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"What matters is to live in the present, live now, for every moment is now. It is your thoughts and acts of the moment that create your future. The outline of your future path already exists, for you created its pattern by your past."

-Sai Baba

As Riley started the engine she settled back into the leather bench seat and lifted her arm to wrap around Emily's shoulders, excitement racing through at just being able to hold her close again. Its felt so peaceful now and she felt whole again. More whole than she'd ever felt before and that had to mean something. She knew there were two important people that she was missing in her life but this was still the moment when she felt truly complete, this felt like the moment she was meant to live for. Not necessarily this place and time in the backseat of a car but just the feelings that surrounded it. She was finally beginning to feel the reason she survived the car accident. It was in Peter and the fact that even though she gave him a hard time on the phone she knew he loved her and would do always do everything he could to pull through for her...even on his own. It was in Marley's contagious laugh and her spirit and in Riley's green eyes that melted every time he smiled. It was Emily. God, its everything about Emily. Emily;s fearlessness and Emily by her side, Emily loving her. Marley is happy and safe here and they're all together heading home.

Riley would likely give her shit everyday for the rest of their lives about kissing her but that was just the playful Riley. Grief from him over Marley was clearly deserved because she should have thought that turning to the love of his life could potentially hurt him. She was lucky he was forgiving and somehow understanding of a situation he really knew nothing about, though judging by the fact that he'd overheard them discussing the kiss when he seemed to be sleeping there was really no telling how much of their conversation he'd heard. The parts with the details about what Cassie had done to her? Marley gaining insight to the fact that his love for her was seemingly limitless or that he's only ever seen her? Whatever he'd heard he didn't let on. Riley was always humble and gentle that way. He could rough house and play all day but being proud or boastful was never him and that was something she'd learned ten years ago at the age of thirteen.

She pressed her lips into Emily's hair as Riley accelerated towards out of the parking lot towards the highway on-ramp and forced the cool air to circulate faster through the dark interior. It left the leather seat the perfect temperature as it was warmed more with each passing second from the heat of their bodies. Even without heavily tinted windows the sky was black and full of crystal stars. They comforted her and reminded her of the twinkling lights in the tent.

"Hand check." She chuckled, smiling proudly and feeling Emily breath a laugh against her chest as she called Marley out. She was biting playfully at Riley's ear, him urging her on with his fingers lost in her hair or at least...not doing a damn thing to discourage her. Typical.

"Seriously, Paige?" Marley turned to them. "Coming from the girl that was about to go all 'covert sex fantasy' on Riley's car? 'Hand check' me all you want because the best don't need to use their hands." She tossed the blanket over the seat at them with a smile just as proudly. "Just please keep yourselves covered. I'm going to sleep now because I drove for ten hours so be quiet back there."

Her mouth gaped at what Marley was suggesting while she simply planted a chaste kiss on Riley's lips and sunk lower into the seat, resting her head on his leg and falling out of their line of sight. She cleared her throat lightly and forced control over her thoughts as she shifted herself lower too, wrapping the blanket around them and holding Emily close against her chest. She pressed a soft kiss to Emily's forehead and took a lingering moment to breathe her in deeply.

"Tired?" Emily whispered,

She nodded and yawned against the top of her head and squeezed her closer, bringing one hand up into her hair. The blanket was soft and warm and the colder air made for the perfect environment for sleep. The dark and quiet space urged her eyes to close with the hum of the engine and Emily's soft breaths. Minutes passed and she was floating somewhere close to sleep. Every time she tried to let it pull her under part of her would fight it, remembering the nightmare of the car accident from before. She hadn't had those nightmares in years and this revisiting of them made her wary to fall back into them all over again. Her body was relaxed nonetheless, comfortable just hovering in between.

A loud bang changed that feeling of relaxation into one of annoyance and confusion as her eyes flew open to see Riley's fist crashing into the steering wheel. Her mind going from peace and quiet to 'What the fuck' so quickly. Her heart hammered from the sudden startle and she eyed the back of his head curiously, knowing full well that Emily was doing the same thing. Riley didn't say a word or acknowledge them at all, instead he moved to turn the air on a higher setting and...hit the steering wheel again making them both jump. It was softer this time but uncalled for nonetheless and she shook her head. Marley was sleeping and she wasnt the person to wake up especially not after ten hours of driving. This was dangerous on his part but he should know that already without having to be told.

"You're gonna wake Marley up if you're not careful." She warned.

"Yep cuz she's sleeping." Riley nodded.

Her eyebrows crinkled even more at his obvious reply. "Yeah...clearly."

"She's sleeping." Riley mumbled quietly. "Ten hours of driving will make you sleepy. Holy fuck..."

She'd had moments like this before but this was the first time she really contemplated calling him a fucking moron if he was willing to wake her up. What the hell is his problem? Her mind worked fast. Maybe he was more upset about her kissing Marley than he'd let on. Maybe she or Marley had said something else earlier that had pissed him off. There was no way to know without asking but even asking seemed risky when he was a threat to hit the steering wheel again. Quickly she found herself weighing options. Either ask him and risk more hitting or keep quiet and hope he pulled himself together on his own without waking Marley up. Neither sounded good. She didn't like biting her tongue but asking may be the greater evil at the moment. She watched him carefully and Emily was doing the same thing.

Riley sunk a little lower in his seat and his eyebrows furrowed as he chewed on his bottom lip, clinging tightly to the steering wheel. He didn't seem to notice them at all, his eyes only on the road and he mumbled as though he was talking to himself...whispering softly. One hand fell away and dropped into his lap, into Marley's hair while she slept which was sweet of him, but he shifted anxiously and his body was tense. Her eyebrows crinkled more while studying him and moved to lean up over the seat. Okay maybe talking to him was the better option because something was wrong.

"Riley, whats your probl..."

As she moved Emily caught her by the arm and one hand covered her mouth to pull her back against the back seat again.

"shhh" Emily breathed with a sly smile.

Her eyes flickered to Riley again and it made sense sooner than she wanted it to.. which was never. She wanted to unthink it immediately and with Emily's hand over her mouth she couldn't scream at him so she opted to try and laser him with the burning of her eyes into the back of his head, scolding him and shaming him in the same second. Marley wasn't sleeping. Not even close.

Her eyes moved to Emily, trying to apologize but she was smiling softly and how could she not melt at seeing her smile? Emily moved closer and pressed a kiss to her lips, bringing a hand to grip into her side and pulling her to lay down across the back seat. She couldn't begin to ever fight the thoughts working into her mind now. Forget the front seat...Emily was here pressing her into the shadows. Emily spread the purple blanket evenly on top of them and snuggled under her chin planting a small kiss on her collarbone and pulling the air from her lungs with the breaking away of her lips. She looked down at her as she pulling her mouth away and was met with a smile so flaming that her skin burned just seeing it.

"I need you to be really quiet." Emily breathed.

She swallowed hard but she nodded quickly. Her throat tightened and her tongue moved to lick the dryness from her lips. She didn't want to stop this. Emily lowered her hand beneath the blanket as Riley hit the steering wheel again followed by the sound of The Beatles now filtering through the speakers, Riley's timeless favorite. Emily's fingers grazed over the flat of her stomach and she shivered as she released the button on her jeans and sunk her hand lower. Her heart pounded but her body ached to touch her and to be touched. She couldn't stop the hushed whimper that left her throat as Emily ran her fingers across the crease of her thigh, seeking out moisture she could feel growing from the moment she'd pressed Emily into car in the parking lot. Fuck. She couldn't think straight but she focused enough to remember where they were at the moment. In the backseat of Riley's car while he and Marley sat just a few feet away, likely engaging in sexual acts of their own. Fuck if she thought they all couldn't get any closer. The sarcasm was so heavy in that thought it almost made her laugh...or cry.

Her eyes slammed shut and she forced herself to think, to make a fast decision because Emily's fingers teased lower. She opened them again to look at her and the smile in her eyes, the danger and sense of adventure that had been absent from Emily's life for seven years. She wanted to live again and love and make choices for herself and her life. The smile on Emily's lips was her choice. She reached to stop Emily's hand from moving lower and was met with hurt eyes that she prayed she'd never have to see again for the rest of her life. She moved quicker now. The decision was made. She rolled over Emily slightly and braced herself on top of her, resting on her elbow with her back to the front seat and shielding Emily completely with her body. The blanket did the rest to cover them.

"Riley?" She called, not tearing her eyes from Emily as she said his name.

Emily was curious now but the volume of the radio increased, so loud it should hurt her ears but it didn't. Eight Days a Week. Of course it was one of the most innocent and perfect songs of love for the most uninnocent of perfect acts. Emily smiled again and lifted her head from the seat to kiss her. Her fingers shook but she ignored it and moved to pull hard at the button of Emily's jeans, sinking lower without hesitating and running immediately to wet heat between her thighs. Emily responded, her hungry eyes closed and her back arched off the seat as she bit hard at her lower lip. This is what Emily wanted and she couldn't lie...she wanted it too. She let her forehead rest against Emily's, shaking breaths leaving them both as her fingers glided down her flesh. Shes wet, almost painfully and her hand is gripping tightly into her arm as her fingers explore further.

"God, Em..." she whispers, lowering her mouth to lick lightly across her lower lip and smiling when Emily parts them for her.

Her tongue slipped forward and Emily's hand moved to clutch at her neck to pull her closer, whimpering into her mouth. Her fingertips grazed roughly over her bundle of nerves and Emily gasped into her mouth and bucked her hips up feverishly into her hand, begging her to keep pressing. She felt oblivious to everything outside of the two of them but still aware enough of the risk that her adrenaline was only growing. As her thumb brushed over Emily's clit again... she became aware of how turned on Emily was. She moaned softly into her ear and begged in such a quiet way that nearly crippled her body. It was just a breath...but it was burning.

"Yes..." Emily's eyes slammed shut and grip tightened on her shoulder now and her hips continued to roll slowly with her hand. "Please...yes...Paige..."

Pushing two fingers inside of Emily her head began spinning from feeling how tight she is around her and how hot, pulsating and clamping harder as her arousal increased over her hand. Somehow even over the loud volume of the music her ears could pick up Emily's breathing and the sound of wet skin as she pumped her fingers into her faster, rolling her thumb over her clit in the same strokes. The scent of her body reached her nose and made her weak. It was pure sex and lust and she was making Emily feel this way. She was making Emily...

"Em..." She breathed.

Emily shuddered against her body and came on her fingertips, hugging her so tightly she could barely move even if she could bring herself to try. It was Emily's body telling her to stay. She rocked with her gently, pushing into her slowly now and working more moisture from her body. She wanted more of her. The slick heat coating her fingers only made her mouth water and she tried to fight it without having an easy way of satisfying the craving. It became a problem in the forethought of her mind as to how she could pull it off and her head turned to look over her shoulder at the front seat. Fuck it. She couldn't see much up front anyways because the seat blocked her eyes but she could see enough. They were just dark silhouettes and somehow Marley had managed to straddle Riley without making him falter in steering the car, though he seemed to have slowed to a lower speed, and once again she was buried in his neck. There was no telling the extent of their sexual escapade but with the slight movement of her body against him a car accident would be pretty awkward for all of them at the moment. She'd seen most of Marley's body during the card games even when a purple shirt wasnt clinging to her chest like it was now. She'd lost her fair share of card games to Marley too and she was blocked by the seat anyways. Due to three unfortunate streaking bets when she and Riley were teenagers she'd seen plenty of him also. You'd think they would have learned after the first bet but no...winning or losing it was always fun and the grounds security never attempted to grab them and stop them for obvious reasons.

Fuck it again.

She pulled her eyes back to Emily panting quietly and her mouth drew her in, the tremble there that she tried her best to soothe with her own lips. Her tongue should be hot but it was almost cold from panting and taking the cooler air. It felt like her job to warm her lips and her tongue traced lightly over her mouth, capturing Emily's tongue as it moved eagerly to find hers. Emily's arousal increased as she slowly pulled her fingers out, spreading the hot moisture through her folds and pulling her back up from the seat in a sensual arch.

"Is this what you want?" She whispered, smiling as she sucked on Emily's lower lip and traced her wet fingers across her flesh. It was now that she started to half-question whether or not the waitress at the diner had drugged their food. "You're okay with this?"

Emily smiled against her lips and latched gently on to her tongue before moving lower to nip at her chin. "I'm okay but you can always just tell me no."

"Fine, I'll tell you no to telling you no. Does that count?"

"No." Emily smiled proudly. "We can stop though...if you're uncomfortable or..."

"Not a fucking chance." She grinned. "Keep watch."

Before she could stop herself her hands were clutching at the denim on Emily's hips and trying to work it down. She expected Emily to fight this but her smile only widened as she bit her bottom lip and raised her hips to aid with the process. Emily's mind seemed to be working as illogically as hers was. Think first, consequences later. Who cared if their bodies became exposed for the world because right now the urge to satisfy each other was stronger. Emily didn't hesitate to kick her jeans off and if she wasn't bothered by this than how could she deny her? Talk about lack of boundaries in this business. Their tolerance for crazy and irrational would probably be lethal to the normal folk.

She pressed a light kiss to Emily's lips and moved quickly, hooking her right arm under Emily's thigh and bending it up while at the same time sliding herself down her body. Her lips found Emily's smooth stomach as she worked down and pushed the emerald thermal up just enough to allow her to lick across her belly button and down to her hip, feeling goosebumps rise as she went. Her mouth watered more from the scent that was so much better the lower she moved and it pushed an urgency into her body to really take Emily for herself. Uncaring of the others nearby...the aching to have Emily coating her tongue instead of her fingers was unbearable. It was hot beneath the fleece blanket and made her lungs feel heavy but she could breathe Emily like this forever, concentrated in air that felt like fire. The cold from the vents didn't touch her here, only Emily and the heat and perfume of her body with nothing to taint it.

Her lips parted and the moisture on Emily's thighs drew her in. Starting at her knee she moved her lips up with hungry kisses and smiled the moment she started running into the sugar of Emily's body. Her tongue slipped forward then to lick the rest of the way, sucking across the crease of her hip. She had to close her lips over Emily as her tongue reached her arousal just to stifle the deep moan trying to leave her throat. The taste of Emily's body couldn't be described in just a word. Sweet, yes, but words were too simple compared to this. This was a feeling, a flutter in her chest that radiated through her body. Emily's fingers entangling in her hair only increased that flutter. She couldn't see Emily's body in the dark and that only heightened her other senses more as she pressed another kiss to her and made Emily tighten her grip. Her tongue moved slowly to clean the aftermath of her orgasm, massaging her with her lips and breathing heat across her skin. Emily's breathing was still calming, her body relaxing and her hips rolling slowly with each stroke of her tongue that gathered every drop of arousal. She wanted it on her tongue instead...her throat, she didn't want to waste any of her.

The flavor drew her tongue straight to Emily's opening and begged her entrance, but she stayed away. Instead she pressed the pad of her tongue firmly and ran it slowly up over her clit again, lingering there for a moment and then moving lower to repeat. Each time Emily's breathing picked up more and her stomach quivered. Her hands moved to the soft skin above Emily's pubic bone to hold her down, using her strength to keep her still when the rocking of her hips increased and circling the tip of her tongue lightly over her bundle of nerves, just barely touching her. Emily's thighs began to shake, twitching from the direct contact to a still sensitive place. Even with the tender touch Emily's fingers tighten more in her hair signaling how close she was. Releasing her she moved lower to drag her tongue across her flesh again, repeating it until the panting in Emily's lungs warned her that moans were getting hard to stifle now. Emily didn't have to scream to let her know she was coming. She push her tongue inside of her and instantly Emily responded the way she wanted her to, her walls clamping tightly around her. She could feel her heartbeat and the pulse of her orgasm that sent goosebumps across her stomach where her hand was still holding Emily still. Each tiny bump could be counted as another shudder moved through her girlfriend's body. She moaned lightly again, tasting her fully and feeling the way Emily sucked her stomach in and raised her hips to get closer. She couldn't see her but her mind could picture how beautiful she looked making these movements.

Emily was pulling now, tugging her hair and at first it encouraged her to stay and clean the new moisture now coating her tongue but Emily's hands quickly moved to grab her shoulders and pull her back up, breaking her away instead. She was happy being there so being pulled away so abruptly confused her and saddened her at the same time. So much so that she had forgotten where they were.

"What's wrong? Are you okay?" She breathed, moving back up Emily's body and glancing briefly towards the front seat.

Marley was still straddling Riley's hips, holding him closely with her eyes closed and cheek pressed to his as she bit at his ear, one of his hands was still lost in her hair...hugging her close. She was whispering something between biting but the loud music drowned every other noise out. There was a carefull and steady rolling in her her body and their attention was on each other.

Her eyes moved back to Emily to see a soft smile on her lips as she nodded and just to be sure she glanced to see that the blanket was still covering them. The smile...she couldn't keep her eyes away from it for long. Emily was like a kid who'd never once been in a candy store and now she was placed in the middle of one, a first taste of true freedom and she could feel the excitement in each breath leaving her lungs. The smile was guilty but exhilarated.

"Yeah I'm okay." Emily's eyes flickered towards the front seat and she could see her cheeks blush in the dark as she let out a soft giggle and brought her hands up to cover her face bashfully.

"What?" She laughed, "This is too weird?"

"It's a little late for it to be too weird don't you think?" Emily giggled again.

"Yes, probably." She ducked her head with a laugh. "This isn't even alcohol induced. I'd hate to see us all near a bar."

"Probably risky." Emily smiled. "But...after I threw up on your boots and almost stripped in a room full of strangers I should probably swear off alcohol all together so I'll try to be the sober voice of reason."

"You're a sober voice of reason on what just happened..." she argued, gesturing to the front seat without looking. "...what's probably still happening."

"Yeah you're right. I can't be trusted on things like this. I've been sheltered for seven years." Emily pouted her lips through a smile and her cheeks warmed seeing her so euphoric, so relaxed and undone while she still fought to breath evenly...considering what they'd just done. "But we can't actually see if anything is happening up there...or was happening. You're just assuming."

She arched her eyebrows skeptically and lowered her lips down to Emily's ear. "If I just had sex with you then you better believe they're doing the same thing." She purred.

"Assumptions." Emily argued stubbornly with a teasing smile.

"Awe you're so innocent and sheltered." She smiled, biting softly at Emily's ear hearing her breathing stop completely.

"Really?" Emily challenged. Her breath stopped too when Emily's hand appeared over her mouth to keep her quiet, the other hand slipping down the front of her jeans. "I told you I'm gonna need you to be really quiet..." she ran her fingers lightly down her flesh and gasped feeling how wet she was. She felt painfully sensitive just from the seam of her jeans but Emily's soft touch sparked more and her eyes slammed shut. "I didn't say I planned on making it easy for you."

Her eyes snapped opened to see Emily smiling proudly and tugging her jeans down her hips. When her mouth was released she kicked them from her legs to help before she straddled Emily's hips. Her tongue moved forward to lick the dryness from her lips but it only increased when Emily shifted herself and flipped her over carefully on her back. Emily's finger clutched at the strap of her tank top and slid it eagerly from her shoulder to lower the heat of her tongue, a shiver moving down her spine at the contrast between fire of her mouth and the colder air. All she could focus on was her tongue moving lower from her collarbone and she swallowed dryly and tried to steady her breathing. It was impossible with Emily's lips moving down with the tugging of her tank top and her bra from her shoulders. Her eyes rolled back when Emily exposed her left breast and lowered her tongue to lick over her softly, sucking and erecting her nipple when it hit the cold air every time Emily pulled back. Gingerly Emily bit at her flesh and made her jaw clench to keep from moaning but this couldn't last. Her tongue swirled over her nipple and moved slowly, planting small kisses up her neck and breathing sweet air across her tongue as she parted her lips to kiss her. The moan that left Emily's throat as she tasted herself on her tongue only drove her to focus on where her hands were at the moment. Her fingers were on a winding path down her ribs and over her hip, gripping hard into her thigh and pulling it up over her own. Pulling away from Emily's mouth she panted across her lips...anticipating Emily's next move. She didn't expect it.

Her eyes flickered cautiously to the front seat and it was dark but Marley was gone from Riley's lap, maybe sleeping now...maybe didn't matter. Her eyes closed again as Emily's fingers teased up her thigh and across her hip, pulling her closer and snaking her fingers straight to the moisture growing between her legs, dragging them to gather it and then bringing her fingers to her lips to lick clean. It was tight knot in her throat seeing Emily so direct and every part of her body ached more for her. Her hand didn't sink lower again, instead Emily pressed into her with her thigh. Her leg soft against her sensitive skin made her head spin and a gasp leave her lips but Emily just smiled. Her ears lost the sound of the blaring music and only picked up on her voice.

"So how about you?" Emily whispered. "Are you okay with this."

She didn't have time to answer before Emily pressed her thigh into her clit and made her whimper, her head spinning more than it already was to the point where her vision shifted.

"Paige?" Emily purred, breathing across her bottom lip and biting softly, soothing it with her tongue.

The smile on Emily's lips radiated her happiness at affecting her the way she was proud she was. She couldn't even nod in response because Emily pressed into her again and moved her lips to her ear to whisper.

"Paige...what do you want?"

Her hands came up to cup Emily's cheeks and pulled her hungrily to her mouth. "Hhhh..." she gasped into Emily's tongue as she pressed further and tried to swallow the tightening in her throat but it only returned. "Fuck...Em."

Emily moved her lips to touch her ear. "You already fucked me actually..." she corrected.

Her eyes widened but instantly they were rolling back into her head as Emily began rocking her hips steadily and pressing her thigh into her clit in firm circles. She felt the pressure forming between her legs and it increased when Emily's tongue rolled over the tender flesh below her ear. This is not the girl from Rosewood. God, she's so happy that this isn't the same girl. The girl on top of her now is shining and strong and fitting perfectly with the crazy people around them. And right now...Emily is crazy beautiful. Her hair curtaining their faces and her dark eyes melting at watching her coming undone.

Her hands moved up into Emily's raven hair to hold her close, breathing in the scent of sugar that she found there. Her lungs were only increasing in their movements and Emily was picking up the pace. She could feel how wet she was and she knew Emily could too and she heard Emily moan against her neck at feeling it coating her thigh.

"Cassie was never good enough for you." Emily whispered. Her heart stopped beating and then picked up in double time. "I'm not sure I am but I'm never gonna hurt you the way she did. What you're feeling right now...this is what you deserve...everyday."

Tightening increased between her legs with Emily's voice tickling past her ear. She ground into her more and Emily applied more pressure. She had spent so much time focusing on making sure Emily knew she was wanted that she kept forgetting that Emily wanted her too... her hips bucked up into Emily's thigh to get herself closer, rubbing against the courser denim.

"God, I want you." she breathed ...rocking her hips with Emily's. "Emily..." She forgot where they were and slammed her head back into the seat as the tension released and ripples turned to waves, ripping the oxygen from her chest. She was lost to everything except for the sensations coursing through her veins and Emily's sultry voice against her lips. No one could get higher than she felt right now.

"You have me." Emily purred. "I want you to always feel like this."

Emily brought her mouth down on hers and relieved the dryness there. Her tongue was wet and hot and soothed her own. She'd never felt anything with Cassie and just like she'd told Marley...Emily made her feel everything.

"Mar, please just let me pull over..." Riley whispered. "This isn't working..."

I release Riley's ear from between my teeth and pull away to look at him, instantly missing the scent of vanilla and pepper on his skin though I could pretend all day that I don't. The sandalwood is just another weakness I don't like to admit. His eyebrows are furrowed and his green eyes are pained. Thats my fault. I've been playing with him the way he usually likes, testing both of our restraint but not giving in just yet. I worked him to the edge with just my tongue but I pulled away from him at the last second and switched our movements just to slow us down. He's been fighting climax too, wanting it to last. I'm just hesitant to distract him too much from driving for obvious reasons. We've only actually had sex once while driving down deserted back roads and we didn't have any problems but this is different. Emily and Paige are in the backseat and its one thing to risk our lives willingly it's another to risk theirs.

"Babe, I can feel you..." His bottom lip quivers as he pants hot air across my cheek and I swear I could blackout from the scent that it brings. It has my airway threatening to close and my senses clouding over.

My eyes glide slowly down to my hips straddling his and my throat is dry now, my tongue jolting and watering at what I see. With the light from the dash-board I can see a dark spot on his jeans and I realize that I've soaked through mine...he can feel it. I'm turned on as much as he is and I can feel him pressing eagerly against me through denim, but I don't want to disturb the girls by stopping and stilling the movement of the car. The movement offers a sense of privacy in a way and a sense that they're in a separate moment from us. Noticing the stillness would risk pulling them away from each other and I don't want to do that. I swallow the dryness in my throat from breathing heavy and shake my head to clear it. We're both worked up and trying satisfy cravings in the best way we can but my head needs to be pulled back to the present and somehow squeezing my eyes shut to concentrate seems to help.

"...I can stop or..." I try to move from his lap but his hand grabs my thigh hard to pull me back down against him, holding me there while I look at him with questioning eyes.

"Or you can just let me stop the car." He pleads. "Are they even awake?"

I stare at him blankly for a moment with my mouth gaping. "I...I don't know...its dark." I whisper, shaking my head. "I can't see anything and if you haven't noticed I'm trying not to look at all. I'd like to keep it that way so whats the problem with this? This is keeping us on the road and not in a ditch."

"The problem is that this is really hurting me." He whispers. Riley's eyes are sad and I swallow weakly, feeling my heart recoil further away from him. "Denim isn't the softest material for dry humping if you know what I mean. Especially when I can clearly feel that there's nothing dry about you right now." He licks his lower lip on reflex as his eyes move back to the road.

My heart sinks more and I'm so affected by the thought that I'm hurting him in this way. Its hits me hard, being hurt sexually. It's also too close to home when it comes to how I've handled his heart and this is supposed to be the one part of our relationship where I don't hurt him. I can control this and please him and give him some part of what he needs. Sex is just sex. It's a physical act and you don't have to really think about anything to do it. You can get lost easily and wrapped up in the physical feelings and sensations that you lose everything else. I can't start hurting him in this way too.

I nod and move from his hips, careful not to bump him or the steering wheel. I can feel him watching me questioningly but I ignore him because I need to take care of him now. Sitting beside him my fingers move to pull at his belt. If I can satisfy him and keep from hurting him more than I already do then maybe I can keep myself together too and I'm desperate to do that.

"Thats not what I want, Marley." His hand moves to stop mine, holding it gently but still and I'm even more confused by this. He's never stopped me before. "I don't want you to..." his eyes sadden more and his jaw clenched. I can see the flex of the muscle in his temples. "I just want to know if they're awake."

My eyes move hesitantly to look at the backseat, straining them to focus but all I see is a mass of black shadow laying across the seat. I can't see a defined shape of Paige or Emily and nothing has clear detail. Plus if they are awake I'm in no way wanting to intrude on what they're doing so I can honestly say I'm not trying to focus very hard. It's a weak attempt. I keep my voice a whisper but only because I don't feel strong enough right now to manage anything else.

"It's too dark...I can't see anyth..."

Riley's hand moved fast to slap the small ceiling light above my head, making me flinch involuntarily and his eyes snap over to study me. I ignore his eyes because I know they're apologetic for him startling me. It's an embarrassing reaction to quick movements sometimes and I hate it but I don't want to see him hurt more so I make my eyes adjust to see Paige and Emily instead. The purple blanket is draped across the girls but there's no movement from either of them. I can see their legs sticking out from beneath the blanket, all tangled together but there's denim clinging to them both. Letting seconds tick by...they don't move.

"I think they're sleeping..."

Riley pressed the light back off slowly this time and that was enough for him. "Lay down." He orders. "I can't stop here...I need an exit or a pull out just...lay down...please."

I can already guess where he's going with this because I know him so I shift myself lower and lay flat on my back, resting my head in his lap. His hand is on me right away, combing softly through my hair and pulling my eyes closed as I force slower breaths, trying to make my body relax into him but I just can't. He moves slowly and glides his fingers down my cheek before brushing his thumb across my bottom lip. My neck, taking a long moment to rub into me and making me relax more. Across my breasts, massaging gently and teasing me through thin cotton. The soft whimper that leaves my lips affects me just as much as it does him, my back arching up from the seat to make more contact with his hand while mine clutch at the leather seat beneath me. I'm hoping my moan can push him away from the soft touches and back to the place I'm familiar and comfortable with. Riley falters for a moment before he regains that urgency, moving more hungrily down my stomach now and pulling hard on my jeans. He doesn't waste time moving lower. I know I'm wet, I can feel it, but I moan at how sensitive I am to his touch and how easily he glides through me. Its one thing to feel as anxious and on edge as I am but it's another to feel it in action with the softest touch. I can't prepare for the direct contact no mater how much experience I may have with it in the past. It's always new. The friction from rubbing against him for nearly an hour has left me aching and swollen and he fully appreciates this. He's happy that he's responsible for it and that makes me happy in return...relieved that I'm distracting him.

"Damnit, Marley..." he whispers.

It's almost scolding and desperate the way he says my name. I crane my neck back to look up at him and he could be starving from touching me. His emerald eyes are burning but I have such conflicting feelings about him whispering my name in this way. I can't pinpoint which is stronger. I don't know if I'm angry about it or sad, just scared maybe or maybe those feelings are all just so used to coming forward automatically and hiding the truth from me. I can't let my mind wrap around that truth. Not right now, maybe not ever.

I bite my lower lip, proud that just this simple thing is turning him on so much, and I raise my hips to work my jeans down. I have a different idea and one that forces a little more distance between us and I need that right now. Once my legs are bare I'm left with thin black lace clinging to my hips and this time I lay down flat on my back in the opposite direction with head against the passenger door and open my thighs up for him the visual. Riley's free hand moves to drag his fingers in soft strokes up and down my calf ...the back of my knee...and I can see him struggling. I pull my purple shirt over my head, making my hair fall over my shoulders and revealing a matching bra, watching his breathing stop with seeing the see-through lace. He's still focusing on driving but every other second his eyes are falling on me and increasing the hunger in the green. I bite harder on my lip harder to still the quiver while sliding my fingers down my stomach, tracing lightly over my belly button before moving lower.

"Hahhh..." my hand trembles.

That same longing whimper leaves my lips as I tease the crease of my thighs, careful to avoid where I'm most sensitive but I can feel pressure forming just knowing he's watching me. I'm taking matters into my own hands and this might prove to be more difficult than I expected if I'm trying to make things last because I need more so quickly and I'm losing patience before I've even started. Slowly I grab at the lace on my hips and slide them down, kicking them from my legs into his lap and dragging my fingers lower across my stomach hips.

"Marley..." he protests quietly. "Babe, seriously...don't."

"Shhhh." I soothe, swallowing weakly and trying to concentrate on keeping myself in control.

My eyes slam shut as I ignore him begging my name and I gasp harshly as I roll my fingertips over the growing tension. I can't remember if I've ever been this worked up so quickly without having climaxed already first but this is all-consuming. I can't think, I can barely focus on keeping up the movement of my fingers. It's so painfully good and it still feels dangerous. Paige and Emily are close sleeping and Riley is watching me. God, I usually have no problem wearing next to nothing around the train but this is a different level. This a lot less than next to nothing and having sex with Riley all over the train still feels less intimate than this is, than touching myself. The thought that it's the intimacy and the vulnerability of this that's turning me on so much only scares me into moving faster. It's the harder touches that make me forget how broken I am and the harder touches that make me forget I always will be.

I moan softly and press a little harder on my bundle of nerves and too quickly I'm seeing stars and my chest is panting so I pull back, tracing lower instead to push against my opening and stretching myself slowly. I can feel moisture against my thighs and starting to run down and suddenly I stop caring about making this last. I forget what I'm waiting for and why I want to hold out. I forget about wanting the movement of the car and I forget the green eyes watching me and only think about wanting to make myself feel as good as I can. It sounds reasonable now and I'm too lost to question my logic. I need to find relief from the tension prickling under my skin, just those intense seconds of pleasure that make the work up so worth it because when you achieve that heightened place there's nothing better in the world than the feeling of releasing it.

Pushing my middle finger inside my walls clamp tighter, my palm pressing harder against my pulse. I gather arousal and pull out to spread the slick heat over my flesh, gasping and arching my back when my head starts spinning even more. I can't feel the cold air circulating through the car, all I feel is fire in my lungs and coating my fingers. It's too hot and my skin is fluttering with the panting of my body. I have to remind myself to try to keep my legs open for Riley but they keep trying to close to hold my hand in place. Somehow I keep my mind working just enough to stay quiet but as I circle faster between my thighs I'm losing it, panting more and forgetting where I even am because my goal is so close. My mouth is dry now and my pulse grows stronger beneath my fingertips. I'm dizzy...its like morphine on my tongue as all my senses are deemed useless aside from the growing pressure and my stomach tightening. It's all I can feel. Quickly I push in deeper, pressing the palm of hand into my clit only to pull out and rub it directly,faster, and this the kind of orgasm I'm searching for, the kind that makes me tremble and my vision shift.

"Fuck ...fuck fuck..." I breath, gasping as I feel Riley's fingers enter my body.

My walls clamp tightly around him. My back arches up and I'm thrown over the edge, pressure uncoiling around my groin in a shiver that shoots off through my veins. Riley keeps with the movement of his fingers, working over my g-spot and making my body water over his hand. My thighs clenched around him and hold him there with the rocking of my hips.

There's a moment of panic when my eyes flutter open to look at him because neither of his hands are on the steering wheel. My heart stops before I quickly realize that he's parked the car at a dark rest stop and he's pulling his seat belt off with his free hand while his other is still slowly moving with my hips. The engine is left running to continue the vibrations and the music through the speakers belting out Riley's favorite album but the sound of wet skin makes my throat dry over the voice of John Lennon singing 'Ticket To Ride'. I lick my lips to moisten them but they dry instantly with my shaking breaths as I watch Riley and ignore the words completely. The words hurt. The sound of sex must have had the same effect on him because he shifts in his seat and lowers his mouth hungrily to lick the moisture from my thighs and then my fingers...the heavy glisten between my legs. His tongue is fire against my cooling skin as he drags it over me and my jaw tenses painfully. My teeth are screaming just to keep myself from actually screaming at how good this feels on tender skin and how slow and tentative he's moving and I'm throbbing against his lips. He breaks away with a popping sound only to press the pad of his tongue into my clit and shaking his head against me...trying to get me off again. Its building.

"God, Riley..."

My fingers twist into his hair, at first to pull him closer but just as quickly I whine, my thighs clenching to push him away. He meets my eyes curiously but I ignore that too and now I'm pushing myself into that rough and careless place that I've tried to master throughout the years. I know it well. Its safe and comfortable for me. I push him back into his seat and move quickly to straddle his hips again. He's caught up in the moment now. His breathing is becoming rapid with anticipation and my hands moved to pull feverishly at the buckle of his belt while his come up to get lost in my hair, resting his forehead into mine. I feel damp all over my body and I can smell myself on his breath and it drives me faster. It's like a personal branding saying he's mine and it makes me smile as I close my fingers around the hem of his shirt to pull it over his head. With it gone my mouth moves to bite gently below his collarbone and my nails scrape over the muscle on his chest while his hands move to my back to hold me closer. He's hugging me, he's trying to slow me down but I can't. At least this time I have a real excuse to keep things faster. The two lovers sleeping in the shadows of the backseat could wake up at any moment. Reaching back for his hands I guide them to clutch at my hips instead. The only article I'm still wearing is the thin black lace clinging to my chest and its fine staying. I need his attention elsewhere. He thinks otherwise. His mouth moves lower slowly to swirl his tongue over my nipple through the delicate fabric letting his hot breath seep through.

"Come on, Riley." I whimper in his ear, trying intentionally to urge him on. I want the final say in speeding things up to be his ...but I'll help him along. "You want me, don't you?"

"Don't ask stupid questions." Riley smiles, moving back up to bite at my lower lip. "Its cute but...fuck, you know better."

"Could have fooled me." I tease, moaning softly into his mouth and tasting myself on his tongue. This flavor mixing in his mouth only turns me on more.

"Yea've never fooled me." He scolds, pressing his tongue deeper across the roof of my mouth and keeping with the fast pace he knows I want.

His hand snakes lower to line himself up with my entrance and my body aches at the heat of his smooth skin against me. I swear I can feel the single drop of arousal that isn't mine. Its hotter than mine...its his and I want him. His other hand pulls my hips down hard and I'm so wet that he's buried completely in one thrust. The different aches that start in my body all at once are consuming. There's the pain shooting up my spine...the thing that keeps me grounded and focused on only the physical feelings, the way he hurts so much as he's stretching me. The pain that feels good and pulls a sharp cry and moan from my throat that I silence against his neck. The worst is the pain that comes with the words he's just spoken. The other day he called me out and let me see his pain over the bruises on my hand because he's knows what Cole did to me. He's calling me out now too. I've never fooled him. I can feel the ache in my chest from hearing him say that. Its more than an ache...its stabbing and its growing like wildfire.

I press my cheek to his and twist my right hand into his hair to hold him to me but my eyes and my left hand move to the red and blue of the tattoo twisting up the muscle of his arm, the way the colors bleed into a purple. Dragging my nails carefully over the colors Riley keeps with the deep and firm movements into me, his face buried in my hair and sadly each thrust hurts less than the one before. I'm being consumed by the hurt in other parts of my chest and the beating there, the burning behind my eyes as they land on the purple bruise across his shoulder from being thrown by Ember. Its much lighter now and barely visible and a I touch it with my fingertips, Riley notices. The gesture is so soft compared to the harder movements of our hips and he falters slightly. My jaw clenches and I make a decision before I can stop myself, bringing my lips lower to press a tentative kiss to the fading bruise and lingering there to relish the vanilla and pepper of his skin...the sandalwood. The second I make soft contact his hips jerk against me and goosebumps rise under my lips, across his skin as he pulls away shuddering. His words are haunting me right now. This feels like the beginning of the end. I've been biding my time but this is it. I hug him tighter and press a light kiss to his jaw before pulling myself away to grab my clothes.

I'm losing him.

Light and warmth seeped through her eyelids and they opened to faint sunlight coming through the windows of the car. Its seemed early still, the sun low and just starting to turn the sky from pink to blue. She'd only been asleep for a couple of hours maybe. Emily slept soundly against her chest wrapped in the purple blanket and her heart skipped as she lifted it off her just enough to make sure that they were both fully clothed. They were. It felt like a sexual hangover, hazy though they'd both been of sound mind when they made the decision to have sex in the back seat of the car while Marley and Riley engaged in adult behavior up front. Possibly of sound mind, maybe not. Fuck. She squeezed her eyes shut to mentally scold herself but the clearest image in her mind was the one of Emily smiling. She couldn't ever regret that.

Her eyes moved to the front seat instead to see Riley sitting relaxed behind the wheel. His head resting casually into the seat while he chewed quietly on a piece of gum and tapped a thumb softly on the steering wheel to the Beatles that were now just a hushed whisper through the speakers. She stayed still. She could either test the waters now while Marley and Emily were still sleeping or wait for the awkward encounter of all four of them unable to look each other in the eyes.

"Morning." Riley whispered, making the decision for her. There was a slight smile tugging at his lips, one she recognized as his 'we're both guilty so lets just get this shit over with' look. He kept his eyes safely on the road.

"Hey..." She straightened herself carefully out of Emily's arms, trying her best not to wake her, and spread the blanket over her before leaning forward hesitantly. Unsure of what she'd find if she looked over the front seat she kept a distance so she could avoid any more awkward moments. " about..."

"Neither of us saw or heard anything." He offered quickly. His smile was gone and she took a deep breath knowing he was telling the truth. It was genuine.

"Good..." she replied. "Yeah us either."

"Great." He nodded. He looked back and smiled at her now. "Deep breath, Paige. We're all grown ups here." That was questionable. "It's not that big of a deal." Maybe not.

"I know." She agreed quickly and her body relaxed more. "I'm fine just...making sure you are."

"Completely." He nodded again.

"Remind me why didn't just get a hotel room?" She joked.

"Probably because if we waste anymore time Peter will be dead from a heart attack by the time we get there." Riley smiled. "You're fault..of course."

"He'll be fine." She sighed. "I think it's the minimal punishment."

"What?" he teased. "Your torture number isn't 'twenty' anymore?"

"Death by heart attack isn't good enough to be twenty?"

"Shit, not if castration is your 'eleven'." He chuckled. "I'd rather die." He laughed again and then smiled nostalgically for a few moments, his mind going somewhere else. "Do you remember all the trouble we used to get in together? I think your parents hated me there for a little while."

"I'm assuming word 'castration' triggered images of nude runs through the grounds?" She teased. "Because that's what would have happened to you if my dad had caught us."

"Very likely." Riley nodded in agreement. "But they didn't like me sometimes even without knowing about the nude runs."

"You were seventeen when we first did that...I was younger..." She forced a deep breath to relax further and leaned in closer to rest her chin on the seat. "But it's probably because you lit my grandparent's truck on fire."

"That was bad wiring." Riley argued. "Purely electrical."

"You don't toss fire near an open engine." She retorted. "Whatever it was they thought you were a negative influence on me. I think they figured out pretty quickly that I was way worse on you. Thats when my mom started pinching your cheeks every time you were around."

"Nah we both were pretty bad sometimes. I just waited until they weren't looking." Riley smiled again, little dimples forming in his cheeks as his emerald eyes moved down at Marley.

She chanced looking down to follow his gaze and her eyes fell to Marley sleeping on her back with her head propped against his thigh. Her hair was laying in chocolate twists and curls around her face and her lips were in a slight pout. One arm was draped over her forehead, shading her eye and her purple shirt was brighter now in the sunlight, violet and slightly bunched up her torso exposing small parts of her stomach. Riley's hand was resting against the flat of her stomach and his fingers were tracing lazily across the cream skin around the waist of her open jeans.

Her eyebrows furrowed as she glared at his hand like it was capable of hurting her, like all of the times she'd walked in on them in compromising positions in random parts of the train. He couldn't hurt her and she knew better than to think he ever would but after learning so much of what Marley had gone through it was hard not to feel that way now. Maybe it was time for that long overdue talk about his intentions. Instinct had her reaching without thinking to smack his hand away and he recoiled in surprise, pulling back from Marley's bare hip in betrayal and shock.

"What?" He asked, half laughing.

"Hands, Buddy." She warned, glaring while reaching over the seat to pull the zipper up on her jeans and snap the button in place. "Watch your hands and let her sleep."

"Hey, do I tell you how and when you can touch Emily?"

"No because you have no right to." She smiled surely.

"And you think you have the right with this?" He gestured to Marley as she shifted on to her side and buried her face in the soft blue cotton covering his stomach.

"Female comradery, Riley." She smiled. "You're gonna have to deal with it."

He sighed and slouched lower in his seat. "I always do."

Riley smiled at her in a scolding way and moved his hand into Marley's hair instead, twisting carefully with a perfect spiral. He seemed so happy just touching her in any way he could and she quickly felt bad for smacking him away. There had always been a physical and emotional push and pull between him and Marley...mostly her pushing had him pulling but it seemed different now, just the slightest shift. Marley had pulled him closer in the diner parking lot.

" much did you hear?" She whispered. "Last night?"

Riley crinkled his eyebrows and looked at her curiously. "I already told you... we didn't see or hear any of your activities in the back seat. John Lennon plus...we had our own activities to focus on."

"" she shook her and breathed a laugh. "I mean last night between Mar..."

Riley shifted uncomfortably and looked down at Marley with a heavy hesitance in his eyes, shaking his head dismissively. He didn't speak and she quickly caught on to his reasons for that. He didn't want her to over hear anything like he had last night or maybe more accurately he didn't want Marley to know exactly what he'd over heard. She nodded silently and didn't press the topic, at least not right now.

"I love you..." She started.

Riley looked at her playfully. "I love yo... "

"No." She cut him off and shook her head firmly. "I'm not done."

Riley breathed a laugh and nodded. "Okay."

"I love you..." she started again, choosing familiar words. "I know you and I go back ten years...but if you ever hurt her I will castrate you."

Riley smiled again softly and nodded in agreement. "Yeah I know you will."

She nodded and quickly accepted his words. She knew Riley so well but she also just needed to say the words to him.

"One question about you though..." Riley frowned, looking over at her with pained eyes. She swallowed hard and nodded. This could be about so many things there was no reason to try and guess which one. "With Cassie..." he started. Great. "If she did all of that to you then why didn't you just ban her from the grounds? It would have been easier than you having to worry about her or...Marley having to..."

She swallowed the dryness in her throat again and was surprised that it didn't return, surprised that she felt so strong now. She'd thought about her reasons for this two days ago after her argument with Marley in the kitchen. She'd thought about it every time Cassie showed up. This wasnt a foreign topic in her mind.

"I thought if I did it'd make you guys all wonder why. I didn't want to draw anymore attention to it, especially not now...after years. I didn't want you guys to know at all and for the most part that worked didn't it? You guys didn't know." Riley sighed and nodded but he didn't look happy with not knowing and that was fair of him. She'd kept secrets from him and he'd always been there for her. "Cassie used to work for us, Riley. She knows pretty much everyone that still does and I didn't want it to be spectacle because she would have made it one. I just wanted to be strong enough to ignore it all. I wanted to be above her."

"You're right.' He swallowed hard. "I would have asked but only because I don't like seeing you hurting. I'm never gonna like it but I still failed to see that you were hurting."

"It wasnt ever that big of a deal until the other day. Most of the time she'd just bother me and leave without you guys even seeing her." She frowned. "When she started in on Marley...that was enough for me. And then you and Peter..."

Riley scoffed bitterly and his jaw clenched as he looked down at her sleeping on his lap, still twisting his fingers carefully into her curls. "The things she said to Marley almost made me forget everything my parents taught me about how to treat women." His eyebrows furrowed. "It took a lot for me to stand there and listen to that shit."

"I know..." she nodded, watching him quietly as he touched her hair. "I don't really consider Cassie a woman though."

Riley smiled lightly but it was gone just as fast. He bunched his hand gently into Marley's hair and hugged her closer to his stomach, making her stir slightly and bury her face into him more.

"You're mad at me." She noted. "You have every right to be."

"No not mad." He shook his head. "I'm sad that you didn't tell me but..." Riley smiled playfully. "'ve always been independent so I can hardly be surprised now. When we first met and I walked you home all you did was bitch about being capable of taking care of yourself but then you'd tense at every car that drove by."

"I'm a chihuahua." she laughed. "Seriously though, I'm just surprised we're talking about this and not that fact that we all had sex in the same car."

"You had sex in my car?" Riley frowned, looking at her in shock. "What kind of person does that?" She laughed and brought her fist to slug him in the arm but he blocked her. "I'm driving, Paige. It's dangerous to hit me while I'm driving." He lisped, making her laugh again and land a hit to his shoulder. His arm moved and tried to grab her in a head lock over the seat but she leaned back and away from him to dodge it.

"Fuck." Marley whined, making them freeze and look down at her stretching on across the seat. One hand came up to shield her eyes from the sunlight again and the other tugged her purple shirt down over her hips. "God, it smells like Cupid's gymnasium in here. Crack a window and let the sex out."

Riley chuckled and moved his hand quickly to roll the window down. Fresh air rolled in and smelled amazing. Like new grass and morning dew...sunshine if it even had a scent.

"Good morning, Beautiful." Riley purred. It seemed overly sweet even for him which hinted more towards him testing the waters too. Neither of them moved as they watched her warily.

Marley scoffed lightly and sat up to adjust her bra through her shirt and then moved to flip down the passenger side visor to reveal a small mirror. She scoffed again. Shaking her head she pulled open the glove box and shuffled around inside, retrieving a plum eyeliner and a soft pink lip stain. Her blue eyes met her gaze in the mirror as applied a thin line of purple.

"Well...let's not let things get awkward between all of us." Marley joked, her cheeks flushing a little pinker than usual. "We should probably all sit and watch one of those training videos that shame sex in the work place when we get back."

"You had sex in my car too?" Riley lisped, looking at Marley in the same mock horror as before. "Why would you do that?" He bit his bottom lip to still a fake tremble but Marley just looked at him blankly...lacking all amusement for him trying to be cute.

"And the Oscar goes too...drum roll, Paige." Marley sighed.

Embarrassingly enough she didn't hesitate to pat her hands on the seat like a five-year old but she stopped just as quickly because it made her feel stupid. Obviously. Marley rolled her eyes with a smile and applied the soft pink to her lips and Riley just laughed.

"Adorable, Paige." Riley chuckled.

"What?" She shrugged. "She told me to drum roll. When someone says drum roll you're supposed to fucking drum roll. What's wrong with you people?"

"Yeah, Riley." Marley turned to him. "I'm just a good influence with a strong voice."

"I know!" He agreed. "But honestly aside from initiating group sex you were awfully quiet earlier. I was really trying to make you scream more but in such..."

"Tight spaces..." Marley finished for him, nodding sympathetically and patting his leg. "I know babe, it was so hard." She teased, pouting her lips. "You did your best."

His cheeks flushed as he chuckled and that brought a smile to Marley's lips too as she turned in the front seat to look at her. It didn't feel as uncomfortable as she expected it to be. Maybe everything being so relaxed in her conversation with Riley had increased her confidence on the subject. No one had paid attention to anyone outside of their relationship so it seemed the awkward morning after could just be avoided completely from this point on. Hopefully.

Marley just smiled, "Sleep okay?"

"Perfect." She nodded. "So...does this get crossed off the bucket list or..."

"Well...I don't care if you and Emily cross this off your list but I personally never cross off anything sex related." Marley shrugged, leaning her back against her window and stretching her legs across Riley's lap. "Theres always room for improvements."

"Perfectionist." He smiled, rubbing his hand soothingly across the dark denim clinging tightly to her calf.

"Improvements?" She arched her eyebrows pressingly.

"Yeah...I mean we left Peter out." Marley laughed. "That's hardly fair."

Riley's eyes widened and he shook his head firmly. "I know that you're kidding but I still feel the need to say that that's never going to happen. Peter will never be anywhere near my Parker."

"Parker?" confusion just kept increasing with each passing moment, but Marley laughed and nodded proudly.

"It's the name of Riley's peni..."

"Okay stop..." she laughed, squeezing her eyes shut to fight images.

"Oh please, Paige." Mar rolled her blue eyes. "Don't be so fucking sensitive." Her eyes moved to squint thoughtfully at Riley. "Hey Riley?"

His green eyes looked over at her suspiciously. "what?"

"You can Parker right here." She smiled and tapped her finger into the button of her jeans and Riley laughed now, but her confusion only grew. "Park 'er..."

"Oh my God." she laughed and shook her head.

"What?" Marley grinned.

Riley shook his head too as he chuckled. "I'll gladly park 'er there anytime you want but Peter will never be present for it."

"Ugh fine, I'll handle him personally." Marley groaned and laughed when Riley's hand shot out to grab the crease of her thigh to tickle her. "Awe...but poor Peter is lonely." She smiled, trying to swat him away. "There wouldn't be a Spiderman without a Peter Parker, web slinger.'re not exactly slinging webs but..."

She shook her head with a laugh and sighed, looking back at Emily sleeping. One arm was tucked under her head acting as a pillow and the other was up under her chin. God, she looked beautiful, perfect actually. The sun was golden across her face and her hair was nearly perfect around her shoulders. She didn't have to look at Marley and Riley to end the moment with them. She moved automatically to settle back beside Emily again, wanting to hold her and watch her sleep...maybe kiss her awake. Emily's reflexes had different ideas. She was barely relaxed beside her before her eyes shot open.

"Holy shit." Emily breathed, moving her hands quickly to check that she was wearing clothes with wide brown eyes.

"Good morning." She smiled.

She probably shouldn't have been smiling seeing as Emily may be on the verge of a panic attack over what had happened the night before but she felt so happy just holding her that the smile came naturally.

"Holy shit..." Emily's hands went to pull up the blanket again in a panic, double checking to that she was dressed while her cheeks turned crimson. "Shit.. shit..."

"Morning!" Marley laughed, landing another hit into Riley's shoulder to get him to release her. His hand clamped hard into her thigh while she fought against him.

Emily blushed more and sat up in the seat beside her, looking at her with wary eyes.

"You okay?" She whispered, trying to lose the smile on her lips at Emily's reaction to what was probably a lot of images of sexual acts minus the personal boundaries. Marley and Riley were lost now inside of their own playful quarrel and Emily's eyes glanced at them just to be sure before looking at her apologetically.

"Are you okay?" Emily quipped.

"That's not what I asked." She shook her head with a smile. "I asked you."

Emily's eyes lost some of their worry just at seeing her smile and slowly processing the fact that Marley and Riley were playing between themselves and not weirded out completely. Like something like this could ever weird those two out.

"Yeah...yeah I'm long as you are."

"Then we're all fine." She smiled, moving closer to press a kiss to her lips. "Good morning." She breathed hot across her mouth as Emily smiled into her, tension disappearing from her body. "Sleep okay?"

"Yes..." Emily blushed more as she pulled away and looked around with a new wave of confidence. "Where are we?"

She shrugged and reached over the seat to smack Riley in the shoulder. "Hey, where are we?"

"Good morning, Emily." Riley sang, smirking while blatantly ignoring her question and making Emily's cheeks flush even more.

"Stop.." Marley smiled, slapping his shoulder playfully. "We're almost to Billings...Montana." Marley answered for him, giving her a warm smile over her shoulder. "Ignore Riley...he's in a bit of mood this morning."

Riley turned to look over his shoulder at Emily and she clenched her fists because of the amused smile on his face. "Did you have sex in my car too, Emily?" He lisped.

He flinched as soon as the question left his mouth because he expected her fist to crash into him and he was right to. She leaned up over the seat to reach him when his arm tried to block her punches but he just laughed when her fist made contact with him. Marley threw her hands up in surrender and ducked down low in her seat to avoid being hit by any flailing arms.

"Fuck guys...stop." she whined, ducking again because just when she thought it was all clear she was barely missed by Riley's elbow.

"I'm driving, Paige!" He scolded through his laughter. "Don't hit me when I'm driving."

"I did actually."

She froze with her fist midair and so did Riley, Marley shifting in her seat to look at Emily with a proud smile.

Emily shrugged lightly. "Yes...I had sex in your car."

"Very good." Riley nodded in approval. "The only one to actually give a straightforward answer. You can have sex in my car anytime."

"Why thank you." Emily smiled curtly and that smile made her melt.

Marley chuckled and turned around in her seat again. "Why didn't you find us sooner, Ems."

"I promise I've been asking myself that every day for over a week now."

Her own cheeks warmed and she wrapped her arms around Emily's waist to hug her, starting quick playful kisses against her cheek and moving to her neck. "Well I'm glad you're here now." She smiled.

"Stop." Marley shouted, smacking Riley in the arm and pointing out the window.

An exit of the highway housed a small gas station and nothing sounded much better than stretching her legs at the moment. Well...that and actually hugging Emily from the standing position. Riley pealed through the exit and into the parking lot, skidding the tires into loose gravel and kicking up clouds of dust.

"Okay..." Marley scoffed. "You're worried about grip-soled boots scratching your car but not millions of shards of rocks and likely broken glass?"

"Mmmmm that was a really good dance." Riley smiled dreamily. "Can I be the subject next time...instead of Peter?"

"Psssh you get the private shows." Marley rolled her eyes and threw open the door, flipping the seat up for them to exit. "It's the least I can do for Peter short of actually sleeping with him so don't complain."

"Yeeeeah..." Riley shook his head and gave up. "You're right I'll take the private shows."

She let Emily climb out first and took a breath of fresh morning air as she followed. The lot was large and open to welcome semi trucks pulling on and off the highway and one end was full of them parked in straight lines from stopping to sleep overnight. Her eyes fell on mountains in the distance but the thing that drew her was how vast the sky looked here. Bright blue it looked endless and domed above them, speckled with white fluffy clouds. Her arms instantly found their way into the air over her head to stretch. Emily was already rotating her back and Marley rocked her hips from side to side to stretch her legs but Riley popped his neck with an audible crack bringing all of their eyes to stare at him like he was a freak science experiment.

"That's fucking gross." Marley cringed and nearly gagged as she looked away from him.

"What?" He shrugged, popping his knuckles with a smile.

Emily shuddered uncomfortably and looked away to study the landscape like Marley was now doing and she herself couldn't react at all except for giving him a speechless and blank stare. He looked at her knowingly and she caved and smiled.

"That is really gross, Riley. Don't do that." She scolded, popping her knuckles too and making him laugh when Marley and Emily scoffed at them both.

"Seriously stop." Marley groaned, grabbing Emily by the arm to walk towards the gas station and she gladly followed to get away from the uncomfortable sound.

"Way to go, Paige." He tisked, shaking his head in disgust and sticking his nose smugly in the air as he strutted to follow them.

Sweeping his feet seemed like the only appropriate action to enter her mind, the only thing to knock him back to a more humble level and let his ass hit sharp gravel. This was him thanking her for taking his side? She kicked her boot out hard under his legs. As he stumbled to ground he seemed to check himself pretty fast and just as quickly he laughed in defeat and pulled himself back up to lock her in a hug, scooping her up in protest and trying to carrying her on his back towards the small store while she kicked against him.

"Riley, don't!"

"Look, guys!" He shouted, starting a playful trot after them. "I'm Ember!"

Emily and Marley looked back and laughed as they quickly stepped aside to avoid him charging through but she didn't stop struggling against his hold on her.

"Seriously, put me down..."

"I should put you down them way Ember put me down."

"No you definitely shouldn't." She argued, now opting to hold on to him tighter and hearing him choke as she tightened her arms around his throat. "That was your fault. You never listen to me and I told you not to ride him. Please put me down."

Riley sighed and dropped her legs back to the ground in defeat. "Fair enough." He caved, his green eyes moving to Marley as she slipped inside the gas station door and losing some of the twinkle as he watched her vanish.

She crinkled her eyebrows at him and glanced at Emily who followed Marley inside, leaving them alone without even really noticing they were staying behind.

"Riley, what's wrong?"

"Nothing." He shrugged.

"You're lying to me." She frowned.

"I'm not." He argued weakly, moving towards the door to follow.

"I've known you forever. You wear your heart on your sleeve and right now I don't see it so what did you hear, Riley?" She called after him, firmness in her voice that demanded a response that actually meant something. "Come on..." she pressed, watching him stop in his tracks with his back still to her. "It's just us and you're upset about something so just spill it."

"Yeah." He snapped bitterly as he turned to her. "Yeah I am upset. Okay?"

She swallowed hard and nodded at seeing the emotion in his eyes. They were burning and pained and lost at the same time.

" just tell me." She breathed. "If this is about me kissing her... I'm sorry." She shook her head. "I'm sorry that I didn't think of you when I should have and I'm sorry I didn't tell you. I assumed Marley would but at the same time it wasn't her responsibility to tell you. I should have..."

Riley shook his head firmly and he jaw clenched flexing the muscle in his temples. "It's not that." He sighed. "It just sucks...not the kiss but ...both of you're my life." he frowned and picked over his words. "My girlfriend was raped and I feel like I can't do anything to help her get over that. I don't know how. I can't talk to her about it..."

"I'm sure she'd talk to you about it if you tried..." she disagreed. "I don't think she'd hide anything if you asked..."

"It's not about her talking to me. Its me...its not her." He snapped, trying so hard to keep his voice down. "I'm the problem here. I can't bring myself to ask because it kills me when she's hurting. I'm too pissed off to ask because I don't want to hear the things that'll make me more angry. I'll only get more angry if I ask and that's not fair to her. Marley doesn't need that. She doesn't need me to be angry because I already know she's angry enough."

"Maybe she does need that." She sighed. "Riley...what exactly did you hear last night? Maybe I can help if I knew..."

Riley's eyes grew more sad and his hands moved deep into his pockets. "I can't tell her how I feel because 'I love you' is the last meaningful thing that asshole said to her. It was so important and he just shit on it. I'm scared to tell her because he ruined those words for her. She might be scared to tell me too but I honestly don't know how she feels because she keeps herself from me. You have no idea how happy I am that you're okay after what Cassie did to you because it's the only hope I have that Marley will be okay one day too. That its possible."

Her chest tightened at what she was about to say but she needed to. "I don't know what all Marley's told you but you should know that she went through worse than I did." The pain increased in Riley's eyes as he hung his head, being forced to accept something out of his control. "You also need to know that sometimes 'I love you' is spoken without words. Sometimes its stronger without them." His green eyes came up to land on her again and a sense of relief seemed to flood them. "Dont be blinded by the way he hurt her...start paying attention to the way she looks at you. The feeling existed long before the words did."

She ducked her head and turned slowly away from him to slip through the door, leaving him with those words. She felt powerless to give him anything more.

"You're really okay though?" He called after her, making her stop and turn to him in the doorway.

"I'm great." She nodded, smiling genuinely as he smiled relief back at her. "Marley will be great too. We're calling her Marley aren't we? I call that progress."

His smile widened and moved to follow her, holding the door open as they walked inside and were blasted by the air conditioner that wasn't needed this early in the day. She shivered and looked around, spotting Marley and Emily coming from the back hallway with the restroom signs. The smiles on their faces as they laughed about something made Riley stop to appreciate it too.

"We have really good taste in women." She said surely, nudging his arm playfully.

He sighed deeply beside her. "Of course we do. You learned from me."

"No, you learned from me." She frowned in disagreement.

"Sure, Paige." He smiled sarcastically, moving around her to walk to Marley's side while she and Emily picked over the pre-wrapped pastries.

"Breakfast of champions, I swear." Marley smiled, slapping a package of powered donuts in Emily's hand along with a bottle of cherry coke. "Seriously...sugar is a must."

"I trust you." Emily nodded in approval.

She reached and wrapped her arms around Emily's waist from behind, resting her chin on her shoulder. "Oh good choices." She grinned, looking down into her hand and giving her a light squeeze before releasing her and reaching to grab her own donuts. "I go for the little coconut ones though...with the coke."

"No..." Riley shook his head. "Chocolate."

"Why the fuck does everything have to be a matter opinion with you people?" She tisked at Riley. "Just get your shit together and lets go."

"Slaaaave driver." Marley smiled, picking another package of powdered donuts and moving around them all to walk to the counter.

Emily laughed and nudged her shoulder playfully. "Do I call you boss now or..."

"Oh, that sounds sexy so I would never tell you no if you insisted." She pressed a quick kiss to her cheek while her hands pulled her hips closer. Emily's breath caught hard in her throat as she smiled.

"Okay..." she purred. "Well, Boss...your pants are vibrating."

She looked down to the bulge in her front pocket pressed between Emily's thighs and sighed, reaching to pull her phone out while Emily smiled proudly and grabbed the donuts from her hands. She walked over to the checkout counter beside Marley and Riley and left her to look down at the name flashing across the screen.

"Whats up, Peter?" She rolled her eyes, moving absent-mindedly to follow everyone else.

"Hey can you talk to Sadie and Faye, please?" Peter started. "They're threatening mutiny on me and refusing their time slot because Mary isn't here. They're upset about it because now you're gone too. I told them you were trying to bring her back but they won't listen to me and we're gonna be at our stop in a couple of hours...I don't know what to do with them, Paige."

Her eyebrows furrowed and she quickly covered the phone speaker with her hand and gestured to Marley. "Pssssst." She waved her hand and held up the phone. "How far away are we?" She whispered.

"Couple of hours maybe." Riley shrugged.

She brought the phone back to her ear. "Well I havent caught up with them yet so just tell the girls to cut the shit or I'll cut their checks.

"I'm trying to but they're like dealing with a hurricane without Mary keeping them in line."

"Yeah well its a tough job sometimes but you wanted it so try harder. Hey, where are you guys?" She asked casually. As quickly as he replied she just as quickly hung up the phone on him and tucked it into her pocket again. "Um...Marley ..." she called, stopping beside them at the counter with an urgency in her voice.

"Yes, Paige?" She sighed, tucking her card back into her pocket and smiling graciously at the clerk. "Thank you."

"Hey remember that once in a lifetime thing we talked about years ago?" She pressed, a slight bounce to her stance with a feeling of anxiety.

Marley squinted her blue eyes and looked at her impatiently. "I'm sure we've discussed many once in a lifetime 'things', Paige. Likely one of which happened last night so please feel free to clarify for me."

" we haven't." She shook her head firmly. "Just the one thing."

Riley just chuckled. He knew exactly what she was referring to. It had been she and Riley's hypothetical thing three years before Marley had joined them.

Marley's eyes brighten knowingly. "Here?" She asked.


"Right now?"

"Yes." She nodded soundly

Marley smiled and held her hand out to Riley. "I need to drive." She stated, ignoring the hesitant look that instantly appeared in Riley's eyes. She didn't wait for him to deny her, instead she piled their items in his hands to keep them busy while she reached into the front pocket of his jeans to retrieve his keys and left him holding his breath. "Time to go. Lets go." She ordered, moving instantly towards the door.

Paige smiled automatically and reached for her hand to pull her through the gas station door and back outside.

"What's going on?" She asked, smiling at the growing excitement on Paige's face as they pushed outside behind Marley.

The sun was already hotter now and the sky was a brighter blue. The wind was strong, kicking up her hair around her face. She wasnt bothered by it because she was too busy noticing the way it touched Paige. Her hair was fire in the sunlight and her cheeks were rosy as the wind whipped her waves across her face and off her bare shoulders. Riley trailed behind juggling donuts and four bottles of coke but he looked excited too and didn't even argue with Marley sliding across the hood to get to the driver's side.

"Um...its just this thing." Paige smiled dismissively. "Like a life long goal."

"Dream big." Riley grinned, passing them to open the door while struggling with his arms full. It seemed both he and Paige both had a very engrained knack for chivalry.

"Lets go guys, move." Marley smacked the top of the car impatiently. "Everyone just slide up front."

She walked with Paige quickly without asking anymore questions. It seemed pointless to anyways because they were all moving so fast. Surely she'd catch on to whatever this was all some point. Paige slid across the seat into the middle beside Marley at the wheel and she climbed in next to her, quickly cramped when Riley squeezed in last and closed the door behind him.

"Well this is cozy." She stated with an amused smile. Riley nudge her arm playfully as Paige and Marley chuckled.

"Hey it used to be worse." Paige retorted. "This car doesn't originally have bench style seating. Riley put them years ago? Coincidence, Mar?"

"Not at all." Marley shook her head sternly. "There's no way I would have been able to do what I did last night if I had middle console up my..."

"Well, good to know." Paige's cheeks grew more pink as she cut her off.

"Just treat her kindly. Check your mirrors and hands at ten and two." Riley winked, pleading to Marley and tossing the donuts and drinks carelessly over into the backseat. "And...don't open those bottles for a while."

"I always treat her kindly." Marley smiled, starting the engine and revving it a few times before slamming it into gear and making Riley wince. "Just keep an eye out."

"For what?" She asked.

This seemed like a reasonable question. She needed to know what she supposed to be looking for and with the scenery out the windows it seemed there weren't many available options. nothing. Oh a rock. Ten points.

"The train." Paige beamed, turning to look at Marley on her other side. "Just get on the frontage road. Chances are the tracks won't be too far off from there. This city isn't that big and its a valley, so just keep going. Peter said they were close."

The tires screeched into the pavement as Marley shifted higher from the parking lot, fish-tailing the back slightly and taking the small paved road following along side the highway. Riley kept his head low as he squinted his eyes looking out the window. The landscape whizzed past and quickly made her dizzy so she opted for looking straight ahead. There was hardly room to move but she wasn't complaining about being pressed into Paige's side and poor Riley tried his best to hug himself to the door so that he didn't intrude on her small amount of space. It was a polite gesture but they'd basically drooled on each other's shoulders for half of the drive so she shifted closer to Paige to try and give him more room. That decision was a win win. Riley smiled at her graciously, win, and Paige's hand went to rest on her inner thigh as though it was an old habit, double win. Her brown eyes still studied everything outside as Marley's boot hit the floor.

"No speeding tickets." Riley pleaded.

Marley sighed dismissively. "I'm good Riley, thanks."

The frontage road was deserted. The highway was to the left and on the right were vast natural fields with shallow cuts into the earth that made just the slightest ripples in the terrain. Just barely there. Much larger mountains peaked in the distance and they looked purple against the bright blue morning sky. She turned in her small space to face Riley and to look over his shoulder and behind them. Out the back window the scenery was the same. Aside from the gas station that was just a speck behind them, there was nothing but barren land with short natural grass moving wildly. A dark line cut through maybe five miles out and looked like a winding stream across the ground...maybe just a country road. They were too far away for her to see that detail for sure. The only thing she could really see was a flash of red moving and a puff of white smoke but it was much further out and completely out of focus. Her heart jumped.

"There!" She shouted, pointing out the back window and making everyone shift around to look too.

"Hell yes, Ems!" Marley whooped and slammed on the brakes. The tires spun out as she turned the car to the right down a loose gravel road and left the pavement behind.

Paige bounced beside her and Marley's foot hit the floor again, bringing clouds of gravel and dust flying out around the car as it tore down the country road. "Oh my God!" She shouted, looking at Marley with suddenly even more excitement in her eyes.

"What?" Marley pressed, barely containing her own excitement while keeping her blue eyes on the road and the train growing closer on the passenger side, still easily miles away.

Paige moved and leaned over her lap to the her backpack still on the passenger side floor and she and Riley tried their best to lift their feet to make it easier on her. She wasn't trying to pull it up completely and the sound of zippers reached their ears as Paige shuffled around inside the bag. After a few moments Paige straightened herself back up and held out her radio in her hand, putting it proudly on display for everyone to see.

"Holy shit!" Marley beamed.

"Right?!" Paige nodded in agreement and shrugged nonchalantly. "I know."

"Hey why the hell are they going so slow?" Riley asked, side tracking their thoughts. He wasnt paying attention to them, only the train moving closer out his window.

Paige sighed and looked too. "He's probably trying to delay. Sadie and Faye are giving him a hard time so I don't think he's looking forward to this next stop at all."

"Damnit with those girls." Marley tisked. "Any fucking reason to make a situation harder than it has to be and those two are right on top of it...among other things."

"Awe because they have the best teacher." Paige smiled, reaching to pat Marley's thigh reassuringly. "They're gonna be so happy to see you."

"I might actually kill them." Marley shook her head.

"No you won't." Paige challenged. "I'm happy they're giving Peter a hard time."

"I'm not. Thats my job." Marley argued. "Honestly, I'll be pretty surprised they aren't burning my room down and dancing naked on the ashes." She sighed.

"Well that can't happen. Its vintage." Paige frowned. "They wouldn't dare waste your room. They'll just take it over for themselves."

"Oh God and have an orgy!" Marley scoffed and shifted higher. "Hell no."

Speed seemed like a bad idea on the loose gravel and the tires tried to protest. Up ahead she could make out a railroad crossing and Marley was going too fast to slow down smoothly. It was fast approaching and her stomach twisted into knots. Everyone else paid no attention and she quickly guessed that Marley didn't plan on stopping for it at all.

"Okay hold on."

"To what?" Paige retorted, clutching tightly to her thigh when she didn't get an answer. "You have a steering wheel. What do we have?"

"I don't know, Paige." Marley shouted. "Be creative. Hold Emily's breasts!"

"Well fine, Mar." Riley sighed. "But only because I can't reach yours."

Paige's eyes widened at his comment but Riley didn't notice. His hand went to brace against the ceiling and the other just flew out to clutch at the dash in front of her protectively, blocking her from the hard plastic with his arm but nowhere close to touching her. Just another innocent gesture. It's not Riley's personality to be anything other than polite but Paige's reaction was cute and made her cheeks warm and she wanted to thank Riley for that.

She smiled at Paige quickly and saw her accepting Riley's sarcasm and already relaxing. Riley whined uneasily and braced tighter to the dash which brought her eyes back to the fast approaching railroad crossing and the dust flying out around the sides of the car. Paige just smiled excitedly now and it mirrored Marley's perfectly. Adrenaline for the speed was clearly affecting them both in a very positive way which wasn't a surprise. Paige smiled like this when she was on her dirt bike and Marley...well whenever she was doing something she wasn't supposed to be doing. It was Riley, the fire thrower, who cringed uncomfortably.

"Mar..." he warned.

At the last few feet before the tracks Marley yanked hard on the shifter, pulling back the speed while slamming into the brakes and cranking the steering wheel to the left. The back of the car spun out horizontal across the gravel road just a few feet short of the tracks and sent a thick wall of dirt into the air and small rocks pinging against the undercarriage of the car. She killed the engine quickly and threw open the door to climb out and Paige instantly moved fast to follow her. Riley opened his door and held it for her as she stepped out too, trying to keep up with the fast pace everyone had even though she just felt confused as to what they were doing out here. There were several options but the only one that made sense was that the train could stop and pick them up but even that was a stretch.

Marley climbed on top of the hood and then moved to the roof and stood statuesque like a Greek sculpture, shielding her eyes from the sun to look down the tracks at the pillow of white smoke still a few miles away. Paige followed her up quickly and so did Riley, leaving her alone on the ground and now even more confused. Paige standing next to Marley in the same way made her throat tighten. There was a jut to Paige's hip. Her eyes glided slowly up the brown boots laced tight to her calves and the dark denim clinging to her legs. The red tank top was vibrant beside Marley's purple and both colors complimented the natural highlights of red and plum in their hair and a pink to their cheeks. God even Riley was a Calvin Klein model with his washed jeans and fitted blue tshirt. She felt plain next to them.

That feeling faded and her heart fluttered when she realized they were all looking at her warmly, the sun lighting them all from above. They were hers now and her throat tightened. Paige smiled and reached down for her hand and she didn't hesitate to take it and pull herself up on to the glowing turquoise paint and stand beside them.

"Okay so..." Paige started. "This is just another one of those things that you don't have to be a part of.." she smiled and brought her radio to her lips while Riley and Marley watched her anxiously. "Peter?" She called.

The line went to static as they listened, Riley keep an eye on the train to their right down the tracks. Marley looked over her shoulder briefly in that direction and then back to Paige, bouncing slightly as they stood silent and waiting.


"Yeah Paige. What's up?" He asked casually.

Paige released the button and snorted a laugh. "Does he not think its weird that these have a five-mile radius and he's somehow talking to me when I'm supposed to be in Oregon?" Marley and Riley choked on laughter and she couldnt keep herself from smiling too...just seeing the way their faces were lit up "Okay...shhhhshshh." Paige silenced them and brought the radio to her lips. "Where are you, Peter?" She asked, cutting away just in time to stifle another laugh.

"Commons Paige. Where do you are you...where are you?"

"What do you mean?" Paige asked "I'm driving to get Mary and Riley. These radios are amazing."

Marley choked on a laugh and shook her head, reaching to take the radio from Paige's hand. "You're following us?" She snapped angrily. "Seriously, Paige...what the fuck are you doing?"

Paige grabbed the radio back and replied to her much softer. "I'm coming to get you because we love you and need you." She held the radio back to Marley and smiled proudly.

"Awe I love you guys too but I'm gonna kill Peter for ratting me out." She purred, dropping their charade. "Left side of the train, Baby. Better find a window fast." Marley dropped the radio to the roof of the car.

"This is the part that you don't have to participate in." Paige smiled and tugged open the button of her jeans. The sound of a belt buckle brought her eyes to Riley doing the same thing...and Marley.

"Oh my God." She laughed, her cheeks burning red and she shook her head in amazement at the train closing in on them.

"Decide fast." Riley grinned.

Everyone turned with their backs to the train tracks, all of them lined up and ready like ducks on the top of the car. Somehow out of all of the options she'd considered for them stopping here...this hadnt crossed her mind. It really should have crossed her mind. Who the hell was she kidding? Riley spread out and moved himself down to stand on the hood giving them a little more room. She stood in the middle with Paige on her right and Marley on her left but...Marley frowned suddenly and refastened her jeans.

"Better idea..." she smiled, readying her hands on the hem of her purple shirt instead. She inched it up to expose the flat of her stomach and stopped just below her breasts to wait as she tapped her boot impatiently on the metal roof.

"Oh dear Lord." Paige chuckled.

Riley whined uneasily and shook his head in protest. "Mar..."

"What?" She shrugged nonchalantly. "Oh please...they're yours and you know it."

Riley's cheeks flushed pink and he ducked his head bashfully with her words, a soft smile conflicting with the tension in his jaw.

"Get ready..." Paige called, bringing their attention to train closing in, now just a hundred yards away.

The whistle sounded and she made the decision quickly. Group sex, albeit a loose term in this case, made this seem like child's play and she pulled on the button of her jeans too, the smile widening on Paige's lips as she turned her back to the tracks and stood beside her. She felt a bit unsteady, standing carefully between Paige and Marley and trying her best to be careful not to bump either of them off.

"Your parents would be so proud of this new lifestyle." Paige teased.

She nodded in agreement and tucked her thumbs under the waist of her jeans and waited. "I aspire to greatness."

"Ready..." Marley shouted. "Now!"

She squeezed her eyes shut and bit back a smile as she pulled her jeans down and hunched over. Paige did too, gasping as the strong hot wind hit her skin. She didn't have to look at Riley to know that they were all indeed baring their asses for the train because she could hear him laughing hysterically. Her peripheral vision told her Marley chose to expose a different her body. The engine tore past and the force from being so close to the tracks made her sway slightly but she recovered and stood sound. They turned to look over their shoulders at the train and it felt like slow motion. She could nearly count each window and definitely didn't miss the open window that showcased Peter's face and his expression of shock. His jaw dropped and his eyes wide as he held his radio frozen in his hand. She didn't miss the moment he dropped said radio out the window on accident or the moment he shouted a beautiful four letter as it hit the ground. Paige straightened herself up first as the train whizzed past and fixed her jeans and she quickly did the same.

"What did you say Peter?!" Paige shouted, cupping her hands around her mouth. Paige busted out laughing and nearly fell from roof of the car. She had to act fast and slip down rather ungracefully. It was worth it to see the way Paige hunched over laughing and kicking at the shards of broken plastic on the ground. "Holy shit! I'm garnishing your paycheck for this one, Mar." She pointed at her sternly.

She buttoned her jeans and followed Paige's eyes to Marley still standing beside her and her cheeks warmed from looking too soon.

"That is not my fault." Marley argued, pulling her purple shirt back down over her breasts and stomach before jumping gracefully down to the ground.

"Well it wasnt Riley's ass that made him have a stroke and drop our equipment from the moving train."

"Who said I exposed my ass?" Riley teased, clipping his belt back in place with a proud smile. "I applaud you ladies for keeping your eyes politely away from my body but Peter is questioning his sexuality right about now." He winked.

Paige rolled her eyes at him and reached for her as she jumped down beside them all and adjusted the waist of her jeans, wrapping her in a playful hug.

"What the fuck?" Marley snapped, pointing at the train. "That's mine!"

"Oooh, I liked that one." Riley grinned.

Her eyes moved to an open back window on the train now fading away. A flash of deep purple satin was blowing out the window attached to a long string and it looked a lot like a kite of sorts or..."Ummm..." Her jaw dropped. "Is that a bra?"

Marley groaned in annoyance. "Damnit, yes and I want that one back but...that was so fucking worth it." she beamed, fanning her long hair around her shoulders as she watched the train disappearing down the tracks. The ground was still shaking from the force even now as it was almost a mile away.

Paige grinned. "You're the reason we got to check number one off our 'Group Bucket List'. If you hadn't stayed behind we wouldn't have had to come drag you back and we would have missed this."

"Damn..." Marley frowned. "See, and I thought the sex was number one on our to-do list but I suppose that was my fault too." She sighed. "I don't usually like working out of order but I'm okay with it this time. You're welcome."

"Well, we blew our cover but we've waited forever to be able to do that." Paige explained, setting warm chocolate eyes on her and holding her closer. "We're always on the train or off only when it's stopped so...we couldnt miss this opportunity."

"So many things are being crossed off my bucket list I'm starting to lose count." She smiled and pressed a kiss to Paige's lips, smiling wider when she pulled away and Paige proceeded to pepper her cheek and neck with more kisses.

They stepped out of the way when Riley moved to open the car door, leaning over the back seat and retrieving the various packages of small donuts and bottles of coke. He spilled his full arms on the hood of the car where Marley stood leaning and twisted the cap off a bottle. Somehow that startled something in her mind.

"Uh hey Riley ..." she tried, cut off by the sound of the bottle exploding in his hands and spray its contents through his fingers, blasting his shirt and Marley that stood beside him. He said not to open them.

Marley gasped from the cold sticky liquid hitting her shirt and threw herself back from him. "Fucking shit, Riley!"

"Gah damnit." He groaned, twisting the cap closed and frowning down at his wet shirt.

"HAHAHA!" Paige's knees buckled and she dropped laughing to the ground and out of her arms. She laughed too but it faded the second Riley's challenging eyes fell on Paige.

"Funny?" He grinned smugly, taking a step closer with the bottle like a weapon. She loved Paige but she didn't hesitate to step away from her in that moment and abandon her to Riley's advance.

"Ems!" Marley called, bringing her eyes to see her shaking another bottle and readying to toss it to her for defense against him. She held her hands up as the bottle left Marley's and caught it effortlessly, making Riley falter and plan his next move more carefully.

"Emily, this is between me and McCullers." He smiled, holding one hand out to talk her down.

"Then its between me and you." She shook her head firmly, fighting her smile and stepping closer to Paige, shaking the bottle even more. Her eyes barely caught Marley over his shoulder, pulling her arm back and releasing a pack of donuts that hit him square in the back of his head. Did she ever miss?

"Fuuuuuck." He turned and set his green eyes on her ice blue and this time he moved quickly, sparing Paige and herself and tearing off after Marley as she turned to run away. Her laughter was contagious and he chased her a short ways out into the field while she continued to dodge him, ducking under his arms every time they tried to close around her waist.

"I swear sometimes I feel like I'm a parent watching my child when Riley's acting like that." Paige shook her head with a smile and leaned casually into the car beside her.

"You're just as playful as he is." She looked down at the bottle in her hands and picked her thumb nail at the lid thoughtfully. There were words in Paige's last sentence that started an assault of butterflies in her stomach and made her smile.

Paige snorted a dismissive laugh. " games for me."

"What? You're too serious?" She challenged, tapping the bottle against her palm. "No games for the boss? Or mixing business with pleasure?"

The chocolate eyes looked over at her the twinkle there almost made her lose focus. "Boss?" Paige teased. "I changed my mind. Don't join the Marley and Riley dark side."

Almost made her lose focus. Her wrist started slowly, rotating the coke bottle in her hand and she'd shaken it three times before Paige's eyes flickered down to it and then widened.

"You wouldnt." Paige smiled uneasily.

"Pretty sure that I would."

She shook the bottle a little faster and Paige stepped back but her hand was already moving to twist the cap, holding it out towards Paige and away from her own body. She could feel the pressure beneath her fingertips and the hissing as the trapped air escaped the cap. It bubbled instantly and sprayed a shower over them both and the ice-cold liquid made them both gasp as it hit their skin. She reacted worse than she thought she would and dropped it to the ground to get away from it but it continued to fizz over and spray into the air.

"Shit." She jumped back, expecting Paige to flee also but Paige braved grabbing the bottle and twisted it shut before her arms wrapped around her waist and pulled her closer.

"Well thought out plan." Paige whispered, bringing her lips to rest against her ear.

She could feel the wet drops from the soda on their skin as Paige's cheek grazed hers. The scent of sugar tickled her nose and made her head spin mixed with the floral and spice clinging to Paige's body. She lost focus then. She didn't notice Paige shaking the bottle for a long moment and when she did her eyes widened this time and she slipped quickly from Paige's arms, ducking around her and tearing off down the gravel road. A smile that spread across her lips quickened her pulse as she sprinted forward and she ears picked up on the sound of Paige's boots hitting hard into the dirt road behind her. There should have been a burning in her lungs from her speed but she didn't feel the discomfort of being winded. She felt limitless and empowered and the air working into her lungs came easily but the footsteps gained on her quickly until she felt Paige's arms clasp around her waist and nearly knock her to the ground. Her boots slid harshly on loose gravel as she was pulled back and forced into a dead stop so abruptly.

"Whoa there, Ember." Paige laughed. "Easy now." Her cheeks hurt from smiling so wide and she coughed on a laugh as she caught her breath. Paige held her steady for a moment and then released her, both of them hunching over slightly as they panted.

"Ember?" She retorted

"Yeah." Paige shrugged. "I thought we already established this."

"Ah yes...our spirit animals."

"Yes and this tiger is tired now." Paige sighed, dropping dramatically to the grass on the side of the road. She laughed and fell down to the ground and sat cross-legged a few feet away but instantly Paige's brown eyes were on her, her voice like velvet. "Come here."

The smile on her lips widened at the challenge. "No." She shook her head firmly.

Paige shifted on to her hands and knees in the grass and crawled closer, slowly. Theres a rolling in Paige's shoulders and hips as she looked up a her through her eyelashes, a tigress moving towards her and increasing the flutter in her stomach. The wind teased at the red in her hair and the sun shimmered on the soft cream of her bare arms and the pink blush on her cheeks as she fought with her own smile.

"I can be Ember." She stated surely, making Paige falter in her advance.

"Oh yeah?" She arched her eyebrows. "How?"

She bit her bottom lip thoughtfully. Running on her hands and knees would be difficult, obviously, but there was something else. Slowly she pressed herself back down into the soft grass and felt it warm beneath her body, soaking through her clothes and heating her skin. Her eyes closed peacefully at the sensation and soft breaths came easily. Ember had shown his comfort and feeling of safety in this way the first time Paige had kissed her. The only sounds she could hear where small birds chirping and the wind through the grass. The silence of everything else...almost.

"You're so beautiful." A whisper against her ear that made her smile and her eyes flutter open to meet warm brown eyes.

They closed again the second Paige's lips pressed softly to her temple, then her jaw. She could stay here all day and just compare the sun to Paige's lips, how Paige was so much warmer. How the scent clinging to her was better than the fresh air, better than anything. There was no way of ever finding something better. Paige moved her lips along her jaw, dragging them lightly and planting a soft kiss on her lower lip.

"Okay for the sake of staying in character here..." a smile tugged at the corners of her mouth as she opened her eyes to look up at Paige hovering over her. "I don't think Stella would do this to Ember. And this is, of course, going by what national geographic has taught me."

"Stella is a baby." Paige disagreed.

Looking up at Paige pointedly she moved her hands to lower to clutch at her hips, pulling her down closer. "She's a tiger." She argued. "A normal tiger would eat Ember."

"She's not normal." Paige smiled mischievously. " version of her is." She lowered her lips to her throat to plant a soft kiss before grazing her teeth down to her collarbone. "I could eat you."

Paige's words and her breath on her neck made her eyes snap back and while every part of her body ached to be touched by her again, she pushed against those feelings. She couldn't pinpoint the reason at first but it grew more obvious with a humming sound drawing closer. Her body pressed against the urges just enough to focus on the noise as it grew louder and as Paige bit softly against her shoulder her mind remembered the sound.

"Lets go, Paigey!" Riley shouted, bringing his fist into the horn and the car skidding to a halt on the gravel road, kicking up the cloud of dust again. "Emily..." he added curtly, with a sweet smile.

Marley climbed out of the passenger side and beamed proudly as she flipped the backseat up and leaned against the teal blue paint, her arms moving to wrap lightly across her stomach. "Mo ghile mear." She purred, gesturing for them to climb in the back.

Groaning lightly Paige pulled herself up to her feet and reached down for her hand. "Translation?"

"My darling." She blurted absent-mindedly. "Hey, do you think they should meet each other?" She asked, allowing Paige to help her up and moving to brush stray bits of grass from her jeans and shirt.

"Who?" Paige crinkled her eyebrows and helped by picking a piece from her hair.

"Ember and Stella."

Paige nodded thoughtfully and took her hand. "Yeah...probably."

"If Stella eats Ember I'll beat her ass." Marley stated, staring pointedly at Paige with a promising smile.

"She wouldnt...I mean..." Paige shook her head. "She doesn't care about the ponies..."

Marley aside for them to climb in the backseat. "Because they're not threatening...they're smaller than her. Now put a horse, one that has never been close to a real predator, beside a real predator..." Mar shrugged, sliding into the front seat and closing the door. Riley shifted into gear, the tires skidding against the loose gravel on the road and bringing up more dirt. "Please take it easy." She moaned. "I'm starting to feel nauseous with this trip. Either the driving or food poisoning from shady diners. I think I tipped them too much"

"Well yeah..." Paige agreed. "Plus you were driving a little bat shit before."

Marley slouched uncomfortably lower in the front seat. "Yes thank you, Captain Obvious."

"You okay, Babe?" Riley soothed, reaching over to rub her thigh.

Marley nodded lightly and brought a hand up to rub into her temple. "I really think they'll be fine meeting." She sighed, picking up their topic again and struggling to keep the same zest in her voice.

"Its Ember freaking out that you'd have to worry about because that could just freak Stella out." Riley stated.

Marley shook her head. "Yeah...but we're also talking about these two abnormal animals that don't act like the rest of their species. Stella does prefer candy to a steak and Ember wants to hug everyone with his eyes."

"Only one way to find out." Paige sighed, shifting lower in the seat and wiping at the remaining wet spots on her shirt from the coke. "Test it."

"Tranq gun in hand." Riley added.

"I hate that fucking thing."

"You and me both, Mar." Paige sighed. "Its just precaution."

"Oh come on though." Marley turned in her seat. "The day you ever have to use that thing will be the day the show is lost. I'd bet my life that Stella would never hurt anyone...even the other animals."

"My life too." Riley added, giving Marley apologetic eyes when he took a corner too fast and made her groan and sink lower in the seat. "I'm sorry..." he whispered.

"I'm gonna actually sleep now." She declared, laying down across the front seat and resting her head on Riley's thigh.

"Lets go home." Paige sighed, pulling her back into her arms.

She rested her head into Paige's shoulder and closed her eyes, smiling at just being close to Paige, being home. It wasnt just a place to go...home was here. Home was thundering down the train tracks full of amazing people, Stella and Ember. Home was the two loving people sitting close by and the one special girl holding her close. She'd always felt like a caged bird in Rosewood and now...she'd never felt more free.


"Red is the great clarifier - bright and revealing. I can't imagine becoming bored with red - it would be like becoming bored with the person you love."

-Diana Vreeland

Eight Days A Week -The Beatles (I Do Not Own These Lyrics)

Ooh, I need your love, babe
Guess you know it's true
Hope you need my love, babe
Just like I need you

Hold me, love me, hold me, love me
I ain't got nothin' but love, babe
Eight days a week

Love you every day, girl
Always on my mind
One thing I can say, girl
Love you all the time

Hold me, love me, hold me, love me
I ain't got nothin' but love, girl
Eight days a week

Eight days a week
I love you
Eight days a week
Is not enough to show I care

Ooh, I need your love, babe
Yes, you know it's true
Hope you need my love, babe
Just like I need you

Hold me, love me, hold me, love me
I ain't got nothin' but love, babe
Eight days a week

Eight days a week
I love you
Eight days a week
Is not enough to show I care

Love you every day, girl
Always on my mind
One thing I can say, girl
Love you all the time

Hold me, love me, hold me, love me
I ain't got nothin' but love, babe
Eight days a week
Eight days a week
Eight days a week

Love Will Tell Us Where To Go -Bridgit Mendler (I Do Not Own These Lyrics)

I know exactly how you feel
It doesn't matter what you say
I see the sun begin to set
And we gotta, gotta get away
I gotta patch of open road
I already miss you with all of my soul
So before we both get old
I think we gotta, gotta get away

I keep wishing for all the tickets
Stack 'em on my wall
Let's rip them down
And leave the town before the cops can call
And bring us back
Cover our tracks in the dust
I think we must

Take on the world
Let's go crazy
Love will tell us where to go
I'll be your girl, be my baby
Love will tell us where to go
Oh oh oh through a dark night
Oh oh oh without a sunrise
Oh oh oh and we will be alright
Love will tell us where to go
Love will tell us where to go
Love will tell us where to go

The wheels on this train keep turning
We're flying with the birds
And the worlds so bright
It hurts when we're on the getaway
I'm the Bonnie to your Clyde
You're the mood and I'm the tide
I, I want this for all of my life
Since the night that we got away

I keep wishing for all the tickets
Stack 'em on my wall
Let's rip them down
And leave the town before the cops can call
And bring us back
Cover our tracks in the dust
I think we must

Take on the world
Let's go crazy
Love will tell us where to go
I'll be your girl, be my baby
Love will tell us where to go
Oh oh oh through a dark night
Oh oh oh without a sunrise
Oh oh oh and we will be alright
Love will tell us where to go
Love will tell us where to go
Love will tell us where to go

When things get rough
When we have loved
We've got enough to tell us where to go
When we get lost
When love is all that we got
To tell us where to go
Then we're alright
We'll be alright
Love will tell us where to go
Then we're alright
We'll be alright
Love will tell us where to go

Take on the world
Let's go crazy
Love will tell us where to go
I'll be your girl, be my baby
Love will tell us where to go
Oh oh oh through a dark night
Oh oh oh without a sunrise
Oh oh oh and we will be alright
Love will tell us where to go

Catch My Breath -Kelly Clarkson (Author's pick) {I Do Not Own These Lyrics}

I don't wanna be left behind
Distance was a friend of mine
Catching breath in a web of lies
I've spent most of my life
Riding waves, playing acrobat
Shadow-boxing the other half
Learning how to react
I've spent most of my time

Catching my breath, letting it go,
turning my cheek for the sake of this show
Now that you know, this is my life,
I won't be told what's supposed to be right

Catch my breath, no one can hold me back,
I ain't got time for that
Catch my breath, won't let them let me down,
it's all so simple now

Addicted to the love I found
Heavy heart, now a weightless cloud
Making time for the ones that count
I'll spend the rest of my time
Laughing hard with the windows down
Leaving footprints all over town
Keeping faith karma comes around
I will spent the rest of my life

Catching my breath, letting it go,
turning my cheek for the sake of this show
Now that you know, this is my life,
I won't be told what's supposed to be right

Catch my breath, no one can hold me back,
I ain't got time for that
Catch my breath, won't let them let me down,
it's all so simple now

You helped me see
The beauty in everything

Catching my breath, letting it go,
turning my cheek for the sake of this show
Now that you know, this is my life,
I won't be told what's supposed to be right

Catch my breath

Catch my breath, no one can hold me back,
I ain't got time for that
Catch my breath, won't let them let me down,
it's all so simple now
It's all so simple now

Catching my breath, letting it go,
turning my cheek for the sake of this show
Now that you know, this is my life,
I won't be told what's supposed to be right

Catch my breath, no one can hold me back,
I ain't got time for that
Catch my breath, won't let them let me down,
it's all so simple now

Thank you for reading and stay tuned for Red Velvet Act II: Purple Satin