Prologue/Chapter I: A Gut Feeling

"Nunnally, come on!"

Marianne couldn't help but chuckle at Lelouch's enthusiasm. Even after having toured the gardens, eaten dinner, and spent the afternoon playing with his sisters, her little prince remained as energetic as ever when it came to his little sister. She was truly the apple of his eye.

Marianne could feel her daughter squirm a bit, trying to shrug her hand off of her shoulder so as to join her brother in whatever endeavor had taken his fancy. The devotion between siblings was both palpable and unshakeable, and she couldn't be happier with her children. It was a shame today would be parting day, and the end of their little family. Marianne silently suppressed a sigh, wondering when exactly her warrior spirit had deserted her.

All day now, she had felt hostile gazes on her, waiting for the moment that would enable a clean shot and easy getaway. There was no point in trying to evade the inevitable; her darling Charles, bless his soul, would never cast doubt on his beloved older brother. For who else would have the gall to assassinate Marianne the Flash, Knight of Two, Fifth Consort of the Holy Britannian Empire in her own home? Aries Villa could rival a small fort in terms of security; the only people who would dare attempt to do so would be Charles himself, and V.V., jealous little bastard that he was.

Charles would never have her assassinated. She was his sword, shield, anchor, and compass. And he also loved her. Above and beyond all other consorts, she was his true love; he would throw away all of his other wives in a heartbeat for her. As his sword, she had helped him gain the throne. As his shield, she had served as his Knight, never allowing a threat to come anywhere near her love. As his anchor, she kept him focused on their ultimate goal whenever he felt doubt or hesitation. As his compass, she ensured that north would always lead to their goal; and nothing, not even her beloved children, would come between that. For Charles, she would give her very soul to the devil. Charles was her world…and nothing would keep them apart. Ragnarok would succeed, and they would be together…forever, in a world without lies.

V.V. you lying conniving scum, what happened to the dream you and Charles shared? It is YOU who has betrayed the ideals of Ragnarok, of a better world. And yet it is I who must pay the ultimate price for the same treachery you reject. And to what ends? You know not what you provoke by earning Charles' hate.

Nunnally was tugging on her hand a little more insistently. She was even using her beautiful puppy eyes to try and convince her. The same beautiful violet eyes as Charles….

She really shouldn't let her go; the last few months had been spent trying to teach her baby girl the etiquette of royalty. While Marianne was now a picture of regal perfection, she couldn't but inwardly cringe at the beginning of Charles' reign, when she had been a soldier elevated to the position of 5th Consort of the largest empire the world had ever known. To say she hadn't been ready for it was to say that Jeremiah Gottwald was a bit enthusiastic when it came to guarding Marianne the Flash. He had even refused the order to leave with the rest of the guard, having insisted that he personally guard the entrance to the Villa.

A pity she couldn't have him promoted for his actions. Not after today.

So many faux pas….so many angry nobles, and so many ruined carpets, heels, dresses, banquets, balls, and weddings. I don't think Carine's mother ever forgave me for ruining her wedding to Charles. Then again, it's not like she ever DIDN'T hate me. Ruben Ashford couldn't look at her in the face for weeks after the wedding stunt.

So when her daughter had proven to be her virtual mini-me in all but appearance, panic alarms had set off in Marianne's head, and so the etiquette lessons had begun. Nunnally, quite frankly, hated them. Every minute that was spent trying to learn how to walk, talk, and act like nobility was a minute that could have been spent with her brother, or with any of their other siblings that visited regularly. Of them, Clovis and Euphemia were her favorites. Clovis played with her and showed her how to paint(albeit with fingers) while Euphemia was her best friend(outside of her brother, of course) and the two of them, in addition to Lelouch, tended to spend their days together at almost all times.

The Royal Threesome indeed! Marianne couldn't help but snicker at that thought. She had coined the term when she had caught the two arguing over who would marry Lelouch, to his embarrassment. She had to give Cornelia credit for not even batting an eye when she whispered it to her and started giggling madly. Naturally, the term had flown right over the heads of the 3 youths, and she was already saddened that she wouldn't get the opportunity to tease them throughout puberty. Evil cackles echoed through her head as the ideas zipped past her, each more diabolical than the last. If they didn't hate her by the time they would have been married, she would have been greatly disappointed, because she must have simply not been trying hard enough- 'Or I'm already too decayed to hate,' spoke her treacherous mind.

Oh yes, there was also that little plan that would likely go down the rabbit hole. Without her careful manipulation, Lelouch and Nunnally would never develop into a couple, and would never give her a grandchild to be the bearer of V.V's Code. While she couldn't bear the thought of forcing her children to suffer as C.C. had, a grandchild? Yes, that was far enough removed from her that she wouldn't feel terribly guilty, and in a perfect position to be raised into being the perfect Code bearer; after having experimented with her Geass, she had found Nunnally and Lelouch to be incredibly receptive to the powers of Geass. She could only imagine how powerful their union would be, holding both Code AND Geass, and above all, raised to be loyal to Charles and Charles alone. The Knight of Ragnarok, enforcer and defender of the Sword of Akasha.

Oh so many plans would be washed down the drain with her death. Lelouch wouldn't hold the title of 99th Emperor as Charles destroyed the gods. Her beautiful children would never give her beautiful grandchildren to join and usurp the Geass Directorate. Nunnally would never get to prove that she was the second coming of Marianne the Flash and conquer the rest of the world not labeled Britannia. In all likelihood, Nunnally wouldn't even make it out of this aliv-No. She refused to accept that. While she may have already surrendered the possibility of her getting out of this alive, this didn't mean she wouldn't do her damndest to ensure her daughter got off unscathed. She could feel her stomach turning, and her blood pumping for the first time since she saw combat all those years ago.

Just this once, she would be selfish. Just this once, she would put her children before anything else, even Ragnarok, even Charles. For this moment, the sanity that had left Marianne long ago due to Geass returned to her, for just a little bit. Just long enough for her to realize what had to be done instead of letting her daughter be a sacrificial lamb.

Turning to her daughter, she smiled and patted her on her back. "Off you go sweetie, hurry after your brother. We know he's waiting for you, and heaven knows he hates being kept from you."

With a bright smile, Nunnally quickly dashed as quickly as her little legs could carry her up the grand staircase. It wasn't every day that she was given permission to run willy-nilly around Aries Villa. Marianne watched her go with a heavy heart, knowing that this was most likely it. Her sixth sense had been tingling all day, and now, it was getting stronger. Nunnally was almost halfway up the staircase with Lelouch looking on expectantly with a serene smile. She only wished she could hold her children one last time and tell them goodbye, but that was beyond foolish. Lelouch, bless his little heart, was too damn smart. If she bid them farewell, then he would immediately know something was up. With her dead, the only possible person he could turn to for answers was Charles. And while she loved her children, Marianne never even pretended that Charles loved or cared for any of his children. The results of confronting his father could only be disastrous.

With a melancholic smile, she watched her daughter run. Her sixth sense was driving her mad at this point. Nunnally had reached the top. To the right of the staircase, she could see little Anya Alstreim coming in from the door to the right. Good, her daughter's newest friend wouldn't be caught in the crossfire.

In fact…

Gunshots were fired. A window shattered and blood was splattered. Cries were head as one of the most striking women in Imperial history slowly toppled to her knees, and then finally, fell forward, a sad little smile on her face as she looked directly into the eyes of Anya Alstreim as her eyes rapidly lost their luster.

Farewell, my children. Farewell, my love. May we meet in person once again in a better world

As her soul left her body, the first and only thing Marianne saw through Anya Alstreim's eyes before unconsciousness claimed her was the horrified visage of her children as Jeremiah desperately tried to stop them from rushing to her now cooling corpse.


This is both my first fic, and also my first adventure in trying to establish what I'd have liked Code Geass to be. Expect it to be a bit more lighthearted, a lot more suggestive, and to have no bashing.

No promises on update times, but I'm not going to lie; looking at it from the viewpoint of a writer and not a reader, reviews would greatly help to motivate me.

As for a pairing, I think I've implied pretty well what I'm aiming for here. Lelouch/Harem, but a tasteful harem. If they're with Lelouch, there's a reason for it, so long as I can spin it, and spin it well without bringing down the quality of the story.

As to why imply that Nunnally and Lelouch were going to be paired up by Marianne, there's actually precedence for this, believe it or not. It's apparently present in one of the short novels that was released in Japan, as well as Marianne experimenting with her Geass, as well as her being driven insane by said Geass. Check the Code Geass wiki if you're not buying it.