Author's Note: Just a one shot :D

Normal POV

Johnny smiled at the smoking bat outside the plane window, Dracula smiled back and then winced. That's when he noticed the burnt holes in the vampire, "Dracula! You need to come in here!" he screamed through the window

Dracula was starting to close his eyes when he heard Johnny's scream, he couldn't answer back though. His body was burning with pain, he could feel the holes in his body and his bones were aching. 'Mavis doesn't need me...she has Johnny' he thought in his head

He couldn't figure out why the human boy was freaking out though, he was banging on the window and looked like he was scared. "DRACULA!" he screamed on the top of his lungs.

The vampire turned into his normal form and just stared at the window, his eyes glazed over with agony and suffering. Johnny felt helpless just sitting there, watching the weak vampire burning slowly. He sighed and then looked at the humans behind him, he smiled.

"By any you guys feel like helping my vampire friend here?" he asked

A man stood up and smiled, "Yes, we need to open that window but he needs to turn into a bat again."


Dracula heard that he swallowed as his throat burned, he quickly turned into a bat again. Moving like a cat the humans broke the window and Johnny grabbed the vampire. Dracula cuddled into the human boy's side as he was covered in shadows.

~few moments later~

As the plane landed Johnny cradled the bat and ran off the plane and into the woods. Dracula opened his eyes and transformed into his normal self again, he groaned as he got up. Johnny had to help him stand though, he could tell Dracula was in a lot of pain.

"J-Johnny...w-w-we...need to get...t-to Mavis..." he choked

Johnny nodded and helped the vampire walk, Dracula sighed and clenched his jaw. "T-to slow...hold back" he managed through a world of pain

Understanding what the vampire was trying to say he grabbed onto Dracula's back, it was strange though. Dracula's shoulders felt very thin but strong. Johnny wrapped his legs around Dracula's stomach and held on tightly.

Making sure Johnny was ready to go Dracula ran at top speed towards the hotel, but then stopped at a traveling store. "Why don't we get her something for the journey huh?" he asked

Johnny smiled and nodded, hopping off the vampire's back they entered the store, Dracula winced the whole time as he limped with Johnny. Johnny, wanting to get the vampire back to the hotel so he could rest, hurried and found a traveling set like his except girly like.

After buying that he held onto Dracula again as he ran to the hotel, when they reached the bridge to the hotel Dracula stopped. "Hold onto my legs when I turned into a bat"


"I'm strong"

Johnny gulped and jumped off of Dracula, as Dracula transformed into a bat Johnny grabbed onto his legs while holding the traveling set. Dracula yelped and instantly landed. "O-okay...ankle...broken" he gasped, "Got...a better idea"

~two minutes later~

Mavis was sitting sadly in the shadows in her bedroom, she couldn't help but hate her father. He ruined everything! 'I'm running away, there he lost mom and now he's losing me' she thought angrily to herself.

At that very moment Dracula crashed through the window, landing on the floor. He winced as he got up and smiled at his daughter. Even though he heard her thoughts, after saying sorry and giving the travel set with Johnny hanging onto it to her he stood there.

He smiled as he watched them kiss, you know after he freaked out, Mavis was about to say something to him when he walked away and to his room. He was still badly burnt up and was swaying as he walked but he managed somehow to reach his room.

Mavis grew worried and sad, he risked the end of his life just to get her, her zing back. Mavis felt horrible for thinking she was going to make him suffer by losing her, and then she thought about why he walked away sadly. Then she gasped out loud.

"What?" asked Johnny

"My dad can...oh no!"

She rushed off to her father's room quickly, 'hopefully I'm not too late!' she thought

Author's Note: Should I keep it as a one-shot? Anyways, I just imagined what Johnny and Drac did while making their way back to Mavis and I didn't like how he like instantly healed I like a little whump added to my fav characters of anything really. I'm weird like that. :)