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I walk into Mr. March's class and sit down at my desk. I take out my pen and set it on my desk, the rest of Gravity 5 sit down around me as the other kids pile into class sitting at the empty seats. Mr. March enters the room setting a stack of paper on his desk, "Alright, my little zit poppers. Today we are going to be filling out these sheets of paper, I will assign you a partner, and you will fill them out however you want. Then tomorrow we will see the real estate agents and the orphanges for what you put on the paper."

"Uhm, Mr. March... What are you going on about?" I ask looking at him curiously, most of the class nods in agreement and Mr. March sighs.

"I forgot to tell you yesterday, didn't I?" He asks as we nod our heads. He explains the topic, "Well, we are going to be doing Baby101 for half of second semester. That means, we will be filling out these papers, you will see the questioins once you get them, then tomorrow we are going to 'buy' a house to your... standards... and then go down to the orphanage, who were so kind to let us have whatever kids we wanted, and we will go back to the houses, you will raise the chillings and go to school/work, get 'married' to your partner and... oh yeah. You can't get a divorce and it lasts for... oh only 2 months."

"Are you serious?" Kacey asks her eyebrows on her hairline.

"Dead serious." Mr. March nods. The classroom is filled with gasps. He can't make us do this, can he?

"Do we get to pick the partners?" Molly asks looking directly at Zander, who is oblivious.

"No, I will assign them." Mr. March states. I look hopefully over at Justin Cole, I have a major crush on him and I hope that I can be his partner, I just hope to god I'm not with Andy. Mr March starts listing the partners, "Kevin and Kacey," Cue groan from Kacey, "Nelson and Grace, Molly and Justin..." I frown. Why did Molly get Justin. Molly turns and smirks at me and flips her hair over her shoulder shooting a flirty wave over at Justin. I sigh and don't pay attention to the names being called until I hear mine, "Stevie and Zander." Mr. March finishes. I groan slighly and look next to me, Zander looks at me and shoots me two thumbs up. I can't help but smile.

Mr. March hands back the papers and tells us we can put our desks together into groups. Me, Zander, Kacey, Kevin, Nelson, and Grace form a six person table and we all sit down next to our partners. I look down at the questions widening my eyes.





Perferred House:


And those were just some of them. I look over at the other's to see their eyes widened too. I look over at Zander to see him grabbing a pen, oh no. He needs to use a pencil, "Zander, use a pencil. You'll write something down I don't like." I pout, Zander just smirks.

"That's the point." Zander laughs, he grabs the paper from me and writes down our names, 'Zander Robbins and Stevie Robbins,' I widen my eyes, "We are going to do this right and we are going to be married, we could have a shotgun wedding in Vegas!" He shouts as the table laughs.

"Zander, I worry about you." I shake my head. I talk with Kacey about her sheet as she is filling it out giving her pointers on what her bedroom should look like and how many beds there room should have and other things. When I look back at my paper it's all completed.

Names: Zander Robbins and Stevie Robbins, but you know, the wifey loves calling me, 'The sexy ukulele player who was sculpted by greek gods' Robbins.

Ages: 17 and 17... sort of young, Mr. March, for us to have a family...

Occupation:Uh... I don't know the meaning of the word... school? At Brewster High School?

Job(s): I don't work for the man and the woman, yeah she works at Danny Mangos, lazy ass only make $9 an hour.

Perferred House: Two-Story

Kitchen: Stainless Steel appliances, Granite Countertops, lot's of storage for things.

Living Room: Large Couch, Flat Screen, table with a lamp, PILLLOOOOOOWWWWSSS.

Master Bedroom: On the bottom story, Queen sized bed, bedside table with lamp, Dresser, flatscreen TV. Needs to be on seperate floor so kid doesn't hear me and the mom.

Master Bathroom: Large jet tub, large shower, cool toilet that flushes cooly, double sinks, and walk in closet in the bathroom that's the size of like the batrhoom...

Child's bedroom: Upstairs, twin sized bed, bedsize table with lamp, dresser, desk, bookcase, and... 24" Flatscreen TV.

Guest Bathroom: sink, bathub/shower, coolio toilet.

Office: LIKE THE PRESIDENT'S! (It's boss)

Child: We will name Lulu, she will be sexy and hot like her mother and she will be tough but down to earth and... sexy.

"Zander..." I drag off re-reading the list.

"Yeah, wifey?" He asks me.

"Yeah, I like the desighns- You watch too much HGTV with your mom- But I doubt he's going to let us have all of this. And also, a queen size bed? We are not sharing a bed!" I exclaim.

"It's not like we haven't before." Zander rolls his eyes, and right as Justin walks by.

"You two have shared a bed?" He asks.

"No." I say at the same time Zander says.


"Wow..." Justin drags off. He then walks away slowly. I glare and hit Zander on the arm.

"Owie." He mutters rubbing the part where I hit.

"Okay, turn them in to the front." Mr. March states.

"Mr. March, I apologise for anything on here, Zander wrote it not me." I state setting it down.

"Okay, you may all go." He says going through the pile.

The next day we are all piled into the bus making our way to the first neighborhood, Mr. March had said nothing about our form, so whatever. We stop outside of a house and I immediatley don't like it. There are only five houses in this neigborhood before it's on to the next one.

"Stacey, show us the inside." Mr. March says to the lady behind him.

"Okay." Stacey states.

"Wait, what about the family that lives here?" Nelson asks.

"The school is paying them to stay at a hotel and to still pay the bills, it ends up that you only pay 10% of everything." Stacey states before leading us inside. As I said before, I don't like it.

Once we are finished with the house Andy's partner, Melissa speaks up, "We like it." She says.

"Okay, go on the bus and fill out the sheet on the door to the bus with the address and your names." Mr. March says. They follow orders and we make our way to the one next door, which is the one Kacey and Kevin take, the one across from that Molly and Justin take and the one next to that Grace and Nelson take. We are looking at the one on the other side of Molly and Justin's and I think it's the best we've seen so far, but we still have one to go.

"Do any of you like it?" Stacey asks as we stop in the hallway. No one says anything.

"Where is the master bedroom?" Zander asks, oh god.

"Right here," Stacey states pointing inside the door she's standing next to, "Then this one is the child's bedroom." She says pointing to the one right next to the master.

"Yeah, wont work for us." Zander says.

"Why not? Mr. M asks.

"The rooms are close together... you really want the child to be scared for life from our moans?" Zander asks. I blush furiously and hide my face.

"The hell is wrong with you Zander?" I sigh shaking my head.

Turns out a random girl name Rachel and her partner Mason take that house and we make our way to the last one in this neighborhood, I really hope we get this one.

We walk throught the front door and it's exactly how I imagined the house I wanted to be, it even has Zander's requirments, the kitchen is just as beautiful.

"WE WANT IT!" Z yells.

"Go sign on the bus." Mr. March states. We nod our heads and make our way on the bus.

"Which one did you guys buy?" Kevin asks.

"72112 Mulu road." Zander states.

"Ohh, next door to ours!" Kacey squeals.

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