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Emily POV

I struggled to break free from the white haired man's grip around my neck. Thank God Nolan was still at the office, he didn't need to deal with this. Just as I get my grip into place to flip him off me, I hear shoots and then his weight on top of me. I push him off me and see Aiden, the first man to ever truly let in and the first and last to ever betray me standing there.

"What the hell are you doing here?!" I scream in frustration. First I'm getting killed and then he shows up; as if my day wasn't drastically long enough. "I thought you were with Takeda.'

"He sent me to make sure you wouldn't stray. I here to help, Emily; I don't want you to make the same mistakes I made." He looks at me with those eyes that I used to trust but that trust ended a long time ago.

"Yeah well I don't need your help." I walk over to the body and start to search him. I ignore Aiden as he starts to do the same. I find out that his name is Gordon. I grab his cell phone just as mine rings. I'm surprised to see Victoria's calling; I listen to whatever she is saying and make mindless and useless chatter with her hoping she would get to the point which I guess is meeting her tomorrow to keep the reporters away.

"Give me Gordon's phone." Aiden gets right to the point. I see that there isn't much of a mess so it is safe to say that there is no use for Aiden here anymore.

I scoff. "First of all it's destroyed, second of all you aren't getting anything because I don't want you here, and lastly get out." I walk over to the body and wrap it up. I'll get this out with a few phone calls.

"Emily, I'm here to help. I'm sorry for everything but let me help please." He is begging. I can hear the desperation in his voice.

"Fine you want to help, ok. Here are the ground rules. You help when I call and don't do anything else besides what I tell you. If I'm not here and Nolan tells you something to do, you do it because he outranks you in this matter. Don't get too comfortable because this is simply a business arrangement. Lastly once I tell you I don't want you here, you sure as hell better leave. If you agree to all of that then you can stay and help, otherwise the door is right behind you." I cross arms and lean against the counter.

After a couple of seconds he finally answers. "Fine I accept your conditions."

"Good, so now that that is cleared, you can leave. I have people that can take care of this."

He looks like he is about to protest but when I raise an eyebrow; he decides against it and leaves. Not even 10 minutes has past and Nolan walks in and to say he is surprised is an understatement. He didn't even say anything; he just stepped over the body and started to inspect every inch of my body and I let him. Once he was satisfied, he took a step back.

"I'm fine, Nolan. I promise. I just need to get this body out of here. I need to make a few calls." He just nods and turns to inspect Gordon's body. I can see the relief in his eyes now that this bastard cannot hurt either one of us.

Once everything is set, I tell Nolan about Aiden.

"I met him when I first went to Takeda. He wanted revenge for his sister and I trusted him; I was falling for him and I cared for. Then he did the one thing that everyone in my life did… he betrayed me. He's here to "help" me and keep me on track apparently but you know me, I set my rules if he wanted to stay. Congratulation, you now have the right to boss someone around." I smirk as I stand up for bed.

"Wow, thanks, Ems" he drawled out. "Night"

"Good night"

Daniel POV

The words that my mother told her repeat into my head, "She wants me to stay away from the Grayson family for a little bit. I thought maybe it was coming from you." I cannot imagine a worse fate than not seeing Em. Though we are not together, I wish we were. I wish we can go back to when we had our forever planned. I stare at the woman I can't picture my life without and hope to God that she doesn't heed my mother's "request".

"I wouldn't want that at all. I can't not have you in my li-"

I'm stopped in the middle of my sentence when a messenger comes and gives me an envelope. When I read it, I can't say that I'm surprised. All of this is too good to be true. My family and their schemes will never be far behind.

"Daniel, what is it?" I look up at my angel and feel her feathery touch on my shoulder. Her concerning gaze gives me strength and I tell her my mother's schemes.

"My mother planned all this. She was never really kidnapped and this says it all. She has the audacity to use the last name 'Clarke', as if she and my father haven't defamed that name already." I'm shaking but I realize that I cannot lose my control at least not with my angel here.

"Daniel, I can tell that you know what is right and wrong, the question is what you do about it."

I smirk. "I guess you might as well stay for the show that will happen." I soften into a smile. "Plus I need you here. Thank you for being here; you always seem to know what to say, so thanks… sweetheart." I see her form and smile and it makes me the happiest man in the midst of all this hate and lies. I walk towards the destruction that is my family as I hear a faint "always"

Emily POV


The word rolls off my tongue like a beautiful melody. Oh how I have missed hearing him say those words to me; sweetheart and angel the two names that are the most sacred to me. My thoughts are disturbed when I hear the faint flutters of soft footsteps that can only be Char. Amanda has done her work well.

Let the games begin. After getting the paternity reports to Amanda and making her think that the baby wasn't Jack's I have something more to keep her in my grasp. I feel a faint tinge of guilt for doing that but it needed to be done.

It didn't even take 30 minutes for all the press to show up and see the queen of the Hamptons to make her gracious and miraculous return. I see Daniel's jaw clenched and the spectacle that is going on, then he is walking about with his fake smile like a dotting son to stand by his family's side while a war rages in his eyes, a war that has reached its breaking point.

Then the most shocking thing comes from Victoria's phony family love speech; she accepts Amanda as part of their family.

The show is finally and over and Daniel walks towards me with a look of utter desperation and my heart clenches. I hate his parents even more for causing such a stressful toll on him.

I leave him with a piece of advice before I leave him to more family drama that is about to occur. "Daniel, the only way to beat them is to play their own game against them better. Also know that I am always here. I know that I never said it before, I am so sorry for everything. There is just so much that I want to talk to you about and I just, never mind, but know that if you ever want to talk about this family drama or anything at all I'm always here, babe."

He seems speechless so I just give him a kiss on the cheek and leave my open heart in his hands.