Ain't no Sunshine

Summary: After running away to New York, with Brian's credit card, Justin goes missing. After two years he's presumed dead and the investigation closes. But Brian knows he's not dead, and is planning on doing everything he can to prove that he's not crazy.

Warning: Violence, language,

A/N: I actually have no idea what I'm doing or what's going on in this tiny little brain of mine...

"He's not here", Michael Novotny announced loudly, interrupting his friends screaming at the white door in front of them.

"So we'll just wait until the little fuckers gets back" said friend answered and sunk to the floor, back leaning against the door he previously had yelled at.

The friends' name was Brian Kinney. And Brian Kinney was not happy. Because the trick he had brought home and fucked a few weeks before, had somehow manage to take over his life completely and while at it, screw up royally. So now, here Brian was, standing outside a hotel room in New York, banging furiously on the door (and as I might have mention, yelled just as furiously at it) in order to get said trick to open the goddamn door so that he could drag his ass home, and have him payback every single cent he had charged on his credit card, that the trick so fabulously had stolen from him.

"You do realize that could take ages" Michael said, but still took a seat next to Brian, who by now had pulled out a cigarette and a lighter. With the cigarette hanging loosely between his lips, and his hands working the lighter, he said; "It can't take that long. What would he possibly be up to?"

"Anything!" Michael said stealing the now lit cigarette from Brian and put his lips around it. He took a deep breath and held it in before slowly exhaling the smoke and continued. "You remember what it was like being he's age don't you? We'd skip school and do nothing practically the whole day, and still not be home until late after midnight"

Brian nodded. "True, but we still had each other, that kid doesn't know a soul here does he?"

Michael shrugged. "Maybe that's what he's doing now" he smirked "Getting to know people"

Brian rolled his eyes but said nothing.

And that's how they sat, for one hour, two hours. Feeling his ass getting sore (which was a feeling he wasn't exactly unfamiliar with) and back stiff Brian stood up, stretching.

"Where the fuck is he?" he mumbled frustrated, glaring at the door like it was their fault Justin wasn't here.

"He'll show. He's got to sleep at some point, right?"

Brian nodded in agreement, but that didn't stop him from feeling even more frustrated. They could be here until 6 in the morning.

"Have you tried he's cell since we got here?" Michael asked, even though he knew Brian hadn't. And Brian shook his head, fishing up the phone from his back pocket and once again called him. Almost a minute later he removed the electronic object from his ear with and angry sigh. "Still no answer"

Michael was quiet, and as Brian let he's eyes fall to floor, where Michael was still seated he sigh. He knew that expression.

"What?" he asked annoyed

"Nothing" Michael mumbled, the expression still painted over his face.

"Well then" Brian said, voice sounding half sarcastic, half annoyed. "Stop frowning, you'll get wrinkles"

"I was just thinking…"

"Well that's always a dangerous sign" Brian huffed, earning himself a glare from the sitting figure in front of him.

"Would you shut up, I'm serious!" Michael snapped. "I mean... What if something happened to him? Like he went out clubbing last night, but never came home…" He's voice was filled with worry and he was stuttering and breathing irregularly so Brian thought it was best to shut him up before he continued speaking.

"Listen Mikey" he interrupted before he could elaborate he's thoughts "Are you listening?"

Michael forced himself into silence before nodding "Yes, I'm listening" he mumbled.

"Justin's fine. He's probably just out, getting familiar with the area. And even if he did go out clubbing last night, and that's the reason he's not here yet, it's only because he met some hot fuck and followed him back to his place, okay? Trust me, he can take care himself"

Michael nodded. "Yeah okay… If you say so" and they left it at that.

Debbie Novotny was pouring a cup of coffee to a regular costumer when she heard the door to the diner slam shut. As a pure reflex she glanced over her shoulder to see who had just entered. It was her four boys.

About fucking time.

"Where the fuck have you been?" she screeched when she was done pouring and walking towards them.

"You were the one who sent us away, remember?" Brian said annoyed, rubbing his eyes with two fingers.

"And I wouldn't have had to do it if you knew how to keep your dick in your pants for three seconds!" Debbie snapped hands placed firmly on her waist. "Now, where's Sunshine, he's mom is out of her mind with worry"

Suddenly all four pair of eyes dropped to the floor, and all four boys were suddenly looking extremely uncomfortable. Debbie who had been chewing gum violently suddenly slowed down at the sight of their expression. Even Brian who most of the time had an "I honestly don't give a fuck"-attitude about pretty much everything, looked troubled. Something had made him give a fuck. This made Debbie nervous.

"What?" she asked, not sure she wanted to know.

Michael was the first on to raise his head. He seemed to struggle with his words for some time before he finally managed to form a sentence.

"Uhm…Justin…Justin's not with us"

"Did you already drop him off at his home?" she asked, trying to keep a straight face and a strong voice. She knew deep in her heart, that was hardly the case here.

"No, Ma…" Michael sighed, went quite, hung his head, took a deep breath, looked up again, and said; "We never found him…"

Two years later Justin Taylor was presumed dead and his case was closed. Two months after that a funeral was held, with no body. Instead, his parents and friends had each put in thing Justin once had own or something they assumed he'd like. Of course everyone was there, except for Brian Kinney. And while half of the people who knew him thought he was being a heartless bastard, the other half that knew him understood him and why he wasn't there. Brian never said anything, but they all knew it was because it was too painful for him. Even if he never showed it intentionally they could all tell how much he had cared for that kid.

What they didn't know though, was that they were completely wrong on that spot. Brian didn't go because it was too painful, but because he just couldn't believe that Justin was dead. Some people would call it denial, but with no body in the coffin or anywhere else, assuming that Justin was dead just seemed like such utter and complete bullshit to Brian.

No, Justin was alive; he could feel it all the way in to his bones. And Brian was going to do everything in his power to find him.

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