some facts so not to have anyone get confused

1: the ships and crew this FanFic is based around is not only from a different time but a AU where Atlantis survived and escaped the replicator satellite weapon without getting hit.

2: they still uploaded the attack program to the Pegasus replicators

3: the crews on the ships will be the children of the original Atlantis team also they will have a high surplus (30 in the hold of 3 ships) of lantean power modules (ZPM's)

4: the 3 ships are designed like to look like the aurora class dreadnought but with a mix of Ancient and Asgard technology and powered by 1 ZPM each

Sarah Sheppard looked over the bridge of the ship she had been given the command of and was more then happy that her 1st officer was her twin sister Zera Sheppard both was of average hight slim enough to give both girls a die for figure they both looked alot like their mother elizabeth weir, Zera even had the brown hair while Sarah had blonde hair both had kept their hair at mid back lenght and both was among the 1st generation of human born raised and taught on Atlantis making both closer to the lanteans (Ancients) then the humans on earth as they along with others raise on Atlantis had long adopted the ancient language in all forms as their main language with english being secondary language, like many born and/or raised on Atlantis they had also adopted the lantean clothing as their own both military and civilian when the governments of earth saw this they started to classify Atlantis born/raised children as lanteans in honor of the fact that they was ether raised mostly or born on new lantea the planet that Atlantis had fled to after the replicators had attacked with their satelite weapon.

"Zera Status on the fleet?" Sarah asks her twin sister and 1st officer Zera who was looking over the readings at one of the bridge controls.

"The Avrialice and Athena are awaiting orders and our ship the Zeus is at full power Sensors report that the beta site has been evacuated to Atlantis we should leave before the star goes super nova Sarah" Zera says as the ships line up before Zera shouts in alarm "Star going nova get all ships to do a single jump now" as all 3 aurora 2 class dreadnoughts open a single hyperspace window with their combined power and enters it but not before getting hit with a partical burts from the not going nova star, the exotic particals released interacting with the hyperspace window discoloring it but it was to late for ether of the 3 ships to pull away as they enters it the exotic particals making the trip violent as the 3 ships pace a deep layer of subspace that divides universe and time before being dumped out on the other side of the Pegasus galaxy.

(Been ages since I've watched SGA so bear with me if i makes any mistakes)

The Stargate in Atlantis activates for the 1st time in 10,000 years as humans from earth walks through after the M.A.L.P's carring equipment and supplies as the sleeping city awakens as the humans spreads out waking the city more as they move through the gateroom and up tot he control room causing the controls to light up and Rodney McKay to start noticing the power levels of the ship as John Sheppard looks out over the balcony at Atlantis before noticing the city shrinking it's shields in areas to conserve power as john asks "What's going on?" as he looks over at Rodney.

"I don't know...looks like the city is sacrificing parts of the city's shield to maintain power...oh crap the city is almost out of power and i don't think i need to tell you guys what'll happen if the shield fails altogether" Rodney says with a concern tone of voice as Elizabeth weir looks at Rodney.

"Rodney let's start exploring we need to find a alpha site right away" Elizabeth weir says as Rodney brings up the Pegasus gate addresses on the Atlantis database and picks a planet before going over to what looks like the control rooms DHD and putting in the gate address as Colonel Marshall Sumner forms a team to go through the stargate as the gate connects they step through to begin their exploration of Pegasus and triggering the Wraith awakening and Atlantis's rise from the depths of the ocean.

2 days later

Sarah was looking over the data their sensors had collected and to say she was in a bad mood would be a understatement as she looks at Zera saying "Have the other 2 ships confirmed this Zera?" as she was on the verge of having a world class headache from the chaos that had followed the nova making their ride through hyperspace more then alil bumpy.

"Yes ma'am all scans indicate that not only are we in the past but also in another universe the most comment theory we have is that the exotic particals the star released when it went nova interacted with the hyperspace window and made a very unstable version of our ancestors quantum mirror" Zera says before letting out a audible sigh before adding "But the good news is there's no damage to the power modules and if we are correct on the current date Atlantis should be on the original planet lantea and only recently surfaced"

"So who suggested that we go to Atlantis?" Sarah says as she looks at her sister then smiles adding "Don't anwser that Zera I can already guess that you held a meeting with the captains of the other ships while i was busy regaining order on the Zeus" as Zera nods visibly happy that Sarah had guessed correctly as Sarah sits down at her captains station saying "Zera alert the other ships to finish any repairs needed as the Atlantis expedition is about to get visitors.

To Be Continued

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