Author's Note: I've officially exhausted myself with this sequel and I welcome an abrupt ending. It'll disappoint the better of my fans/readers for those who've kept up with me since September but I've started a Joker story (and you're more than welcome to read that). Hopefully, this epilogue will be good for people.

What happened after Kate and Sheldon went to his mothers?

They opened presents (except Missy, for she wasn't there for Christmas) and Mary Cooper insisted that Sheldon make the motion to join ties with Kate, because only she could put up with him any longer and the relationship between Sheldon and Mary Cooper (even though Kate became his wife) stayed the same. Sheldon still calls his mother when he and Kate can't come to an agreement and Mary has to be the mediator.

Kate and Sheldon were married at the book store...As promised, Kate let Sheldon do the whole ceremony as he wanted (no best man). Amy was Kate's Maid of Honor and taped everything (and I mean everything) that happened before and after the wedding. Amy still insists that Kate is a goddess. The whole ceremony was conducted in Klingon and Kate had to download a translated transcript for Penny, Mary Cooper, and Amy.

They still live in the apartment 4A...Kate and Sheldon have both signed a contract for the Roommate-Relationship-Marriage Agreement...Kate must wear her wedding ring at all times except at work and in the shower (to avoid specimens inhibiting it).

To this day, Sheldon still gets away with everything and Kate remains optimistic.