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Chapter 1: Infection

All of Konohagakure was in a uproar as the blond ninja ran through the streets trying to find his friends, he had to protect them from..whatever it was that was happening. The blond ninja named Uzumaki Naruto stopped in the street as he panted looking around, they were everywhere and to make it worse he knew a good portion of them.

Something had happened, some kind of virus had infected a clan in Kumogakure and it spread rapidly from there from a bite. After you were bitten it was over for you, except for Naruto it seemed, he was bitten by his friend Choji 4 hours ago and help no affect yet. Everyone he had observed had seen that it took only about 5 minutes for the virus too kill and revive them into whatever these people were. Naruto chalked it up to the Kurama protecting them both as Naruto ran through the street with a katana drawn slicing necks until he heard a woman scream.

Naruto turned to see a pink haired kunoichi running for her life from a group of the infected people making Naruto rush after her quickly. He leapt up onto the roofs and jumped down cutting through all their necks with one quick movement, he looked up at his friend with a serious look, "Sakura are you alright?"

Sakura looked at the bite mark on Narutos arm and slowly started to back away from him, "You don't have to worry about this, I was bitten 4 hours ago. I think that Kurama is keeping me from being infected by..this."

Sakura nodded her head and they looked back and saw more of them coming, they seemed to lose most of their abilities as ninjas as they turned besides minor chakra control. They could walk on water but couldn't climb buildings, their speed was the same though their strength increased as well, it seemed as if they could do one and not the other. Naruto and Sakura leapt up onto the roof and looked around for any sign of more surviving friends and then they heard a familiar voice, "Naruto, Sakura!"

Naruto turned too see Shikamaru Kiba and Ino land next to them and Naruto gave a small sigh of relief, happy to know some of his friends were alright. Shikamaru looked at Narutos arm and saw the bite mark, "That looks old, how are you still you right now?"

Naruto smiled and pointed at his abs where the seal was placed, "I am pretty sure it is because of Kurama, I was bitten 4 hours ago and been going strong since."

Shikamaru nodded as he looked at Naruto and Sakura, "Have you guys seen anyone else, Sai, Hinata, Choji? Lee and Neji are with Kakashi and the others fighting them off until the end."

Naruto looked away from his friend, this was going to be hard to tell him and he knew that, "Um..Choji was the one who bit me and I killed him..I'm sorry. Sai I took care of about an hour ago he was infected as well, I haven't seen Hinata or TenTen."

Shikamaru looked down as he heard that his best friend had turned into one of these things, but at least he didn't lose all his friends, "Well...we need to figure out something to do.."

Naruto nodded as he looked down and saw that the infected were starting to climb the walls by standing on one another, "We need to get out of here though, our talking has attracted them. From what I have seen they are drawn by sound, so as long as we can stay relatively quiet then they won't be such a problem, I will take point since they can't turn me."

Shikamaru nodded as Naruto ran in front of them all on the rooftops and they made their way through the streets, everyone watched as Naruto took down infected after infected with ease. There was a reason he was considered one of the strongest shinobi in the ninja world after the 4th Ninja War and he was demonstrating that now. He was effortlessly cutting through infected shinobi and civilian one after another with no signs of exhaustion or fatigue effecting him.

When they got the Nara Clan Estate they all entered quietly and saw that the infected were inside and Naruto stopped them and looked at Shikamaru, "Stay here, I will deal with don't need to see this Shikamaru.."

Shikamaru looked away as Naruto entered the compound and then reappeared ten minutes later covered in blood as he looked at them, "..Its clear now..Shikamaru..I um..I'm sorry for this."

Shikamaru put his hand on Narutos shoulder and looked at him, "Its okay Naruto..I wouldn't have been able to do that to my own family so thank you..we need to go inside and barricade the entrance until we figure out what we are going to do."

Naruto nodded and they all entered in after two of the three Jounin in their little group, Neji being the other one while Naruto was being scouted for ANBU. They all went into the meeting hall of the Nara estate and Naruto made 3 Shadow Clones to watch the Estate while they talked.

Shikamaru looked at all of his friends and the motioned for them all to sit down while Naruto stood by the door, ready to move at a moments notice. Shikamaru looked around at them, "So..does anyone have any idea as to what we should do..I didn't think something like this was possible."

Sakura looked at him and then looked around, "Well we are safe here right, why don't we just hold up here until the disease passes, I am sure that the Medical Team are working on a cure."

Naruto scoffed at the comment of his ex-girlfriend, they had dated briefly after the 4th Ninja War but she left him because all she could ever think about was Sasuke, she even told him he wasn't as good as Sasuke and didn't deserve her. Sakura looked over at him and then narrowed her eyes at the man who saved her not long ago, "What was that about dumb ass?"

Naruto glared at her as he looked away, "Do whatever you want, I am going to get out of Konohagakure the first chance I get, the city is lost and all that will happen if we stay here is you will all be turned eventually. I will find Yamato and I will have him lift some earth and create a waterfall that recycles itself and then I have my water source. I can use Shadow Clones to hunt for food and supplies, the only issue will be other survivors resorting to thievery so I am going to try and get Kakashi, Neji and Lee to come with me too have good defensive force. As I said though, do what you want, your all welcome to come with me but if you stay you will die eventually."

Shikamaru looked over at Naruto, he had a solid plan and as much as Shikamaru hated to admit it the city was more then likely lost. Shikamaru stood and looked over at Naruto, "Well I am with Naruto, his plan is the best idea that I see at this point, you can all decide what you want."

Naruto nodded at Shikamaru and then made 3 more clones and looked at them, "Go and find Kakashi, Yamato, Lee, Neji and anyone else that is our friends. Inform them of the plan and bring them back here."

The clones nodded and Naruto looked at the others as they discussed what they were going to do, Sakura still arguing that they should stay there. She was adamant in the fact that Naruto didn't know what he was talking about but regardless Ino and Kiba both agreed that he was right. Sakura looked at them and not wanting to be left alone she decided that she would go along with them, just to rub it in their faces when Naruto was wrong.

They all sat there as Naruto leaned against the wall with his eyes closed and then his clones memories came back to him, "Well shit...Hinata was turned as well as Kakashi, Neji and Lee..Yamato and TenTen are going to meet us here tomorrow morning."

They all looked over at Shikamaru and Naruto as they discussed what they should do, "I think that the plan should stay relatively the same, the fact remain that if we stay in Konohagakure that these infected bastards are going to overpower us eventually. We need to be outside the wall to have any chance to survive but we will have to make scavenging trips into the city and so on, as long as we have Yamato then we are fine plus with TenTen we can have weapons as well."

Shikamaru rubbed his temples as he looked over at the other members of the group, "They aren't going to like the new development and Sakura is just itching for you to be wrong, I think the ideal of being protected was something that they were looking forward too."

Naruto rolled his eyes at the Sakura comment, but he still somewhat considered her a friend no matter how big a bitch she wanted to act like, "Let her, I don't care, I am leaving the city in the morning through the back of the Nara Clan Estate, your clan has the only access door outside the wall straight into the forest. I know an area that I will set up my camp at, your all welcome to join me but your all welcome to stay here and die as well."

Naruto patted Shikamaru on his shoulder and walked out of the meeting hall to go and watch the front gate of the Nara Clan Estate quietly. He watched as infected people walked past the gate over and over again, as long as everyone was quiet they were fine for the time it appeared.

As Naruto sat outside Shikamaru looked at the group, "Well with Kakashi, Neji and Lee dead the plan is staying relatively the same. Its true that our defensive forces may have taken somewhat of a hit but we still have strong shinobi such as Naruto, Kiba and Yamato as well. Regardless of all that, Naruto and I are leaving in the morning into the forest, your all welcome to come if you want but if you come then there is no arguing with Naruto and I. You all need to understand we are the Jounin and Naruto is the only one coming up with good plans at the moment, does everyone understand?"

Everyone, other then Sakura, nodded their heads and Shikamaru looked at her, "Either you agree or you stay here Sakura to try and survive on your own. Naruto has expressed that he doesn't really care what your decision is in the end so you make your choice."

Shikamaru told everyone that they should stay in this room so that Naruto can have his Shadow Clone watch over them with ease as Naruto came back into the room and sat down leaning against the wall. A couple of hours based before his eyes shot open though when he felt the weight of someone sitting on his lap and he looked to see Sakura looking at him, "What do you want Sakura?"

The deep voice of Naruto had woken Ino up too see that the pink haired kunoichi was sitting on Narutos lap as she spoke, "Why don't just you and I leave Naruto, we can take care of each other."

Naruto just glared at her and pushed her off of his lap, "Your a cold heartless woman, the only reason I saved you was I still view you somewhat as a friend but in all honesty, I feel more friendship towards my infected friends out there. Don't touch me, don't talk to me unless its for the good of the group and since your good with Medical Ninjutsu I will try to keep you safe but that is as far as we go. You left me because your still hung up on Sasuke and told me I would never be good enough so don't try that shit with me now."

Sakura stood up and flipped Naruto off, "Fuck you then, I don't need you or this group, your all going to die in that forest anyways."

Naruto watched as Sakura left the Nara Clan Estate, possibly making as much noise as she could to attract attention but that would only draw the infected to her not the group. Naruto leaned his head back on the wall and closed his eyes, " much of that conversation did you hear Ino?"

Inos eyes quickly shut to try and pretended that she was asleep but Naruto just smiled as he reopened his eyes and looked at her, "Alright, we will pretend your asleep them, goodnight Ino."

Ino smiled as she laid there and opened her eyes too look back at him, "Goodnight Naruto."