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As of a while ago I offically died on Fanfic, but I feel guilty for not finishing a story. So I'll finish it now.

To make a long story short, the SPARTANs all meet up, kill everyone else, and get of Harvest. But that's only the beginning of the story.

There is an inbetweenie between Dawn 1 and Dawn 2, called PTSD. Thanks to SpartaLazor for betaing that. I still have them archived, you can read them here.

The story - Asher got sent to a UNSC cadets school. He got targeted, bullied, and finally snapped... Predictable things happened. Note that Sarah is one of his friends.

"I hereby declare the defendant not guilty of grevious bodily harm and attempted murder."

The military judge sat down and "case closed" flashed across the screen. An involuntary sigh swept round the courtroom and the members began getting up. Asher quickly surveyed the people sitting - some of the jury were getting up, Sarah was scrambling to leave the witness box, and the kids parents and witnesses parents were leaving. As well as the school officials.

All in a good days work. He'd broken the guy's back, and after everyone else got into the fight, it had gotten messy. Somehow a gun instructor had got involved with a stun baton, and it went from bad to worse. Somehow Sarah got into the act and, although it was unclear who she was supporting, she'd managed to do her damage. Asher was unscathed. At least five boys had broken bones, one had a minor bullet wound from one of his friend.

Asher, the boy involved, and two others had been expelled. That was good, Asher noted.

Wait, Margaret Paragnosky was in the audience? Asher scowled. If only he'd known...

Two people approached him as he climbed out of the defendants box, one was Sarah, running awkwardly as the court costume flapped behnd her. John followed a few meters behind.

Sarah reached him first. "Asher!" she panted. Asher planted himself firmly on the ground.

"Hey," he growled. Sarah ignored his angry attitude.

"You should have told me." He could tell she was disappointed - with him.

Asher shrugged. "I'll tell you now. I'm an insurrectionist citizen from now blown up Harvest and house an avid hatred against UNSC ONI NavSpecWep Section 3-2. The rest is classified."

Sarah waited. "Finish."

Asher considered for a moment. "Look -" he began, but then his voice cracked. "Look," he replied quietly. "If you really want to know, check UNSC news live feed every Friday night. I guarantee you will know."

"Asher -" she tried again, but John tapped her on the shoulder.

"Excuse me, miss," he said quietly, "But that boy is the responsibility of UNSC ONI NavSpecWep Section 3-2. The rest is classified."

Sarah blinked. Wasn't that was Asher had just said to her? How did the SPARTAN know. Before she could react, John and Asher had left.

Sarah ran out, and was greeted by John and Asher leaving in a car. Asher flashed a 'Do What I Tell You' look, then turned and faced the other way.

Frowning, Fred watched as Kelly shoved the datapad in her pocket and pad quietly out of the room. And just because he'd come in. It was their dorm, anyway.

He gave the room a cursory glance - nobody, except a cleaning robot and John, apparently napping.

That was a bad sign. Kelly was in the dumps again.

He remembered what she'd been like before they had even set out for Harvest - sullen, unfriendly, angry. Like a child, sulking.

And it was happening again.

For a few moments, Fred re-thought. She'd been... Jubilant, to say the least, after coming home from Harvest. Fred hoped she'd have returned to her old state again, the real Kelly.

But now she was upset again.

"John," he said to the bunk.

The figures stirred, and John sat up. "Mmm?" he said, rubbing his eyes.

"Have you seen Kelly?"

John glanced at the clock. "No, and... Sorry. I've got a appointment." He rushed out.

Fred sat down. Fine. Kelly was going to make it hard? Bring it on.

It was half an hour later that Fred finally admitted defeat. Kelly had learned every single nook and cranny in the UNSC/ONI facilities, from the ventilation shafts to the cave systems by the river.

Finally, giving up, he went to the firing range, where he found Kelly. So she wasn't hiding. Or firing, for that same matter. Then what was she doing? The marines and SP-scout operatives had left her alone.

Fred sat on the bench next to her.


She looked up absently. She was on a data pad, running through a 3D image of the base and surrounding features.

"Hey, Fred." She was trying to be nice, not mad at him, but he could tell she wasn't happy with him coming... Or with anything, really, at all.

"It's John again, right?"

Kelly's brows drew together. "...Fred, really -"

Fred stopped her. "It's all right. Asher's told me."

Kelly scowled and slumped back onto the chair, immersed into the datapad, trying to drive him away. "Well, at least he's spared me that trouble."

Kelly and Asher were really, on a loose end. Asher resented her, yet accepted her for John's sake. But he didn't like the way she "liked" John.

Kelly remained silent. Fred let her fret for a while, then asked, "Why... why John?"

She looked up, unsure of where this could go or what his motives might be. "Expound on that..." she said, looking confusedly at him. "Why John?"

"Never mind," Fred said.

Kelly pulled herself up. "I do mind, so..."

"I mean..." retried Fred, "why are you trying to... Why do you have to... Why don't you and John be best friends like you always were?"

Slumping again, Kelly thought about this. "Because."

Standing up, she began to walk away. Turning her head at him, she growled, "I really hate this."

Fred glanced dumbly after her. "Kelly..." He grabbed the datapad she'd unthinkingly left behind and ran up to her. "Can't we negotiate this? I mean, John doesn't even know. Please. I hate this too..."

Kelly remained indifferent. "Would it help?"

Fred stopped. She went on walking. "I... Kelly, why do you..."

Sighing, he turned back. She was making it hard, on him and herself. And John was blissfully ignorant.

Poor Kelly.

Fred looked at Kelly skeptically.

"Really, do you have to?"

Kelly frowned. "You said that I..." she paused, collecting her thoughts.

Fred swept his eyes over the beach. It was a stormy day, and huge waves were whipping across the beach. John was dragging a surfboard back out into the waves.

"Can't you take him surfing again? It's part of this therapy." Kelky noticed that Fred didn't trust her.

"Look, I'm supposed to take him to the UNSC Museum. No big deal."

Fred slumped. He knew he was defeated. "Kelly... I know we're supposed to be helping John... He's not normal."

Kelly dropped onto the sand in a kneeling position. She examined the surfboard that John was carrying. "I wouldn't be normal either after all that," she muttered. Fred didn't notice.

"It's part of his therapy... John enjoys that stuff," Fred repeated, waving at the rough billows on the ocean. "He needs something to fight."

John was all out for water sports - it challenged him. Somehow the elements always managed to beat him.

Kelly looked at Fred, but remained impassive.

"Whatever," he muttered. "But please... Don't do anything stupid."

It was like Fred was trying to keep John away from Kelly. Fred knew she liked John... To some extent. He was unsure of how far she would go.

There was a burst of laughter, and Kelly turned in time to see John's board shoot out from under him. Jai was pulling him in, grinning.

"Hey, Fred," she began, but when she turned, he was gone.

The alarm went off.

SPARTAN-IV Sarah Palmer rolled off the bed and ripped her gun off the wall. The alarm was pulsing, red and orange. She shot a glance at the text on it.


Palmer grabbed her DMR off the wall, and slammed a clip into it. The gun's display popped on, displaying a green "15". Good - it was full.

As Sarah slid her body into a light Navy Standard protective suit, she wondered why the intruder was in the base. An insider? Insurrectionist? No-one could break into the SPARTAN training grounds easily. 300 14-year-olds from SPARTAN-III Gamma Company, trained from childhood, and about 1000 SPARTAN-IVs... What were they after, anyway? In a SPARTAN base?

Sliding on a kevlar cap and tactical glasses, she slid a M6H into her belt and as an afterthought, she grabbed a temporary shield generator and activated it. Then she examined her motion tracker.

Four contacts - UNSC - hurrying towards her room. FF tags would render useless if it was an inside man, Palmer mused. Oh well - here goes nothing.

She slid the door open and identified the four soldiers. Two were SPARTAN-IVs she didn't know, one was one of the SPARTAN-III recruits... Ash, Ash-G099, and the other was a marine she'd met a few weeks ago.

"Commander Palmer, ma'am," Ash said, snapping to attention smartly. The others took a few more seconds.

Palmer lowered her DMR. "Where's the alert from?"

"Middle of the base." The marine gestured to the security center.

Ash broke into a grin. "This sort of thing has happened before... Camp Curahee - one of the trainees raised -"

Palmer cut him off. "Stow that, private. We need to move."

Ash nodded, and the five soldiers ran down the hall, Palmer in the lead. Turning a corner, they followed a nav-point to the security sector.

She tried a security door. "It's locked."

One of the SPARTAN-IVs was examining the lock device. "Subcircitry is knotted ma'am. I recommend we blow."

The marine primed a plasma grenade. "Move back," he warned, and planted it onto the door.

Two seconds early, the grenade went off.

Ash gave a startled cry and jumped back as the grenade fired a brilliant light-blue. The SPARTAN-IVs raised their weapons and fired.

Bullets rebounded off the wall and skidded with a ping. Ash's eyes widened. "My - my clip," he shouted, and hit the release.

The MA5K clip dropped, and rubber pellets rolled over the floor. "Wha-a-a-"

Sarah Palmer dropped to one knee. "Kid, is this a joke -"

"Mine's firing trainers too," growled the Marine.

Palmer whipped her head around. "Is this - this was set up." She checked her DMR. "Tactical training rubber bullets..."

One of the unnamed SPARTANs shook his head. "We'll have to make do." He entered the room and examined a gun lying on the floor. "Where's the target now?"

Palmer pointed up. "Roof."

The roof had had one of its lights taken out, and footprints were scattered around it, meaning that the intruder had to have been hanging from the roof.

Just then, the alarm pulsed to the left, and a speaker over the COM channels came to life.

"All active UNSC members to Security 4, at the double!"

Palmer dropped a curse. "We move, now!"

They began to backtrack. Ash burst a door down, and gave a shout. "All forces, intruder alert in Security 4. Lockdown initiation Delta!"

His voice crackled thourgh the COM system. He raised his MA5K and fired. Tactical Training Rounds flashed around the room, and he fell onto his behind, groaning.

Palmer grabbed Ash and shoved him to the ground. A bullet was embedded in his chest.

"One sec," she mumbled, and took a medpack of a wall. She tore the packet open, retrieved the biofoam inside, and removed the bullet. She examined it.

Ash squirmed, then stopped. "It... It's a paint bullet," he whispered, as numbness spread across his chest.

Palmer frowned. Red paint and a numbing anaesthetic, used on training grounds as...

"Screw this," she growled, and squirted biofoam into Ash. He grunted, and began to rise from his sitting position, grabbing his MA5K and dud bullets.

"Clear!" shouted the Marine. He swept his rifle around the room. Four mounted chainguns were either snapped in half or disabled.

Palmer jogged over to one. "Stun rounds, light ammo... is this a drill."

A light thwump behind her. She spun, and identified a masked figure in black.

"You could call it that," it hissed. Him - or it - raised its fists.

"So nice to see you, too."

And that is where the archive ends. If you hadn't guessed, it was Asher who had been moved into the SPARTAN facility and was running amok with fake training drills.

Meanwhile, John is growing increasingly stressed, and when Kelly takes him to a tour of the UNSC museum, he sees a picture of a semi-infected Soren-066. (Soren escaped Reach and fought in the war, but was captured. He too went insane from PTSD and committed suicide by holding his breath). John freaks out and is set back in treatment. During a nightmare, he kills two ONI doctors and ONI decides to get rid of him. Kelly tries to help him, and defies hundreds of UNSC protocols to do so. Both are court martialled.

Then Asher makes a move - he kills Margaret Paragnosky and claims that he was an experiment done with SPARTAN DNA - the product of John and Kelly. Placed into Camp Curahee with the Gamma SPARTAN IIIs, he posed as a relative of Kurt's and was lost on a mission.

John, Kelly and Fred try to help him, but he escapes. They pursue him, and meet up with the insurrection - who have created a double of Asher with John and Kelly's DNA that they extracted during Dawn 1.

Meanwhile, the UNSC Infinity has unlocked the Didact. The SPARTAN IIs try to stop him, but cannot, being classed AWOL and without their armor. Asher and his insurrectionist double agree to work together, chase the Didact to the composer, and disable the communication system on the Halo, thus making it deadly only to those in its radius - those in the research station and the Didact. They fire the Halo, killing the Didact.

Both Ashers survive the Halo blast thanks to one of the many benefits the LIbrarian had given to John, passed down to both Ashers. However, he insurrectionist Asher turns on the real Asher. They fight their way across the Galaxy to the insurrectionist base where the SPARTAN IIs are. Asher sacrifices himself for the SPARTAN IIs so they can destroy the insurrection for good. John recalls what Asher had said to him on Harvest - he and Asher were similar and could have turned out the same - angry misanthropes - but John's friends had saved him. The SPARTANs go home, never to fight again.