I cried when I wrote this, god.


"I told Jamie about you today."


"I think he's going to believe in you soon."

"That's quite daring of you, mentioning me so close to Easter."

"What did you do!?"

"Just caused a little blizzard, that's all."

"Jack. What. Year?"


"1969!? Jack! For goodness sake you almost wiped out an entire town! That wasn't little."

"Hey, leave me alone!"

"Jack, please don't ruin Easter ever again."



Jack sighed,"I promise."

Hope smiled, "Thanks, Jack. I know you can keep your promise." She glanced at the clock. "I need to get up early, I should sleep."

"That's never stopped you before.", Jack laughed.

"Funny, Jack. But it's the mythology presentation tomorrow, I need to sleep.", She explained, and he sighed.

"Still doing me?"

"Well, duh."

"You could get hurt."

"I know Jack."

"I don't want you to."

"I swear, I think you had a little sister. You worry about me more than I worry about Jamie."

"Well, I care."

"Do you do this to everyone who believes in you?", Hope asked, and Jack looked down. "Jack?"

"You're the only one who believes in me, Hope.", He whispered, and Hope stood up. She walked over to him, and pulled him into a hug.

"I'll always believe in you. And that's a promise."

"But what if nobody else sees me?", Jack asked. "What if I'm meant to stay in the dark? Honestly, what goes together better than Cold and Darkness?", He asked, and Hope rolled her eyes.

"Make a snowflake.", She ordered, and he obeyed. The snowflake hovered in the air, and Hope swiftly turned on a torch and shined the light at the snowflake. The light bounced off the ice and lit the whole room. "Light and Ice go better together than cold and darkness."

The clock beeped, and the time changed to midnight.

"Alright, now I'm going to sleep.", Hope smiled, before jumping on her bed, the springs squeaking slightly. "Night, Jack."

"Night, Hope.", He smiled as she pulled up the covers and closed her eyes. He was about to fly out when she began to speak.

"Jack, do you remember what it was like before being Jack Frost?", She asked.


"I hope you find out soon, someone like you shouldn't have to miss out on that.", She smiled, before falling asleep.


He was there when they bashed her.

Her pale skin was a mix of black, purple and blue as bruises blossomed on her arms and face. Her hair was grabbed, and torn out from the roots, what was left was hacked off.

And he couldn't stop them.

He tried everything to help, but their fists only went through him, and hit her. "No! Please!", He kept yelling, but nobody heard him. His protests were carried away by the wind, and he could only watch helplessly.

But, her eyes.

Her eyes never left his face, and they were still bright and hopeful.

Then a rib snapped from a kick, and she gasped softly.

"No!", Jack yelled, and the bullies stepped back.

"Oh crap, we're done for.", One hissed, and a few began to run away. Soon, it was only Jack and Hope.

Jack ran over to her, and kneeled beside her head."No, no, Hope, please, stay awake.", He whispered, eyes glistening with unshed tears.

"I'll be okay, Jack.", She smiled, before gasping as a red spot grew on her shirt.

"Hold on, Hope, hold on.", Jack whispered, before picking her up and running. The ground crunched beneath his feet, and he ran faster as her breathing became ragged. "Please, stay with me."

Her bruised hand clung to his shirt, and her breathing began to slow.



Hope was in a hospital, wires and tubes all over her body. Jack was watching her talk with her father, who looked tired, and sore.

"Why did you tell him that?", He asked, and her blue eyes were full of pain.

"I might not make it to tomorrow. Dad, please, make sure he's OK."


"Please, Dad. He's the only one..."

"Only one?", He sighed,"Of course."

"Thanks, Dad.", SHe smiled, and her dad held her good hand.

"You know, I believed in Jack Frost when I was younger too.", He smiled, and he looked right at Jack. "Let me guess, he had white hair and blue eyes, right?", Hope nodded, "So, I did see him, then..."

"You saw Jack too?"

"I thought everyone did, I guess I was a little weird, huh?"

"You're not weird, people just can't think as fast as you.", Hope smiled, and he laughed.

"'Night, Hope. Sleep well.", Her father smiled, kissing the top of her bruised head. She smiled in return, and he walked out, shutting the generic white door behind him.

"He saw you, Jack.", Hope whispered, and Jack nodded.

"I know, it feels so weird, being seen.", He sighed, and she coughed violently. "Hope!"

"I'm fine.", She coughed, and Jack frowned.

"Don't lie to me, Hope."

"I'm fine.", She protested, and he shook my head.

"No, you aren't.", Jack countered, and she rolled her eyes, just like old times. "If you were, you wouldn't be here.", He added, and she turned away.

"But I feel better here than I have in years...", She whispered, and a tear slid down her face. "I feel whole again..."

"Well I don't know why, you almost got yourself killed!"

"Maybe it's because I almost died defending you...", She trailed off, and Jack stopped.


"Just, go, Jack.", She whispered, another tear falling. "Go." A green shape darted into the room through the window, and Hope stretched out her hand. On it, was a tiny tooth. The Tooth Fairy picked it up, and pressed a gold coin into her palm, and fragile fingers wrapped around the gold. Jack noticed the gold feather on the fairy's head, unusual, as Tooth's helpers normally had a green feather. This fairy was almost a Baby Tooth. "Look after Jamie, OK?", Hope asked the fairy, who nodded and flew off.

"Hope, I'm sorry-"

"Go, Jack. I want to be left alone.", Hope slid her face under the covers, and closed her eyes.

Then it all came crashing down. The beeping of the monitor slowed, then stopped. "Hope?", Jack asked, "Hope!?"

The door burst open, and a few nurses carried in a defibrillator. They tore off the covers and rolled Hope over so she was on her back. "1000 volts, clear!", One yelled, before shocking her. The electricity coursed through her body, but no heartbeat. Again and again, they tried and tried, but no life. Soon, they left, after covering Hope with a white sheet.

Jack took a step forward, and soon found himself on the edge of the bed, beside her head. He sat down on the chair, his throat dry from the pain."Your warm whispers,

Out of the dark they carry my heart.

Your warm whispers,

Into the dawn they carry me through.

And I am weeping warm honey and milk,

That you stay surrounding me, surrounding me.", He choked out the words to her favorite song, and shook as sobs wracked his immortal body.

She was gone.

And she's never coming back.


It snowed when she was buried. White fluff coated the ground, and gave everything a magical feel. But it wasn't magical, it was a nightmare. Jack was perched on a tree, and he watched as her coffin was lowered into the ground then covered up. Her headstone was white marble, and her name was inscribed with gold.

Hope Alicia Bennet

18. 4. 2011

16 years old

When the crowd left, Jack leapt out of the tree and walked over to her grave, where he squatted down. He traced the words with his fingers, and it frosted over, giving everything a slight shimmer. His hand brushed the earth, and an ice rose sprouted from the disturbed dirt. It shined in the sunlight, and lit up her grave ever so slightly.

"I miss you.", He whispered, and it began to snow. White flakes swirled around Jack and the headstone, and for some reason, Jack felt the cold. His arms wrapped around his body, and he closed his eyes as he rocked back and forth. Tears were flowing down his face, leaving long, red trails down his pale face. "I miss you so much...", And he stayed there until the moon shined above him.
"I'm so sorry."