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Chapter 5

Normal POV

As trick-or-treaters went back home and the Halloween night came to an end the monsters returned to the hotel. Dracula was a bit confused though, he was trying to remember on why he was going there.

"Dad you alright?" asked Mavis

Dracula stared at her, he knew he saw her somewhere but where? Mavis started to get concerned as she saw how confused he was looking. "Dad?" she asked

"Dad? I'm your father?" he asked, clearly confused.

Mavis started to tear up, "Dad this isn't funny, you know your my father" she said, keeping her voice strong even though the thought of her father forgetting everyone was breaking her heart and her emotions started to show.

"I'm not joking around, I really don't remember anything at all. I don't know why I'm going to this hotel and who you are or anybody else is" he said, annoyance starting to creep into his voice

"N-no...but h-how?" Mavis choked

Thinking he made her cry he frowned and pulled her into a hug. "I'm sorry...I-I didn't want you to cry" he whispered

She smiled, "It's don't remember me...your own daughter" she sobbed

"Hey Mavis...Drac what happened?" asked Johnny, walking up with the other monsters.

Mavis wiped away her tears and smiled a little, "Um...m-my dad...he doesn't remember anyone...o-or me" she sobbed

Everyone gasped, "No you both are joking right? don't remember anyone?" asked Johnny while he was shocked

Dracula frowned, "Who's Dracula?"

The monsters all frowned and teared up, their beloved Dracula was starting to forget everything and everyone. No one knew what to do with this problem, they knew that Mavis could run the hotel while her father is regaining his memory but how would he?

"He needs a doctor" said Wanda

"A mean a human doctor?" asked Mavis

Wanda shook her head, "There's monster where's that fly?"

As she said that a huge fly came walking up and sighed, "He obviously has amnesia...I don't know how long it will last but sometimes it will last forever. But that's very rare, we'll need to just be careful and he probably has a concussion." he said

Mavis nodded, unable to speak. Wanda smiled sympathetically, and hugged her. "It'll be alright dear"

"No it won't Wanda...I-I lost my mom and now my dad? What am...I-I s-suppose to do with myself!?" she cried into the werewolf's shoulder

Wanda whispered to her softly just like a mother would do to her hurt child. After they all returned to the hotel, they made Dracula rest. He was starting to show signs of a concussion as well.

Mavis sat by his side as he slept, stroking his cheek in a motherly way. She had tears still falling down her own cheeks as she watched him sleep.

"Please daddy...remember me" she pleaded silently

Dracula's POV

I fell asleep, not knowing who these monsters were. The one who said she's my daughter surely looks like me except in girl form. I just went to sleep, hoping it will refresh my memory and help the pain in my head subside.

But my mind had other ideas, dreams of a little girl laughing and giggling as I chased her. A small toddler learning how to turn into a bat and fly for the first time, with me laughing and flying with her.

A beautiful women who I guess her name is Martha, smiling at me while holding a small infant. A fire burning the house while I mourn over Martha's death, holding the baby, which I guess is my own child.

And that girl who said I was her daughter, smiling on her birthday as I let her go out into the world but I tricked her into making her wish to stay at the hotel forever.

Were these my memories coming back? Or my mind just making things up?

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