Title: Hope

Characters: Jamie/OC

Summary: Why Jamie still believes...


Jamie knew something was wrong when his father walked into his pre-school, instead of his sister Hope. "Jamie, come on, we need to go.", He held out his hand, and Jamie took it, not knowing something terrible had happened.


"Jamie, honey, I'm so sorry.", His mother quickly pulled him into a hug. She was quite a pretty woman, with brown hair that reached her shoulders and warm brown eyes, but her face was streaked with red lines.

"What happened? Where's Hope?", He asked, and she began to cry. "Mummy?"

"Something happened at Hope's school today sweetie.", She began, then a man in a white coat walked out of a nearby room.

"Is Jamie here?", He asked, and the little boy ran forward. "Hope wants to see you."

Jamie quickly ran past him and inside the room, "Hope!"

His sister was lying on a bed, with tubes coming out of her arm. "Jamie.", She smiled softly, even though most of her face was bandaged. Her normally long, brown hair was torn away in some places, and in others it was cut short.

"What happened?", Jamie asked, and Hope rolled her blue eyes.

"Some people don't believe in magic, that's all.", She grumbled, and Jamie gasped.


"I know, right!", Hope yelled. "Honestly, how could they live without Santa, or the Tooth Fairy, or Sandman, or the Easter Bunny, or Jack Frost?", Her hand reached up to brush her necklace, a delicate snowflake made of diamond. Jamie had never seen that before, and he wondered where she got it.

"Silly.", Jamie shook his head, and Hope sighed.

"Remember when we first saw the Tooth Fairy?", She asked, and Jamie's eyes lit up.

"Yeah! She was all green, and looked like a hummingbird!", He grinned.

"What about Santa?", She asked, and Jamie giggled.

"He had a long beard, and has the Naughty and Nice lists on his arms!", He yelled proudly.

"Easter Bunny?"

"Has a boomerang, kinda grown up.", Jamie shrugged.


"Short, and made of sand."

"What about Jack Frost?", Hope asked, and Jamie shrugged again.

"I've never seen him.", He sighed, and Hope's eyes widened.

"Really? Well, guess what?", Jamie leaned in, and she smiled, "I saw him at school today.", She whispered, and Jamie gasped.

"Really?", He whispered, and Hope nodded. "Wow!"

"I know!"

"Is that why you're here?", Jamie asked, "Because people didn't believe you?"

"Yeah.", Hope sighed, and Jamie's hands clenched into a fist."Jamie?"

"THAT'S NOT FAIR!", He yelled, and Hope sat up. "Just because they can't see magic, doesn't mean that it isn't there!"

"Jamie...", Hope quickly pulled her brother into a one-armed hug, "I don't care what other people think, as long as you believe, that's all I need." She smiled softly, before slowly taking off her necklace. "Here, I want you to have this. That way Jack Frost knows you believe.", She gently placed the snowflake around his neck, and he smiled.

"How do you know he'll know I believe?"

"Because I got it from him", She answered, and Jamie gasped. "Now, it's getting late, you should go home.", She pointed towards the door.

"But I want to stay here with you!", He yelled, and Hope huffed.

"If you stay here any longer, you'll be too tired to see me!", She argued, and he ran out the door. No sooner had he run out, did her father come in. "Dad."

"I heard what you said.", He smiled before grabbing a chair. "Why did you do it?"

"Because,", She glanced at the chart on the bedside table, "I don't think I'll see him tomorrow."

And, that night, Hope died in the hospital during her sleep.

A week later, they held her funeral. It was snowing, which was weird for that time of year, but Jamie was sure he saw a white-haired boy behind the tree, who had bright blue eyes. "Jack Frost.", He mouthed, then the figure disappeared in a flurry of snow.


Two weeks after her death, Jamie got a letter. It read:


I want you to keep this on your bedside table, along with my necklace.

It's the last thing I wrote, and I want you to have it.


Along with the letter, came a poem, and Jamie unfolded it before placing it on his bedside table, words facing his bed.

All I see,
coating everything like a soft blanket.
Icicles hang off the trees,
and I see my reflection in the clear ice.
Snow crunches beneath my feet,
and a burst of cool air sends shivers down my spine.
Yet, there is something in the air,
My childish thoughts take over,
and I close my eyes as pictures of
elves in red appear before me.
Then, I see it.
Jack Frost.", He read aloud, before sighing. "I miss you, Hope."


What have I done?