A Note To My Readers:

You may have noticed that this story hasn't been updated in quite a while. There are a variety of reasons for this. I feel like the biggest one(after a lack of free time) is that I simply felt overwhelmed. The Code Geass world is large and complex and I felt it was beyond me to deliver what I had in mind with my current experience as a writer.

At first, I had planned to reboot this story, but no, I decided that when I DO reboot this, I will do it justice. So for now, I am placing this story on a freeze. I have started a new Naruto fic which I feel will serve better to whet my abilities and give me more experience as a writer than a Code Geass fic would(in which one error can have truly massive consequences, as I found out). Feel free to check it out if Naruto fanfiction is something you like.

However, I want to again apologize to those who were interested in this story; I will return one day, and it will receive the proper treatment it deserves.