Hey everyone! So I'm writing my first revenge fanfic! I hope you enjoy all the Emily and Daniel-ness that occurs as well as the revengey business that will occur!


The Hamptons. God knows what I feel about this place. I hate it and love it all at the same time. I loathe it and adore it and I cannot let that feeling go. As I walk down the beach I think of all the reasons.

I hate it because my father was taken from me here. I felt hatred towards my father grow within me until I was 16 because of the Queen and King of the castle next door. I learned what betrayal, deceit, and lies were when I was only 5 years old.

But with that strong hatred I have just as strong of a love for it.

I love feeling the sand in between my toes and the salty, ocean water beneath them, going back in and out as it washes such calmness over me. I can feel the memories of my father here and all the beautiful times we had; the final moments before he was ripped away from me.

My childhood best friend is here; the one person that I have trouble letting go even as he is about to become the father with fake me. I love Jack, I do but I don't think I'm IN love with him. I just want to protect him from all of this because it is going to get messy and that fact of the matter is Amanda is a big part of this which easily leads Jack and Declan into it.

Nolan, my now best friend, is here. He has been one of the few, very few, people I can trust with my life. I can't imagine my life without him now; though I will never tell him that. He loves my father just as much as I do. He respects my father and understands why I'm doing all of this. He may not approve, but he still has my back and he still helps me with all the "revengey" thing, as he likes to put it. He is my partner is crime.

The main reason, the most important reason as to why I love the Hamptons… Daniel Grayson is here.