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When Olivia and Steve asked Elizabeth if she would mind hosting Thanksgiving, she thought it was a great idea. It would mean she didn't have to pack up the boys and their toys and cart them over to Olivia or Steve's apartment. She didn't realize however what she was getting herself into. Olivia had come over the night before with a carload of groceries. Elizabeth told her that she already had the turkey and potatoes and the other accoutrements that went with Thanksgiving. Olivia had then informed her that if they were going to do Thanksgiving, they were going to do it right. Which is how she wound up cutting vegetables at five-thirty in the morning with fresh coffee and Olivia for company. Olivia had told Steve that this was women's work and to come over later in the morning.

Elizabeth was tired but enjoying her time with Olivia. Olivia was stirring a mixture of sausage and apples on the stove while Elizabeth was cutting the rest of the veggies for stuffing because according to Olivia their Thanksgiving turkey was getting cooked with the stuffing in it. Elizabeth let her mind wander. The fog of sleep not quite lifted by the two cups of coffee she already had. Her mind drifted back to a couple days ago when Jason had come by.


Elizabeth was in a hurry. She had just gotten home from work. Cameron was due home from school any time and Aiden was sleeping peacefully but she knew that could change at any time. She still had to clean the house and get dinner started. The knock on her door was a distraction she didn't need and when she saw it was Jason her mood soured even more. She had had a lot of time to think about the things AJ had told her. How it wasn't her fault that the men in her life left her, that it was their fault. They couldn't see past what use she could be to them to see how much she loved them. They didn't love her back not the same way she loved them. They loved how she made them feel. None of them had hung on the way Jason and Lucky had. Lucky at least had left. Jason on the other hand was standing on her doorstep looking disgruntled.

"Jason." Elizabeth said. " I have a lot of things to do." She started around the room picking up Aiden's jacket and toys from around the room. "It's been a long day at work. Monica is mad at me about some reports that haven't come back from the lab yet, and we are still trying to get a schedule worked out with the new staff members. So, what is it you needed?"

"Stay away from AJ" It was all he said. No explanation, no reason why.

Elizabeth stopped in the act of straightening out the cushions on the couch. "What did you say?"

"I said stay away from AJ. He's up to no good"

Elizabeth was blown away by his audacity. To come into her home and give her orders was beyond the pale. "Um. Not that it is any of your business but exactly why should I stay away from AJ?"

"He's using you to get to me. He'll just hurt you. You know what he is capable of."

"I know all about his past. We talked about it the other night. AJ is very nice. He's changed." She smiled a little wistfully at the memory of AJ and Cam watching the Avengers together on her couch. "He's great with my boys and Cam really likes him. We all had dinner the other night and I had a really good time."

"I know I saw you leave the park together,"

"You were spying on me?"

"I was watching out for you. AJ is dangerous. He's hurt people."

"So have you" Elizabeth responded. It was the truth Jason had hurt a lot of people.

"That's not the point" Jason was angry Elizabeth could tell.

"What is the point Jason?" Elizabeth was angry now. Now she had taken off the rose colored glasses where Jason was concerned; she saw what he was doing. "Shouldn't you be home with your wife and son?"

"Sam and Danny are fine. This is about you."

"No" Elizabeth said. "It's about you. It's about you and your vendetta about AJ. I am a grown woman. I have told you before. I am a big girl I can take care of myself."

"Yeah? What about Ewen?" Jason said. It felt like he was throwing it in her face.

"What about Ewen? Ewen is gone, Jason. I know he did horrible things, but he didn't deserve to die. He deserved to go to prison." She sighed and sat down on the couch. "Ewen was a mistake. Matt saw that. Matt saw it first actually. I should have listened to him from the beginning. But that was my mistake." She stood up and turned to face Jason. "Look, what AJ and I do is none of your business. If I want to see him again, I will. That's Cam's bus. I think you should go Jason. Go home to your own family and leave me to mine. I am not a damsel in distress to be rescued by you. I am a grown woman with feelings and I won't be pulled at like a tug-a-rope. Go home Jason."

Jason could believe she had said those things to him. His Elizabeth would never talk to him that way. She would smile and hear him out. She would thank him for helping her see the truth and she would smile sweetly at him all the love she had for him would be in her eyes and it would make him feel so important. Like he could take on the world. She was looking at him with anger. He didn't know what to do so he did as she asked and turned around and walked out her door as Cameron came running up the walkway. He heard her call his name and ask him how his day was. Cameron's response faded as he walked to his car. He still couldn't believe she had talked to him that way. What happened? He blamed AJ. He would have to talk to AJ and warn him away from Elizabeth. It was the only way.

"Hey hey!" Olivia said from behind Elizabeth. I think that celery is small enough." She said with a laugh. "Somethin' on your mind? You seemed a million miles away"

"Not a million just a couple days ago." She helped Olivia finish their current task of stuffing the turkey. When it was in the oven and ready to go she asked if she could talk to Olivia about something.

"Step into my office" Olivia responded and gestured to the other chair at Elizabeth's kitchen table. "What seems to be on your mind?"

"Men?" Elizabeth looked up a little nervously.

"Well good luck with that!" Olivia said filling up both of their coffee's before sitting down as well. "So tell me what's on your mind kiddo. You're not already having problems with that hunk from the other night are you cause whoo-wee that was one fine looking man."

Elizabeth laughed and smiled at Olivia. "No actually things are going pretty well. We had dinner with my boys the other night and we talked. It's just-"

"Yeah?" Olivia said. She loved gossip especially happy gossip.

"He's Jason's brother. And Jason stopped by the other day-"

"Hold on there, Sweety, You are not beholden to Jason. You are a beautiful single woman. Jason made his choice a long time ago. He could have chosen you. He was stupid not to if you ask me. But he chose. If you are attracted to AJ, then go for it."

"Jason said that AJ was just using me."

"Do you think he's just using you?"

Elizabeth thought for a moment. "No. No, he isn't."

"Well, there you have it then. You have been alone so long. You are such a good mother to those boys. You deserve a chance to be happy for yourself."

"AJ is just so intense. When I look into his eyes, It's like something I have never felt before. There is something different from any of my past boyfriends even my ex husbands." They both sighed.

"Alright enough chit-chat back to work!" Olivia said with a laugh.

The two women got back to cooking and eventually the others who were invited showed up. First, Steve who was given the job of watching Cam and Aiden. The solution to this was sit Aiden in his playpen with a mess of toys and pop Cam on the couch with him to watch football. After a little while Dante and Lulu arrived. Lulu coming into the kitchen with the women and Dante grabbing his place on the couch. Finally, Anna, Patrick and Emma arrived. Emma sat down and started to play with Cam who reluctantly agreed to play with Emma even though she was a girl and he didn't like girls that week. Patrick joined the men and Anna headed to the kitchen with Olivia, Elizabeth and Lulu.

They was laughter and camaraderie and everyone was happy. The men could be heard yelling at the TV in the living room and Olivia had finally broken open a bottle of wine and the four women all with various jobs given to them by Olivia were having a grand time. Eventually, the topic turned to men and sex and everyone had a great laugh then. Olivia was more than comfortable talking about it. Lulu was embarrassed because it was her husband's mother. Elizabeth was a little grossed out because it was her brother. So when eventually the tide shifted to her she blushed and went back to peeling potatoes.

"Oh come on Elizabeth. I had to hear about My mother-in-law. Come on. How far have you and AJ gone?" Lulu was a little buzzed and Olivia slid a plate of crackers towards her.

"AJ Quartermaine?" Anna asked. "You're seeing AJ Quartermaine.?" It got a little awkward at that point seeing as Anna had been the one to put AJ in jail. "You know, I didn't like putting him in jail. but he did break the law. I am still not sure of how he got away with everything but I will tell you this. He seems a very changed man. But then I always knew if given that chance he would have redeemed himself. AJ always had that in him."

"What made you see it?" Elizabeth asked her in the now quiet room.

"Actually it was Robin." Anna sighed. "Robin told me a story once about something that happened between AJ and Stone." She gestured and Olivia refilled her glass everyone was all ears. "It happened a long time ago. It was after Stone had been diagnosed with HIV. He and AJ had gotten into an argument at the gym. I am afraid AJ was quite rude and said some very unpleasant things to Stone. He was ignorant and unpleasant to say the least. But then something happened. There was an AIDS walk in the park and AJ was there. A woman went up to Stone and told him he was disgusting and he deserved what he got and all manner of awful things. Stone stood up for himself. He just wouldn't back down. AJ saw this and wrote a letter to AJ. Robin showed it to me one day. It was amazing. He thanked Stone for opening his eyes, how humbled he was, knowing how he had been. He apologized. Robin said Stone had tears in his eyes when she finished reading it. He asked to keep the letter and when he passed Robin took the letter and added it to her diary." Anna had another sip of wine. "And that is why I still believe in AJ Quartermaine."

The women were quiet contemplating the story. Unbelieving of how difficult it must have been for AJ, Robin, and Stone. How horrible that time was. After a short time Lulu broke the silence and the tension. "So has he kissed you yet?" Elizabeth blushed crimson. At which everyone took as a yes. And started laughing again.

"It was just a little one!"Elizabeth protested. "just a peck really." The women continued to laugh and Elizabeth grabbed a tray of snacks to bring out to the men who were hooting at the TV screen.

"Methinks the lady doth protest too much!" She heard Olivia holler after her. She dropped the tray down in front of the guys and was met with grunts of thanks as they began to devour. She looked at her friends and family thankful for every one of them. While she was standing there the doorbell rang. She couldn't imagine who it could be. She opened the door and was surprised at who was there.


"Hello, Elizabeth." Luke looked a little uncomfortable. "Is this okay? Lulu asked me to come by. I'm not really one for family or holidays but-"

"Luke" Elizabeth stopped him. "Please come in." Elizabeth had forgiven Luke for the accident a long time ago. And this was a day for being with family and for forgiveness and acceptance. She gestured Luke into the living room where all the guys were. And he thanked her. He said hello to all the guys and decided to follow Elizabeth into the kitchen as football was not really his thing. He was surprised to see Slim there and sat down next to her at the table after giving Lulu a hug.

Elizabeth looked around her kitchen and was happy. Her family was here. Everyone was talking and laughing. The cooking was going smoothly. And they were getting closer to dinner time. Cam came in to tell her that he and Emma were hungry so she gave them a few carrot sticks and hustled them back upstairs to play admonishing her brother along the way for not checking on the kids. He threw out and apology as did Patrick considering it was his daughter as well. She was coming downstairs when the doorbell rang again.

Wondering who it could possibly be she hurried down the steps to get the door. She was actually even more surprised to see who stood on her doorstep this time than she was when look stood there a half an hour ago. Monica Quartermaine was not someone she expected to see at her home especially not on Thanksgiving.

"Elizabeth, could I talk to you a moment?"

"Sure" Elizabeth grabbed a jacket of the peg on the wall and joined Monica on the patio.

"I owe you an apology." Monica began. "When Jake died and I found out he was my grandson, I was hurt and I blamed you. I didn't think about how much pain you were going through. How much it hurts to lose a child. I only thought about my pain. I took it out on you. I didn't realize that you wanted to tell me. I should have asked and I didn't. I know the truth now. I have been just terrible to you and you didn't deserve any of it. I can't ask you for forgiveness but I am so very sorry."

Elizabeth was taken aback she didn't know what to say. She never expected in a million years that Monica would ever apologize. "How did you-?"

"AJ told me. And Jason admitted it. AJ also told me that you have been seeing each other?"

"Well," Elizabeth blushed. " I wouldn't say-"

"It's alright. I am glad AJ found someone who accepts him as he is. He's made a lot of mistakes in the past but I am glad to see that some people can put that aside and see the man he has become. I see the change in him. And if it weren't for your brother. I don't think AJ would have this chance. This chance to make things right. So thank you again for that."

Elizabeth smiled at Monica. "AJ has been really wonderful. I enjoy spending time with him. "

"Maybe. I don't know, Maybe the two of you could come over some night for dinner. I would really like that and it would drive Tracey crazy."

Elizabeth laughed. "Would you like to join us for dinner?"

Monica sighed, "I would love to but I told Alice and Tracy I was just going to run into town to pick up a pizza."

Elizabeth laughed out loud at that. "Again?"

"Well there was a mishap. I'd best be going." Monica and Elizabeth stood up. Monica held out her hand and Elizabeth grabbed onto it and squeezed. As Monica walked down to get in her car, Elizabeth sat down on her porch swing. It was a step she thought. Today really had turned out to be about forgiveness. Her and Luke. Her and Monica. Stone and AJ. The thought of AJ made her smile. She guessed he would be eating pizza again. Somehow every year the Quartermaines wound up eating pizza. She wondered what happened to the turkey this year. She knew that they had a new cook. She smiled again. and wrapped her coat tighter around herself enjoying the brisk air.

"Cold?" A voice came out of the darkness.

"AJ?" Elizabeth called out.

"The one and only" he said with a smile stepping up onto the porch. Elizabeth gazed at him. Thinking about everything that happened that day from cooking with Olivia, Luke, the story Anna told, Monica coming by. She thought about how wonderful it felt to see him. She thought about how wonderful he made her feel. She stood up and walked over to him.

"What?" He said confused. Elizabeth wrapped her arms around his neck stood on her tip toes and tangled her fingers in his hair. She her lips a bare inch away from his. She could feel his breath on her cheek. She held her own, anticipating the moment.

AJ was shocked. He had been wanting this moment so badly. He rubbed his fingers gently against her temple and cupped her cheek. His other arm went around her waist pulling her tightly to him. He lowered his mouth and slowly covered hers with his lips. The kiss started off gentle but quickly grew into more. He touched his tongue gently to the seam of her mouth and she opened for him. He delved into her mouth. Tasting the sweetness of her. Elizabeth was overwhelmed. She couldn't get close enough. They were pressed together from lips to hips. He had lifted her up off the ground and her feet dangled in the air. He kissed her again and again. Smiling all the while.

They were so lost in each other that neither had noticed the front door had opened until she heard Olivia yelling at Steve!

"Leave your sister alone you dolt! She's a grown woman if she want- to whoo-weee" She said as she finally caught a glimpse and Elizabeth and AJ very much wrapped around each other. "Shut the door you pervert! That's your sister!"

The door slammed shut and Elizabeth and AJ laughed. He gently lowered her back to her feet and kissed the tip of her nose. "So would you like to join us for thanksgiving?"

"I thought you'd never ask." He said taking her hand the two walked to the door together.

Line Break

Elizabeth and AJ walked inside hand in hand. She hung their coats on the rack while he said hello to the rest of the guys and shook hand with Steve. Elizabeth told him to sit and enjoy himself she was going to help finish the rest of dinner with the ladies. Patrick ran and got him a club soda and they all talked sports for a while until Lulu came out and told them to add another place to the table and set up the kids table. After another hour or so, the women announced dinner was ready and plates were handed out heaping with delicious home cooked food. Everyone sat around the table and stories were told of Thanksgivings past. Luke told a story about when he, Laura and Lucky were on the road in some strange town in the western United States. Patrick talked about Robin and their last Thanksgiving together which teared everyone up. AJ told stories of the infamous pizza Thanksgiving at the Q's.

Elizabeth looked around the table and was thankful for all the wonderful people in her life. Looking at everyone around her, her brother, Steve ,had done everything he could to help her out after Ewen kidnapped her. Olivia who always brought a lighthearted fun with her. She was an amazing person. Lulu and Dante who were still basking in the glow of being married. She knew they were having trouble getting pregnant but Elizabeth knew that they would make it through. Luke who had come very far since his recovery and she loved watching him and Anna interact. Patrick was looking better. She knew he still missed Robin every day. So did she, but she knew how hard this year had been for him. Then there was AJ, who caught her looking at him and gave her a slow wink. She blushed and smiled.

The food was consumed. The table cleared the ladies finally sat down while the men cleared and did the dishes. And no one got out of doing something. Everyone pitched in to help. Patrick came in and announced that it was snowing and everyone grabbed their jackets. Lulu and Patrick helped the kids put on their coats and everyone went out to the backyard to enjoy the first real snow of the season. Elizabeth couldn't help but wonder what everyone else was doing for Thanksgiving.

Sam sat back on the couch at her mother's house. After getting into a huge fight with Jason over his continued involvement in Elizabeth's life, she had packed up her things and moved temporarily into Alexis' place. Alexis was more than welcoming and the Davis women were once again joined together. They enjoyed a nice dinner and after Kristina and Molly had gone to bed, Sam finally cried on her mother's shoulder. She wondered what to do about her marriage.

Bobbie tucked and exhausted Jocelyn into bed and turned off the light. She walked down her own hallway and thought about Tony and how things might have been different. She had loved him. She was lonely and it was nice to have Jocelyn over but maybe it was time for something new. Her sister, Tiffany and her husband Sean had been asking her to join them and she thought that maybe just maybe it was time to move on from Port Charles.

Starr and Michael stood by the window in his apartment watching the snowfall his arm around her shoulders and finally spoke the words he had been thinking since he had left Bobbie's. "I need to talk to him, Starr." he said "I need to give him a chance. The chance my mother and father never gave him"

Starr looked back at him and gently kissed his cheek. She took him by the hand and together they went to bed. He wrapped his arms around her and was thankful to have someone so understanding in his life.

Monica sat at the giant table in the Q mansion with Tracy and Alice as they dined on some of the best pizza in Port Charles. They had a very nice wine to go with it. Monica was glad that she had gone to see Elizabeth and she knew AJ was there as well. He had pulled up as she got in the car and the two had nodded to each other. And now she sat at Lila's gigantic family dining room table eating pizza and drinking very expensive wine. She remembered how it looked as she came back downstairs and saw AJ and Alice tangled on the floor covered in turkey and stuffing. She began to laugh. A full laugh that comes from deep in your belly. Tracey smirked and Alice joined her eventually all three women were cracking up clinking their wine glasses together and any animosity fell away at the absurdity of what they were doing.

Todd and Carly lay against each other completely sated. And despite the charm of each other's company neither could escape the memories of their pasts. Grateful to have each other, they did what they could to push the memories away and reached for each other again and again hoping against hope to make the pain they had caused with recklessness ease just a little.

He stood in the cold. Anger burning through him. Wondering how everything had gone awry. She looked beautiful. He didn't know what he wanted but he knew that he didn't want him to have it. Maybe he was wrong all those years ago. Maybe he wasn't, maybe he was the one at fault now but he didn't care. He didn't know why he had this burning anger inside him. But when he saw him lean down and kiss her it made him furious.

Everyone ran outside to play in the new snow fall. The kids ran around trying to catch snowflakes on their tongues. Lulu ran inside and turned on the radio in the kitchen and everyone began to dance. Dante grabbed her hand and spun her around. Not to be outdone by her own son, Olivia grabbed Steve and he twirled her around. Patrick picked up Emma and waltzed around with her.

"Whattdya say, Slim? Wanna give it a whirl?" Luke asked Anna. She held out her hand and the two of them danced lively together.

Elizabeth was laughing at the expression on Cam's face as he watched all the adults dance together. She felt strong arms wrap around her from behind. She grabbed onto AJ's arms and rested her head back against him. He lightly kissed the side of her cheek and whispered his question in her ear. She nodded and turned in his arms. The song on the radio changed and they danced to the song they had first danced to at the Rib. Wrapped in each other's arms, for once Elizabeth was truly happy. For the first time in a long time things seemed to be going right. And as AJ's lips gently brushed hers She was knew in her heart she was making the right decision.