"Save the princess and I will generously reward you."
That was the order of King TJ. Ylla immediately began her adventure.

She decided to drop by home to put her cat, Classycal, in the care of friend. Sunny aka simkim told the knight to be careful.
"No worries! I'll slay that dragon and return the princess ASAP."

"Wow... this forest sure is spooky lookin'."

She imagined that there was a giant black dragon lurking around nearby.

There was a rustle in the bushes. A baby pillow dragon tentatively approached Ylla.
"Awww, aren't you a cutie?" Once Ylla put her guard down, she was attacked.

Ylla was tackled down and hit the ground.

Who knew the princess was unusually strong and talented at wrestling?

Thankfully for Ylla, she was a kid.

After a serious talk with the princess, Ylla found out a few things.
The princess had been having fun all day in the forest. "Let's bring you back home now."

I guess a dragon didn't capture the princess. There was a slight tug on her leg.
She smiled and picked up the little pillow dragon. Well, this little one did sure capture my heart.

When they arrived back at the palace, there was a great feast. Ylla had her share of strawberries.

The princess, who grew a fondness for the knight, handed her a drawing.

"What's this, a woolly mammoth?"

"No silly, it's you!"

"Oh... ahaha, thank you princess."