The year is 2024. Rokkaku Gouji has been stopped by the GGs. But a new corporation has taken over Rokkaku Group, called Phyto Corp. And with it, new gangs have sprouted up, like the Draco Force and the Kontrol Freaks. and what's worse, the GGs are gone. but a new gang has come to save what is now New Tokyo-to. They are called Dreamerz, and these are their stories.

Chapter 1

Zone's POV

I was running from police. Not a regular thing for me, but at least I wasn't alone. My brother Afro and friend Slyy were running with me. We skated down alleys and grinded on almost everything we could, but it was not enough. They were slowly catching up, and we were fucking screwed, then I saw an opening near a sewer in Dogenzaka Hill, and we went for it. Soon we were safe. We stopped to take a break and check if the coast was clear, and then Slyy called us.

Oh, I forgot to tell you my name. My name's Zone. I'm basially the second-born son of Combo and a Rapid 99 member. I'm the leader of the street gang infamously known as the Dreamerz. My brother Afro was supposed to be the leader, but he chose to be second in command. There was also my friend Slyy, who's parents were Cube and Corn. He originally did everything Rokkaku said everyday of his life, but when I introduced him to Jet Set Radio, he immediately changed from a Rokkaku Lover into a Rudie.

"You guys, check it out!" Slyy was sixteen years old, with light skin, a grey hoodie with the hood on, non see-thru goggles, a black shirt, black jeans, and blue skates.

"Holy shit." Was my reply. I was also sixteen years old, with a black beanie, dark skin, black hair, special headphones that were tuned to both Jet Set Radio and Rokkaku police signals, a red shirt that said "T.K.O" on it, black shorts, and blood red skates.

We had found the GGs old hangout. It was even more amazing than when I first heard of it. I had heard of the GGs, but never found their old base until now. There was a pinball machine, a huge stereo system, and even a punching bag with Rokkaku Gouji's face on it.

"Alright, guys. Since the GGs are gone for good, I guess we could use this as our base now. Let's get out of here."

So we left our new home, and as soon as we stepped back into Dogenzaka Hill, we found three of the GGs. There was Corn, a guy with a long hat, yellow hair, a blue jacket, and a cool attitude. He was a little like me. Then there was Beat. He had some really cool looking headphones, non see-through shades, a green and black shirt with blue writing, black and blue skates, black pants, and red hair. Finally there was Yoyo. He had a blue shirt with a yellow sash, red glasses, yellow skates, green hair, and black shorts.

So when we saw the GGs, and they saw us, we came towards each other. There was static in the air as we stared at one another.

"Who are you?" asked Corn.

"We are the Dreamers. I'm Zone, the leader. This is my brother Afro. and my friend Slyy." Oh, Afro is my older brother. He was wearing big headphones, had an afro the size of a basketball, had on a yellow shirt with purple writing, purple jeans, and yellow skates.

"Alright. I heard about you guys. I'm Corn. These guys are Beat and Yoyo."