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Lulu sighs as she looks down at the paper in front of her, it was a note from someone in her class, problem was, she doesn't know who it is. She glares at the note, and at the 'Love, Your Secret Admirerer.' at the bottom, she wanted to know who it was, and she wanted to know right now. Of course, her wish was not accepted.

"What's that?" Stevie asks walking into the living room.

"Just a note from a secret admirerer." Lulu sighs, burying her face in her hands. Stevie comes and sits next to Lulu on the couch, she picks up the note and starts to read it.

Dear, Lulu

I wanted to say that I think you are really pretty and I really like you, but, I know you like someone else. Just so you know, I do like you.

Love, Your Secret Admirerer.

It was short but super sweet. Stevie couldn't help but feel a bit jealous, this 10 year old had more romantic problems than she did her whole life. Of course she had a few moments, Justin, Phil, Darren, though, they all ended badly. But there was always Andy, not that that made her feel any better.

"That is too cute." Stevie smiled.

"But I don't know it is." Lulu frowns.

"That's the point though. How about we try to find out who it is?" Stevie asks, Lulu nods her head.

"Okay." Lulu smiles.

The next day the two set up an investigation, they are going to get papers from every bog in Room 123, and compare it to the handwriting on the note. Simple plan, really. But of course, they wanted to complicate things... And they HAD to have Zander get all the papers, knowing him, he'll do something stupid.

And surprisingly, he doesn't.

Zander opens the front door, papers in hand. He sets them down on the coffee table proudly. Stevie gives him a thumbs up and concentrates on finding the right handwriting, which is really hard, 10 year old boys all have similar handwriting.

"So, Lulu who do you WANT the note to be from?" Stevie asks.

"I feel like kicking some ass." Zander adds.

"Zander." Stevie warns.

"Sorry, Steves." Zander says sheepishly, putting his head down.

"Good boy." Stevie smiles patting him on the head as Zander laughs.

"You two seriously need to get together, cutest couple EVER!" Lulu squeals.

"Lulu, we're just friends." Stevie laughs.

"Except for that one time when we kissed, more like made out, in that closet without either knowing who was who, that, was a fun time." Zander says.

"Zander! You said you would never speak of that again!" Stevie shouts angrily.

"Oh shush, you know I speak of it all the time." Zander waves his hand dismissively.

"Shut up, now." Stevie glowers, turning back to the notes.

A few minutes later she finds the piece of paper that looks exactly like the kids writing.

"Your secret Admirerer is... Drum roll please..." Stevie states as Zander starts to drum roll. "It's... Max." Stevie smiles at Lulu.

"NO!" Lulu shouts before demanding, "Let me compare!" Stevie hands over the papers and Lulu looks at them.

"See? It's Max." Stevie smiles.

"Is Max bad or something?" Zander asks.

"No, it's just, Max has a girlfriend, more importantly the girl who hates me at school, if I start to date Mac then he'll break up with his girlfriend who will bully me endlessly." Lulu says, tears threatening to spill.

"Aww, Lulu. If What's her face ever tries to hurt you, I'll send Zander and Justin after her family, looking for an older brother or someone to beat up." Stevie smiles.

"Why Justin Cole? Why can't Kevin help?" Zander asks.

"Because, Justin is Max's 'dad'." Stevie explains putting quotations around dad.

"Makes sense." Zander shrugs.

The next day, Lulu comes home crying, her face covered in tears, and her hair all matted. Stevie and Zander don't know what happened but they have their suspicions. Lulu immediately pulls the young girl into a hug before leading them all to Zander and her's bedroom. Lulu sits at the top of the bed, back against pillows, Zander and Stevie sit in front of her.

"Tell us what happened." Zander says in a gentle tone. Lulu nods and takes a deep breath.

"I was talking to Max about the note, and he was saying that I wasn't meant to find out because our friendship would be ruined but he said it was fine because then we could start dating. Lesley, Max's girlfriend heard and pulled me away from Max by my hair. She kept pulling my hair, and she even pushed me against the door. It hurt really bad. Max ran up to her and pushed her off, standing in front of me, he then told her to never look at either of us again, they were through, he always liked me, and some beautiful words in his wide vocabulary. He then asked me out." Lulu finishes in between breathes.

"I'll go get Justin, where does this girl live?" Zander asks.

"29754 Lelivia road." Lulu sobs.


Zander and Justin walk down the road, making their way to the girls house. Zander was just strolling away, thinking about what Stevie might be cooking for dinner. Justin was walking behind Zander debating on wether he should ask Zander his question. He chose he should.

"Hey, do you think Stevie will say yes if I ask her out?" Justin asks.

"Why?" Zander asks, immediately stiffening.

"She's hella hot and seems she would make a good 3 day girlfriend." Justin shrugs.

"Go near her, and I will beat the shit out of you." Zander balls his hands up into fists.

"Ahh, protective brother roll." Justin smiles at Zander, who whips around, glaring at Justin.

"I love Stevie, and NOT like a brother, so if I were you, I would back away." Zander says in a deathly tone.

"I've seen the way she looks at you, it's strictly Brother-Sister relationship, so I would back away." Justin smirks.

"Yes, because every sister shares a bed withe her brother-"

"You two share a bed?!"

"-And every Sister walks in the bathroom while the brother is showering to brush her teeth-"

"She does?!"

"-And my favorite, every sister walks out of the bathroom in only undergarments before getting dressed in her pajamas, in front of her brother. We don't have a brother-sister relationship, we are more married." Zander smirks as Justin glowers.

"How about we go do what we are supposed to?" Justin asks.

"Sure." Zander smiles in victory.


Stevie walks into the school only to be met with Justin cole. She's shocked at first but then becomes more... Non-shocked... Justin stops in front of her, pulling her to the side.

"Do you like Zander?" Justin asks.

"Of course I like Zander," Stevie smiles. "Great best friend."

"No as more than a best friend, he says you share a bed, you walk in while he's in the shower and you walk out of the bathroom half naked to get your pajamas on." Justin states as Stevie's face gets hot.

"Well, I do do that." Stevie starts.

"Do you like Zander?" Justin asks.

"Yeah, I guess, I mean I have a teeny crush on him, like not a huge one, but a rather large- I love him." Stevie says in exasperation, looking rather defeated.

"Hmm, okay. I'll move on to Sydney, great 4 day girlfriend." Justin smiles walking away.

"What just happened?" Stevie asks herself.

You just admitted to liking Zander. A voice in her head says.

But, I DON'T like Zander.

Oh, that is right, you LOVE Zander. She can just hear the voice smirking.

Sorry, it's short and horrible, enjoy though:)