Hello all! This is an Elizabeth And AJ pairing. I'm starting to write this on AJ's first full day on GH and his only scenes have been with Monica so far. (with flashbacks of Steve) So bear with me this is what I hope for on GH. I own no characters and GH is the Property of ABC. :) you know legal stuff .

Haunted Star ~ Halloween

AJ walked snuck onto the Haunted Star. No one noticed him His mask completely covered his head. Good thing too. If they knew he was back before he got to see his son, his whole plan could blow up in his face. He needed to see Michael, to talk to him, to say I am your father. If the past few years had taught him anything, it was how important family was. His list of regrets was high. He was not proud of the things he had done. The last time he saw his father would be burned into his mind forever. He loved Alan, with all his heart. He didn't blame Alan anymore for wanting him to pay for the bad things he had done. He had wanted AJ to be a better person to learn his lesson. He had been trying to be a good father. It was a lesson AJ had learned to late for him and his own dad. But maybe, just maybe it wasn't too late for him and Michael. Maybe he could still have a relationship with his own son. It was too late to right some of the wrongs he had done but not too late for Michael.

He had wronged Courtney. He loved her in his own way and his own jealousy of his brother had destroyed them. He couldn't make up for that now. He had made peace with his shortcomings. Grown from them learned from them.

He moved around the room looking at all the people he had known before he had left and taking in the newcomers. Lulu had grown up he remembered her as a kid. His Mom had told him she was married to a cop, Dante, and that he was Sonny's son. Monica had kept him pretty well informed plus he had the Port Charles newspaper as well. So he had a pretty good idea who everyone was. Luke was here. Who could forget Luke? He was glaring at some guy behind the bar. AJ kind of thought it looked like Duke Lavery.

I guess it true that no one ever really dies here. He thought to himself.

He waved the waitress past him and continued around the room. Ah there was Carly she was with some new guy he didn't know but she was glaring daggers across the room at the young guy who had the crass woman on his arm. He guessed some things never changed. And there was Sonny. Sonny who had helped Jason and Carly take everything away from him. AJ tried to fight the sickness that rose in him. The anger burned him like a fire. He pushed it down. Remembering, why he came back was not to get vengeance on Sonny but to get to know his son. He turned away from the mobster but not before noticing that he was also glaring at the couple Carly had been glaring at. Interesting, he thought, what you saw when no one knew who you were.

He was turning to scan the room further when he saw her. She looked amazing, dressed as an angel. It was her eyes that caught his attention, they were haunted. She went to the bar her long brown hair glittering under the lights as she sat down on an empty stool. She ordered a drink and looked around the room. She looked so lonely. He understood lonely. She turned in her chair and sipped her drink. She tried to smile at someone who said hi to her. AJ knew exactly who she was. She was one of the last people to see him. She was one of his last memories. In fact, with the exception of his mother and her brother, she was the very last person he saw when he was still alive. Her blue eyes looking into his with sadness and concern and he fell asleep lulled into unconsciousness by the meds he had begged her not to give him. Elizabeth Webber was still beautiful. She was his sisters best friend. She was his brothers friend and lover according to his mother, and she had borne Jason a son, Jake, who had died tragically when her own ex husbands father had hit him with his car. Yes, AJ knew her. He knew it made no sense but it was her eyes that he saw when he went to sleep at night. Something happened to him that last night. His "death" had changed him. He wanted to be a better man. For Michael, for his parents, for Emily, and for her, Elizabeth Webber, his angel. He thought her costume was rather fitting. He wanted to go to her. To talk to her but he knew the timing wasn't right. He had to see Michael first. She was looking around the room when her eyes settled on him. Something in her eyes flashed and his heart skipped a beat. She couldn't know it was him. There was no way. Just when he thought she would get up and cross the room to him Her brother appeared with a pretty hot looking lady on his arm and drew her attention. He turned away. The time would come but it wasn't now. He didn't see her turn around and look at the space he had been standing in. He had already turned away when he did he froze. Standing nearby with a lovely blonde on his arm was Michael.