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Prologue: Agony

He was different yet again. Still the same God in a way, but again he had the forlorn expression of a warrior losing in battle. One would think not, concidering the great victory he had ground out of Midguard against Loki, but he was unmistakably distant. Miserable even.

His second trip to the realm had taken more from him than the first it appeared, and no one knew what to do about it. His attitude was short and cut to the point, while his famous, heartbreaking smile never grazed his lips. When one would ask after his wellbeing, he would simply glance at the speaker and politely nod, then again be consumed by the view before him again, for he rarely left the balcony anymore. No one questioned him beyond that, for his grip on the handle of his beloved Mjolnir was tight to the point of completely obvious discontent.

Not even the words of his father could tempt him away from his constant vigil, and he only left his post to retire for a few hours or to speak with the Gate Keeper Heimdall. He hardly ate though his strength seemed unaffected. He was clearly sick though, his skin held an uncommon hue of sickly pale green, and his eyes were no longer crystals shining in even the darkest of places.

It was clear; the God of Thunder was no longer happy with his life on Asgard.

No one could see this clearer than his own mother, for she watched him every day, from his constant badgering of the Gate Keeper to his restless resting periods in his room. She knew what he wanted, she knew what he longed for, and it broke her heart to deny his own.

The announcement of her pregnancy seemed to be of little concern to him, although she would catch a glimmer of hope glistening in his eyes when he looked her way. She knew why, and she found herself hoping beyond hopes that his desire would indeed come true. She wanted him happy, and she wanted to give him what he desired. That is a mother's wish, for her children to find what they were looking for.

Thor had found exactly what he was looking for, but something as simple as distance and his father's harsh words, kept him away. His agony was clear, yet he was too loyal for his own good.

Three months she watched him suffer from the pain of losing one so dear, and she finally broke.

That is what brought her before the Allfather now, her tears flowing freely down her cheeks as she fell to his feet in their own chambers. She felt weak or she would have fallen into his open arms, but Odin could not bring her comfort unless he granted her wish.

Odin would not deny his fright when he caught sight of his wife's tears, for even he had the ever growing spot left in his heart for her wellbeing, and he condition heightened his sense where her protection and safety were concerned. Yes the ever hard and strategic ruler had a weak point, and his beautiful Frigga was just that.

"My love." He whispered, and knelt to wrap his arms around her as she clung to him weakly, "What troubles you?"

Frigga could not respond immediately, which concerned the king greatly with the fact that she may be placing unnecessary stress upon herself. But she calmed after a moment and pulled away from his embrace.

He watched her wearily for a moment before she spoke with a slight shake to her gentle voice.

"I know why you have commanded he stay." She began and watched his facial features harden into stone, "But he needs her."

Odin sighed and helped his beloved queen to her feet, never letting his eye stray from her own. He looked old and weary, nothing of the man he used to be, yet he was destined to live beyond this time, well into his next child's adulthood.

"Frigga." He began, and again let out a deep and heavy breath, "I don't believe this to be much more than a simple blimp in our son's path. He is not meant for a human girl that is too weak to defend herself. He is meant for one who is like us, a God. He will find his true half soon enough."

"He has found her." Frigga whispered softly, and his gaze again hardened. This only brought a wave of confidence on the strong women before him, and he wanted to smile as he gazed at the women he had fallen in love with so long ago, "I have felt the connection, Odin, I know what they feel, and I know how Thor suffers. She may be human, but she is his other half. You cannot deny this anymore that I can."

Odin grew wary of the talk and started towards the bed, pulling her along in hopes of quenching the tirade of questions she never seemed to tire of. But she pulled away easily and forced him to catch her gaze again.

"Do not deny our own sin happiness." She finally begged.

Odin raised an eyebrow; she never begged. She was completely serious in every sense of what she was saying. She truly felt the connection between the two that could not be severed no matter what he did.

"Odin." She hissed in pain, "He will die without her. I have seen it."

And there it was, the glimmer of something that would give her hope, and the slow turn of words that would have played out, had the doors to their chambers not been slammed into the walls with such force that the floor rattled.

Before them stood a guard, his golden- turned black- armor melted into his skin, the smoke and smell of burnt flesh seemed to waft around the room with such speed that the king and queen were shocked into silence. The grotesque man seemed unaware of his terrible appearance, and stood there panting with a slightly defeated glare.

"He is gone." The man ground out into the tense air.

"You barge into my chamber and that is all you have to say?" Odin called and came to tower over his employee in all of his regal intimidation, "Who is gone?"

With the narrowing of his eyes, his feared words sent a rock to stop the queen's heart mid-beat.


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