Zone's POV

It was finally over. The days of being terrorized by the Rokkaku Police and their owners was over and done. At first, I was just having a simple meeting for rudies, and the next minute, I was standing over the crumpled body of James Phyto. I had heard that after the ass kicking we gave him, he got back up and left the country to go back to America. Who knows, some idiot with the same plan might just come over here and figure out that we aren't to be messed with the hard way.

We were back at the Garage with a lot on our minds. What could we do, since most of us were kids? Anyway, I had gone over to Afro's room to talk to him, but the more I thought about talking to him, the more I remembered that I was the one who beat the living shit out of Phyto. So I stepped in and saw him packing his things. He saw me standing in front of the door, and he stood up and slowly walked to me.

"Hey, bro." He said calmly.

"Hey." I answered back.

We stood in silence for a second, then Afro went to his suitcase. It had pictures of Japan and America all over it. He then picked it up and grabbed the plane ticket that he had in his pocket. It had a picture of an airport I didn't know about. I spoke up automatically before he took a step toward the door.

"So you're leaving, huh?"

"Yeah. To America. I wanted to see what it was like over there." He said.

"I wanted to give you this back." I took out Afro's Spray can and tossed it to him.

He looked at it for a second, then tossed it back to me. "Keep it. You need it more than I do."

"You mind if we use our real names in here?" I asked.

"Sure, as long as the door is closed." he answered.

I closed the door and sat at the foot of the bed. Then I stared at him and said: "Listen Branden, I wanted to give you the power to make your own choices. I kinda knew you were following me up the building, but what I didn't know was that you would follow me to the end. If you're gonna go, I'm going with you."

"Are you sure about this, Kaibell?" He asked in a low tone.

"Yeah, bro. I'm going."

"And so are we." Glitter said.

We turned around and saw all the other rudies crowded around us. We looked at each other and smiled. Later, we got on a plane and said hello to America.