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As soon as we get to Luke's-Uhuhuh, the Ross's apartment I am full of awe. their place has an elevator, (like my old one! Brings back memories!) a lace trimmed couch, and a grand staircase that looks like The Duchess would climb up. This place reminds me totally of my old home.

"This place reminds me of my old home," I say. I can't stop turning my head this way and that.

"Really? How sad," Emma says. "Why would you move out of a place like this?" She beckons the apartment.

"My parents think it's the joy of life. Moving to new places," I recall. "Maybe it's worth it, but I hope I don't move again too soon."

The last sentence I blurt. Why did I blurt? Isn't that kind of creepy? Like, flirty? Oh. My. Gosh. I completely humiliated myself in front of Luke-Uhuhuhuh, the Ross's. Man, I really need to work on how I say things in my head.

"Really?" Emma smiles with pure white, straight teeth. "Fab! Maybe we could all get together and hang."

"You want to hang with us?" Luke asks, popping out from behind his older sister.

Well! Awkward! But I think I''d like to hang with my little brother and sisters. I mean, how adorable! I've never had a sibling, though, and I'm usually alone, so I don't know what it's like. Perhaps a bother?

"Uh. Yeah." Emma fiddles with her hair.

"I think that's totally cool," I say, "to withstand siblings."

"You've never had any?" Zuri asks in fascination behind Emma. Her cute little hazel eyes look up at me.

"No," I say. "I want one, though."

"I can be your new sibling," Zuri says, smiling up at me. I mean, HOW CUTE COULD THIS KID BE?!

"Aw, that's sweet, Zuri," I say. "Thank you, but I think you'd like this family a whole lot better."

"Naw. I'd like to live with you," Zuri replies.

I laugh. "Thanks for the offer. I'll think about it."

Luke comes over and stands next to me. CLOSE. For a second I think I'm going to hallucinate.

"I want to be in her family," Luke says. "At least she only has one sibling." He gives Emma a smirk.

"Hey, you started it!" Emma scolds. "You kept telling people you threw me into the sun!"

I laugh. "That's not scientifically possible."

"See? Even she says so," Emma says, pointing at me. Hasn't anyone ever told their kids to try not and fight in front of guests? I guess apparently Morgan and Christina didn't!

"Okay. Let's stop," Luke says. "This is absolutely ridiculous."

"Whatever." Emma studies her nails.

Ravi comes up. "Please, dear siblings, let's be nice for our guest." He beckons to me. Gee, I'm guessing he's the only guardian in this huge family!

Luke turns to me. "So let's do something," he says. "Want to dance?" For a second, my heart leaps and goes crazy. "Dance?" I squeak.

Zuri starts singing. "Two little lovers, sittin' in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!"

Luke realizes what he says. "No, not THAT kind of dancing!" he says. "Gee wiz, don't you guys know I even break-dance at all?"

Oh. So that's what he means. I'm not disappointed I was just scared, because things between Luke and I were rolling to fast. Wait, nothing's between us yet! Why am I saying yet?! I scold myself to shut up.

"So, can you dance?" Luke asks me. I snap back to reality.

"Show me some of your moves first," I say.

"Hold up. The park is the best place to be. We don't want anybody to trip and fall on this hard wood." He looks down at the polished wood.

"Do you want some cooki-" a red-headed girl starts. In her hands she holds a tray of chocolate-chip cookies. "Hello," I say.

"Well, hello! Who're you?" she asks, leaning in close to get a better look at me.

"I'm Jessica Greenfield," I say. "Who're you?" I practically copy.

"I'm Jessie, their nanny," she says, pointing to the kids. "Hey, I read your magazines!" She gets an amazed look.

"I don't make them," I say honestly. "My mom does. I help her sometimes, though."

"Cool. Want a cookie?" she asks babyishly.

"I'm good. Luke and I are going to the park so I can break dance and beat him." I smile playfully.

"And I bet you will," Luke says. I laugh, and so does he, and together, just me and Luke, we walk to the park.