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Song # 1: Junjou Romantica opening theme PIANO ver. [Kimi=Hana]

What you've been looking for has been here the whole time…

A certain raven-haired teen sat on a bench, alone. The cool autumn breeze swept against his lean form in which he is not really bothered at all. He was really occupied with what his mind is building up…he really needed to talk to someone but afraid that people might rant things reprimanding him of having a girlfriend with a bothersome attitude. Yes, he admits that his girlfriend is bothersome but he really didn't want to hear it from others especially his friends. But what could he do? The girl won't let him go and he can't stand seeing a girl cry because of him…All was becoming complicated, really. Just as he heaved another sigh, probably the umpteenth time that day, a girl with long bluish-black hair pulled into pigtails approached him. She was dressed in a plain blue blouse and denim shorts that reached midway her lower thigh. Upon seeing the familiar girl, he smiled and beckoned her to sit with him. The girl obliged and sat beside him but not too close and not too far.

"So, what's with the long face?" The girl started. The raven-haired teen merely shrugged but the smile on his face disappeared as the previous thoughts about his girlfriend resurfaced again.

"You know…I am really tired of pretending not to notice…" He spoke with a tired voice. This particular girl is somewhat exceptional to his other group of friends. He can freely talk to her about his girlfriend and how problematic he is.

The girl placed a hand on the latter's shoulder and flashed him with an understanding smile, "Tell me what happened today. I am ready to listen…"

And so, the older latter told what happened earlier and from the looks the girl is showing, she is trying not to express her irritation. The same problem again. Every time she finds the boy sitting on the particular spot, she consults him and the same topic always comes up. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. She really hated how miserable her friend is…yet she understands how gentle he can be. That's why she is his friend…to have him consulted and to keep him from breaking apart. Because he can't hurt a girl even though they are being rude to him. That's how vulnerable he is.

"Look, Sebastian…I know it is hard but you need to do something. You can't always obey what she wants…She is going too far." The girl said to him in a serious tone.

The latter shook his head, "I can't Ciella…You know how Grelle is. She will definitely cry and I don't want that…"

Ciella as she was dubbed, sighed in defeat as usual. Well, she can't possibly do anything rather than help him right? "I know that, Sebastian. I've seen how worse she can be…Oh well…I knew this would happen so here," Handing Sebastian a gold credit card with her full name carved on it.

The latter gasped in mortification, "But this is too much, Ciella! I can't borrow this!" pushing the card back on Ciella gently. She did too many risks and sacrifices just for him but to be lent by a premium credit card is too much. He can't possibly pay off that amount required for his 'problem'. After all, he's just a part time waiter and his wage is not enough.

Ciella chuckled lightly which Sebastian loved about her. She promptly pushed the card back to him, "Oh c'mon, Sebastian! This is what friends are for, remember? You needed it anyway! Besides, I don't use it that much and my parents are really annoyed at me for not spending it too much, Well, it's not my fault if I don't fancy expensive things like they do…This way, you'll be helping me get rid of my parents endless rants and I'll be able to help you with your relationship problem with Grelle."

Sebastian stared at her for a moment before chuckling at how logical her reason is. Ciella was the only one who can make him feel at ease and problem-free. How he wished she was the first one to appear rather than Grelle. "Well, all right…But I can't promise you about the payment…"

"Who says you're going to pay?" She asked playfully.

Sebastian raised an eyebrow, "What?"

"Silly! Of course, you're not going to pay! You don't need to! We are friends, Seb! Friends don't hold a debt!" And with that, she smiled gently as the twinkle of the stars emphasized her beautiful purple-blue eyes.

Ciella had an accident when she was 10 years old. It resulted to her right eye changing its color and the disability of it during the night. According to her, her right eye can't really see in the dark…only in broad daylight. Even with this injury, Sebastian still loved her mismatched eyes…they are somewhat enticing to him.

"Are you sure…?" He asked uncertainly.

Her smile widened, "Of course, Seb! Enjoy your trip~"

Sebastian smiled genuinely, "Thank you for everything, Ciella…" and he hugged her tightly. Ciella was surprised but she hugged back eventually. She enjoys this moment…how Sebastian holds her close. His warmth radiating off…She wished she appeared first before Grelle…If that only happened then…Sebastian won't go through this…he will not be burdened with troublesome feelings…he will be free to do whatever he wanted…If only she came first…

If only I came first in your life…

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