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Paige's POV

I couldn't help laughing as Emily tried to open the front door frantically. Rolling my eyes at the silly girl before me, I decided to take a closer step and placed my hand on top of hers before taking over the simple task. Once the door had unlocked, Emily rushed into the apartment without a beat, and by the time I had closed the door and turn around, the girl was simply out of sight. Quirking my eyebrows in wonder, I started to make my way towards my own bedroom to put away my things.

After settling the duffel bag down on the ground near my study desk, I grabbed a dry towel and some clothes before making my way to the bathroom. I stopped in my tracks as I heard the water already running and realized that Emily was already using it. I was about to turn around and go back to my bedroom to wait as Emily showered, but I saw that the door had been left half wide open, sparking my curiosity of whether she had done it intentionally.

I looked at the door curiously for a whole minute before letting out a breath and walking towards it. For some reason, I felt bold and wanted to move forward, and it had taken every ounce of my strength not to turn back and retreat to my bedroom. As I approached the door, I heard a low humming sound and immediately recognized the owner of the beautiful voice. So there I stood, debating for several minutes if I should join her or wait for my turn beside the bathroom door.

Well, she is naked… My thoughts wander as I settled against the frame of the door and watched the steam escaping the bathroom. I felt comfortable here. Just standing outside and knowing how close we were. It was an odd moment. I was pretty much on the fence about trying to figure out things from here.

She had touched me earlier in the locker room. A part of me felt awkward like I've always been, because it was my nature to be feeling so. The walk home had really cooled me down and made me think about the direction our relationship was heading now. I had made my move, and I had insinuated that I'm all right with us getting to the physical aspect of our relationship earlier, but was I really ready? I let out a small sigh as I replayed the entire scene in my head again.

It was so hot.

The way she had touched me in the locker room ignited a scorching fire that I've never felt before. It was such a foreign feeling, but at the same time it felt so…familiar. The way her fingers had danced across my skin and how enraptured I was with her when she fervently kissed me had brought on such a euphoric feeling. It's still unbelievable to me that someone as beautiful as Emily Fields would ever glance at me with the kind of desire that she had. The fire in her eyes was evident enough to see that she wanted me. I simply understood it even though I've never seen her look at me in that way before.

"Paige!" Emily's beautiful voice suddenly snapped me out of my deep thoughts. I shook my head in an attempt to clear through the hazy thoughts going inside my head.

"Yeah?" I called back to let her know that I was now standing outside of the bathroom.

"I forgot my towel. Can you go grab it for me in my room?" Emily spoke loudly over the running water. I chuckled at my girlfriend's forgetfulness and then started to head down the hallway towards her bedroom. After swiftly snatching the soft fabric material that was hanging on the hook behind her door, I made my way towards the bathroom in an unexplainable utter calmness. I reached out and pushed the towel into the wide space of the opened door, waiting for Emily to take it on the other side as I looked away into the hallway.

Without a warning, I was then abruptly pulled into the bathroom by the wrist and pressed firmly against Emily's towel covered body. My shocked expression caused her to laugh, and I grumbled on about how she shouldn't have given me a scare like that before she cupped my face with both her hands and silenced me with a kiss. I relaxed and let myself unwind as she kissed me lovingly, and I reached behind me to put my clothes and our towels near the sink before I wrapped my arms around her waist. After several minutes, I brushed my lips against her tenderly one last time and smiled into the kiss before pulling back.

"You forgot your towel huh?" I smirked as she started to flush and looked into my eyes with a mirthful look.

"No, but I needed another dry towel…" Emily trailed off before she released her hold from around my neck and pulled back out of my arms. Everything that happened next came so fast, because I could barely process that Emily had unexpectedly unhooked the knot at the top of her towel as it fell down to the floor around her feet. My mouth hung open as she stared at me with the same lustful look she had earlier in the locker room, and she walked back into my arms and leaned in to kiss me before I even chanced a glance at her naked form. We both moaned as my hand came into contact with the bare skin on her lower back, and I nipped at her lips and felt her body slightly vibrating against me, making the tingles heightened at every single touch between us. Emily let a raw moan escape into my mouth, and then slid one of her legs in-between mine before she thrust her thigh against my hot center. I gasped at the feeling of her pressed against me and Emily slid her tongue into my mouth. She nipped and pulled on my poor muscle before running her tongue over it soothingly, causing my hormones to rage with excitement as I started to press myself harder against her to increase the pleasurable friction.

"Emily…" I moaned aloud as I pulled away from her lips. She leaned forward and captured my lips once more as her hands roamed my body with some kind of urgent need. Emily released my lips and began to trail kisses down my neck, and I ran my hand up to her shoulders and through her wet hair before pulling her closer to me.

"We need to get to class…" Emily said as I held her tight against me and trailed my hands over the soft skin on her shoulders.

"Let's just forget about school." I let out breathlessly before Emily pulled back with a grin and lean in to peck my cheek. I felt her reach around me to grab something before I saw her quickly turn around and step away from me, covering her incredible naked body with the towel I had brought for her. I hadn't even gotten a glimpse of it yet!

"Emily…" I groaned as she turned around to face me and looked at me in amusement.

"That's what you get for teasing me this morning." she said before grabbing her wet clothes and towel and walking out of the bathroom, leaving to stand there in confusion and trying to process what just happened.

"Did she just…?" My mouth hung open before I closed it. I heard Emily laughing from across the hallway and then I let out a breath of frustration.

Wow. That was so incredibly mean!

"So how was swim practice this morning?" Sammie asked Emily and me as we sipped on our iced coffee. I choked on my drink and soon enough, I felt a hand patting my back before I heard chuckles around the table.

"You okay there, Paige?" Sammie teased me. I looked away embarrassingly before I found Emily's brown eyes. She looked at me in amusement and I could tell that she was trying her hardest not to laugh with the group.

The roomies and I had decided to meet up at Lovers & Madmen after we finished with our classes today. It was Sammie's idea since she hasn't been able to hang out with us over the weekend. I was the last to arrive, but what surprised me was that Emily had already gotten me a drink. I was quite smitten when I noticed her loving gesture, and I kissed her tenderly before I had sat down, even though I was previously upset with her for what happened this morning in our bathroom. Classes couldn't have gone by any slower, and I was mostly sitting through them without paying any attention to the lectures. It was odd how one little thing had shaken me up this bad, but then when I finally saw Emily again, my resolve had suddenly broke and I knew that I couldn't stay mad at her for long. Why was I even upset with her? But again, how she's been able to manage her self-control around me every time I stopped our heated sessions the way I had was really beyond me. It was not one of the greatest feelings in the world of being denied of something when you desperately needed it.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Just…choked, that's all." I mumbled as I began to sip on my iced coffee again. Suddenly, I felt a hand on my thigh and I looked up to find Emily smiling knowingly my way. I took her hand into mine and entwined our fingers before I looked up to find Spencer and Sammie eyeing the both of us.

"Well, what about swim practice?" Sammie asked again. Emily and I stared at each other knowingly before looking away.

"It was alright." I simply responded.

"Actually, I had a terrible morning." Emily commented, causing all of us to turn and stare at her. I looked on at her in question before she continued. "Coach was in one of his worst moods today, and he took it out on the team. Paige is just being a trooper and went along with it. My body is incredibly sore right now." Emily moaned out the last part, causing several reactions to happen to my body. Firstly, the temperature in the room seemed to have elevated a bit. Secondly, I started to feel a certain throb in-between my legs. And third, I began to recall the way Emily had touched me and I was trying my hardest not to squirm as those thoughts consumed my mind.

"Shit…" I breathed out when it suddenly overwhelmed me. I stood up abruptly and unwillingly let go of Emily's hand. The girls all stared at me in surprise, before I decided to excuse myself. "Sorry guys! I forgot to talk to my professor about a…paper! I'll see you back at home?" I quickly said before leaning down and giving Emily a brief kiss and waving goodbye to the other two.

Once I had escaped and gotten a good distance from the café, I started to walk to the park nearby and then lay down on the patch of grass, staring aimlessly into the sky. I couldn't understand all of the mixed feelings that were running through me, and I found myself letting out another breath of frustration.

"You just got to stop fighting it, McCullers. You're overthinking it all." I said to calm myself down. The more I thought about it, the weirder I felt. I couldn't find the right connection between my thoughts and my feelings for the entire day today. I've never felt more confused. All of my feelings and thoughts were all…mixed up.

What the hell is happening to me?

What is with all these quick bursts of emotions?

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