Author's note:

Here's a story which I have written just for some fun. Lots of non-canon stuff may be ahead so feel free to point them out as I write or tell me where I went out-of-character with anybody. I was inspired by a picture of Wizard and Fourze together to write a Nickelodeon/Kamen Rider fan fic and I might write on Kiva/Danny Phantom crossover. If you want to do a Fourze/Jimmy Neutron crossover or any Nickelodeon/Kamen Rider crossover, the ideas are wide open for adoption.

Note to remember:

When a character falls from the world of Kiva to the world of Danny Phantom, they automatically get their speech translated to English and when the reverse happens, they immediately get their speech translated into Japanese. Just a note to help you people out in the midst of confusion and also for the sake of getting weird elements into this story.


There were many heroes from the Super Sentai to the Metal Heroes to the Kamen Riders… and in America there are also the Power Rangers who like the Super Sentai fight to save their world from destruction…

And in Nickelodeon there's Jimmy Neutron, Spongebob Squarepants, Danny Phantom and Timmy Turner who had been part of Nicktoons Unite to save their respective worlds.

Now for the story…

Kamen Rider Kiva, Wataru Kurenai, a weird guy who accepts his destiny as Kiva to beat the Fangires has protected his world from Fangire attacks. Meanwhile at Amity Park, another hero who at the age of 14 had become half-boy and half-ghost has been protecting his world from the threats of people from the Ghost Zone. Now a huge breach between two worlds is about to happen… thus allowing Kiva to use his powers in a strange new world he must also defend… for now….

As the chains of destiny unfold, the Fangires and the Ghost Zone inhabitants may team up to destroy both worlds… but who is at fault?

Chapter 1- Fangire in Amity Park

At the world of the Kamen Riders, a shy young man with dyed hair named Wataru can be seen trying to make a new violin in the year 2008. As usual, he was pursuing bizarre methods to get the "right color".

Drat! I can't make the same violin as the one left behind, the Bloody Rose… thought Wataru who was as usual, preparing his bizarre experiments where he was boiling some snails and fish, to get the "right color" for the violin. He was always looking at the Bloody Rose hoping to get the same color.

"Wataru that's enough, the neighbors are complaining again…" said Shizuka angry. She was a cute girl of average stature, around in her teens who lived with Wataru as his "caretaker".

"I know but I want to make the perfect color for the violin…" said Wataru "Okay… no!"

Wataru looked at the mixture he made, only to see what he saw as a "failure". Just as he lamented on his loss, the Bloody Rose sounded again.

"It's time to get those Fangires." said Wataru "Kivat…"

"Yes boss." said Kivat as he approached.

Meanwhile in another world namely the world of Nickelodeon, specifically in Amity Park in the year 2008, an 18 year old boy named Danny Fenton was with his friends Sam Manson and Tucker Foley. The three were a trio fighting some ghosts. They were at Casper High having another regular day after ghost hunting.

"Last night's fight with Vlad was quite tough…" said Danny "I dunno but Vlad never seems to give up on mom, that freaks me out."

"Relax it's not as if he's your mom's type…" said Tucker "Oh I wanna get that new gadget, new gadget."

Just then, Danny's ghost senses began tingling. But it was not a usual ghost tingling.

"My ghost senses are tingling…" said Danny "Who could it be now? Better find some place to hide…"

Just then Dash arrived.

"So it's you again Fen-TON!" said Dash.

"Not now Dash, no time to play…" said Danny as he ran too fast.

Back in the world of Kiva, year 2008, Wataru appeared to do battle.

"Kivat go!"

Wataru grabbed hold of Kivat and Kivat bit Wataru.

"Bite." said Kivat as the rider belt appeared on Wataru's waist.

"Henshin!" said Wataru.

Wataru transformed into Kamen Rider Kiva revealing a black suited Kamen Rider with a red vest, bat-like visors with yellow color and a medieval theme. He also wore some chains too.

"Kamen Rider Kiva!"

It was a Fangire having the resembled a cobra for a head, he was called the Cobra Fangire. Kiva leaped into action to fight the Cobra Fangire.

Meanwhile at Amity Park, another Fangire appeared. This one however with the head of a leopard and a stained glass version of leopard spots hence the Leopard Fangire. A citizen of Amity Park was now caught in its clutches while the others ran away.

"Rarrr!" said the Leopard Fangire as he released two glass-like fangs into the air and impaled the citizen. The citizen, a man, was then reduced into a transparent state and fell down, breaking like glass.

This is much different, a stained glass-skinned type of ghost… I must deal with it… it's already killed somebody! said Danny.

"Going ghost!" said Danny as he now became Danny Phantom, donning his snow white hair, green eyes and black jump suit.

"You're going down…" said Danny Phantom.

However as Danny Phantom began to fight the Leopard Fangire, the new enemy showed much strength and agility compared to the ghosts Danny Phantom had fought.

"RAAAARR!" said the Leopard Fangire as it leaped on Danny Phantom.

"This is NO ordinary ghost!" said Danny Phantom.

Meanwhile at Tokyo, Kamen Rider Kiva was battling the Cobra Fangire. The Cobra Fangire was using its elastic neck to grab Kamen Rider Kiva.

"Looks like it's time for the Emperor Form!" said Kamen Rider Kiva as he pulled the Tatsulot switch.

Back to Amity Park, Danny Phantom can be seen fighting the Leopard Fangire.

"Nice kitty, here kitty! Bad kitty!" said Danny Phantom as he was blasting the Leopard Fangire with energy shots.

"This is not your regular ghost." said Tucker.

"This is bad!" said Sam.

Back to Kiva's world in 2008, a small, dragon-like creature arrived named Tatsulot arrived. He was needed to activate the Gold Kiva form otherwise the Emperor Kiva form. He attacked the Cobra Fangire to release Kamen Rider Kiva.

"Okay it's time to help you master." said Tatsulot.


Tatsulot touched the shoulder pads, the chest plate and the legs of Kamen Rider Kiva giving him a new form. Golden shoulder pads, gloves and boots were added as well as a red cape. This was the Kamen Rider Emperor Form.


Kamen Rider Kiva leaped into the air. Energy blades appeared in the shape of wings, ready to defeat the opponent.


The Rider Kick did its job destroying the Fangire and its essence, preventing it from ever reviving.

Back at Amity Park, Danny Phantom was having a hard time with the Leopard Fangire.

"Looks like… this… is… the… end…" said Danny Phantom as his blasts couldn't do a thing.

A handsome young man wearing a policeman outfit named Nago Keisuke and a pretty young girl named Megumi Aso fell through a portal. They were members of the Wonderful Blue Sky Organization.

"Woah?! Where are we and why are we speaking English all of a sudden?" said Nago.

"I don't know… hey isn't this the Fangire we were hunting for?" said Megumi as she saw the Leopard Fangire attack Danny Phantom.

"I know. Let's take care of him. Ixa Knuckle!" said Nago "Henshin!"

Nago became a knight-like Kamen Rider in white, called Kamen Rider Ixa.

"Fangire return that life to God!" said Kamen Rider Ixa (Nago).

"Woah! Who are you people?" asked Danny Phantom.

"Never mind… we are here to take care of that Fangire!" said Kamen Rider Ixa (Nago) who then transformed into Burst Mode "Ixa Calibur."

The Leopard Fangire leaped at Kamen Rider Ixa (Nago). However Kamen Rider Ixa turned the Ixa Calibur to Gun Mode to fire at the Leopard Fangire.

"Say your prayers Fangire!" said Kamen Rider Ixa (Nago) as he shot the Leopard Fangire "Now die! Ixariser!"

From the mouth of Kamen Rider Ixa (Nago), a cellphone like device called the Ixariser was summoned.

"Rising Ixa! 193!"

Kamen Rider Ixa (Nago) ascended into Rising Ixa (Nago).

"Ixariser Gun Mode!"

Kamen Rider Ixa (Nago) fired his gun at the Leopard Fangire. Just as the battle was about to end, Kamen Rider Kiva landed into the same location with the Cobra Fangire. Cobra Fangire landed on Leopard Fangire.

"WATARU?!" asked Kamen Rider Ixa (Nago) who just fired his shot at Leopard Fangire.

"No time to explain! Everybody get down!" said Kamen Rider Kiva in Emperor Mode.

Just then the Leopard Fangire and the Cobra Fangire exploded together into shards of stained glass. Danny Phantom went ghost with everyone to let the shards fly past them.

"That was close…" said Danny Phantom who then powered down.

"Oh no my PDA! WHY?!" said Tucker crying.

"At least you are still safe." said Sam.

Both Kiva and Ixa (Nago) depowered. Danny Phantom because he was weakened powered down to his normal self as Danny.

"Wataru, how did you arrive in here?" asked Nago.

"I can't explain… I feel quite nervous when I fell into a portal that led me right here." said Wataru.

"Looks like something major is going on, this isn't our world." said Kivat.

"I know…" said Tatsulot "Whatever it is, I have a feeling the Fangires invaded this world quite easily."

"Hey cool devices you have there!" said Tucker referring to Kivat and Tatsulot "Where can I buy one of those? Are they PDAs?"

"They're my pets, not devices." said Wataru "The bat is named Kivat my transformation device and the dragon is Tatsulot."

"CRUD!" said Tucker.

"But cool pets you have." said Sam.

But as they noticed the portal was still open. What was this mysterious portal? Find out in the next chapter.


One can see Vlad Masters and the Bishop Fangire meet and make a sinister handshake. Meanwhile one can also see Jack and Maddie trying to hunt down the Fangires themselves!