Atlantis Control Room

Sarah let out a small sigh as she asks "You're going to ask for me to go to the medical ward of Atlantis to make sure that your people are safe and to see if we are who we claim" before looking at Elizabeth weir standing there doing an imitation of a fish out of water causing Sarah to smile.

Elizabeth recovered from Sarah's little talk about what was on her mind before asking "how did you know? and if you don't mind" as she stared at Sarah and couldn't help but notice how Sarah had the same eye color as herself.

"I was hoping it would take longer but...I've come to expect this from you" Sarah says as she heads towards Atlantis's medical ward leaving Elizabeth with many questions more so with Sarah's last comment.

"Well...she seems civil enough and reports are coming in that the last of the wraith are being finished off with miss sarah's forces aiding our security forces" John Sheppard says as he eyed up Sarah as he and Elizabeth follow Sarah to the Medical Ward.

Atlantis Medical Ward {15 minutes later}

Doctor Carson Becket looked over the scans of Sarah a few more times before walking over to Sarah who was sitting on one of the beds with john and Elizabeth near her.

"Well lass you're in perfect health from what i can tell...healthier then any normal human that's for sure" says before smiling and adding "Also lass do you want me to john and Elizabeth what else i found or do you want me to tell them?" causing john and Elizabeth to look between Sarah and .

Sarah let out a deep sigh before saying " i'll tell them as it's only proper" as she looks at john and Elizabeth who focus their gaze on her and swallowing a lump in her throat saying "I'm the daughter of John Sheppard and Elizabeth Weir" her voice soft as john and Elizabeth stare at her in shock.

" is this true?" Elizabeth asks as nods.

"Aye Elizabeth it is that's why it took longer for me to report on the tests as i wanted to make sure and miss Sarah here is indeed the your and john's daughter" says handing the report over to john and Elizabeth to let them see it their selves.

Another short chapter but yea writing a fanfic while fighting writers block X_X