked as he walked briskly into Abby's lab.
The young goth looked up from the computer. Her make-up was running; she'd been crying. But she had a look of steely determination in her eyes. "She doesn't exist, Gibbs,"

"Who doesn't?" He asked.

"Svetlana. She doesn't exist! I've searched every record I possibly could- there's no trace of her!"

"Someone erase her?" Gibbs asked.

"No, no. She never existed. It's all been a wild goose chase! All of her information, it's totally phony!"

Gibbs grunted, unhappily. "So, you're telling me that we still have no idea who killed out John Doe?"

Abby looked disappointed and shook her head. Gibbs turned to leave, but a sudden beeping stopped him. "What is that, Abs?" He asked.

"AFIS hit a match on our dead Petty Officer!" She exclaimed and went to look.

"Well, who is he?"

"His name is Nonmem Agga," She said with a quizzical look on her face.

A smirk crossed Gibbs face, and he leaned in to kiss Abby's cheek. "Good job, Abs," He said and ran off to the elevator. Moments later, he'd entered the Bull Pen, to check on Ziva's progress. "Anything?" He asked.

"Not yet, Gibbs. But I am working on it. I might be able to get a look at the truck driver's face if I can just… Gah!" She spat a curse under her breath. "I wish McGee were here," She mumbled. "I do hope they are alright…-"


The elevator door opened slid open. A young woman walked out, and walked straight up to Gibbs, standing inches away from him. There was something off about this young woman… It was very clear. She had a strange tick, twitch her head every moment or so, and her left hand was clenched in an odd way, and moving all in obscure motions. Her eyes were wide, but seemed empty. She didn't blink once, and they seemed to be frozen in one place; she moved her whole head to look around. She had wild, frizzy, unkept blonde hair. She must've been color blind, because her clothes didn't match in the slightest. She wore a faded orange button down shirt that was stained, ripped, wrinkled, and buttoned in all the wrong places. She had red and black poke-a-dot pants (they must've been originally just red but she'd scribbled black dots on with a sharpy), and a blue and lime-green stripped jacket, and only had on one shoe, the laces poorly tied, on her left foot. Clearly, the stability of her mental status was a questionable matter.

"I need to tell you something. It's important," She said, seeming to stare right through Gibbs head. "Please, it's important. It's about the case. And your agents,"

Ziva cast him a wary glance, but Gibbs ignored it. This was not the time to judge people baised on their appeances. And any information was good enough for him. So he lead the young woman down to the interrogation room, Ziva following to watch.

Gibbs sat the woman down and sat across from her. "You said you have information,"

"I do. About your agents. About your case. About your future. I know things. Apollo tells me. And I'll tell you. But you won't believe me. It's my curse. No one believes me,"

Gibbs frowned. This was very, very odd. "What's your name?" He asked.

"I am Cassandra. I bear the curse of Apollo,"

On the other side of the glass, Ducky stepped in. "A hello, Ziva. Is Jethro here?" He asked.

"Yes. He is in there. This woman says she had information for us," Ziva informed him.

Ducky nodded. "How interesting…"

"I know who killed him. Aggamemnon. I know who killed him," Cassandra informed Gibbs.

Gibbs was at a loss at this point, and didn't interrupt.

"Clytemnesta killed him. Clytemnestra and Aegisthis. They are bad. They are bad people. They are going to destroy Troy. Illium is going to fall. You must stop the vicious cycle, before everyone is dead. Beware of Tisiphone, Megaera, and Alecto. But especially beware Tisiphone. Find Athena's Temple. Only Athena can save you. Your agents are but pawns of it. They will not live. Aegistis has made sure of it. But do no avenge them. The cycle must be broken! Death is death is death,"

"Jethro, can I talk to you for a moment?" Ducky's voice came into the room from the intercom.

Gibbs nodded and slipped out into the observation room. "What is it Duck?" He asked.

"Jethro, I believe this girl may be schizophrenic, having a psychotic break. She is referencing to the greek play The Orestia. In that play, the king of the Argives, Aggamemnon, was forced to sacrifice his daughter, Iffigenia, to Atremis. Clytemnestra and Aegistis then killed Aggamemnon to avenge Iffigenia, then Oresties, Aggamemnon's son, killed Clytemnestra to avenge Aggamemnon. That is the vicious cycle, Jethro,"

"What's all this about Persephone or whatever?" Gibbs asked.

"Tisiphone, Megaera and Alecto are the names of the three Furies. They are the goddesses of Vengence. Especially when a son kills his mother. In The Orestia, the Furies hunted down Oresties for killing his mother. Only Athena, goddess of justice, was able to save him,"

"What does all this have to do with our case?" Gibbs demanded.

Ducky shook his head. "I don't believe it does. Her information about Anthony and Timothy- Hm? What is that?" He turned to look at the girl, noticing the odd movements her hand was making. "Jethro… I believe she is trying to tell us something. Look at her hand! Give her a pen and some paper," Ducky instructed.

Gibbs gave him a wary look, but obliged, borrowing a pen from Ducky, and taking some paper out of the recycling bin.

He slipped back into the interrogation room. Cassandra didn't even look up. Carefully, Gibbs lifted her hand, placing the paper under it, and sliding the pen into her fingers.

Ducky was write! Much to their surprise, Cassandra began to scrawl letter after letter down on the paper until she had finished, and just started to repeat what she had written. Gibbs looked up to the place where he believed Ducky to be standing, taking the paper.

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It was a long shot. Definitely a long shot. Probably the longest shot ever. It was unlikely it had anything to do with anything. She was crazy, just having a psychotic break. And whatever it was that she had written, it was total gibberish. It made no sense. But… It was something. There was a possibility. It was slim but it was possible. And he was going to take that chance.


"Oh boy… What… What happened last night?" Tony mumbled. The agonizing throbbing in his head lead him to believe that he'd been drinking the night before.

But when he cracked his eyes open, everything came crashing back to him like a back of bricks.

He was… he had just slipped out of the back of the truck. He had to get something for McGee! He'd ran inside and told the cashier that he and McGee were being held hostage, and McGee was seriously injured and to call the police- the cashier cut him off there. It was around midnight and the tired cashier had no time for nonsense. Clearly he hadn't been listening to the news.

So Tony searched around in his pockets –miraculously finding $50- and bought some supplies to help fix up McGee and himself.

After paying for the stuff, Tony booked it outside to a payphone he'd seen in the back of the building. He was running over when a pain had shot up his leg. White hot- it was the worst thing he'd ever felt. He'd floored it.

Tony peeled himself off of the pavement and looked around. It'd only been fifteen, twenty minutes.

He looked around and his heart stopped.

The truck…

The truck with McGee…

It was gone.

He'd been left behind.

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