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...Been here all along so why can't you see…?

Sebastian was locking the door when a certain pigtail-ed girl went out the house next door. His lips stretched into a smile and immediately stuffed the keys into his jean's pocket before going towards the other's front fence. It was a good morning to start with.

"Ciella!" The raven-haired teen called over the fence.

Said girl looked over her shoulder and smiled, "Good morning, Sebastian~ you're early."

"Nothing special really. I was hoping that we could walk together to school." He answered sheepishly. Although, the real reason behind is that he really didn't want to see the certain red-head first thing in the morning today. Aside from that, it would be a small payback to Ciella if he can walk with her just this once. The girl is a real early bird so by the time he goes to school, the girl had already left.

"Alright! Be there in a sec.!" She agreed as she locked the door and stuffed the key in her bag's side pocket. She ran towards the fence and locked it too as she got out before they continued on down the streets.

A smile was plastered on both faces and they can't help but notice it. Ciella got first and asked the taller teen, "Your smile is about a million megawatts today…anything good happened before leaving the house?" tone as if teasing.

Sebastian chuckled lightly and continued smiling, "Hmm…is there? I don't know. I just felt like smiling today." Then he looked at her, "Besides, I didn't know going to school this early could be very relaxing…you can just walk leisurely without worrying you'll be late."

"Glad that you realized that. Though…" A smirk suddenly crept on Ciella's lips, "Are you sure it's just nothing why you woke up early? From my observations, Grelle would pick you up and go to school together. Are you trying to avoid her?"

At this, the raven-haired teen sweatdropped comically as a nervous chuckle escaped his lips, "He he he…What makes you think that?"

"You're chuckling nervously…" she observed teasingly, "It's true then…"

"Is there any loopholes in your observations?" He asked a jokingly.

Ciella's observations can't be countered with simple lies. That is why no one dares to defy her statements…everyone will view you as stupid if you do.

She giggled, freely showing her cute dimples, "There is one but I don't think you'll be able to find it~"

The burgundy-eyed latter smiled fondly upon seeing the girl giggle. The last time he saw her with that expression was when they were only 5th graders in elementary school. How he missed the old times when they were the only ones who can hold each other's hands…

…unlike now that anyone can hold it without much hesitation…

"You remember the time when we used to do that secret handshake?" Sebastian asked pensively but a smile still on his perfectly peach lips.

Ciella looked confused at first but was immediately changed into a look of fondness. She nodded as memories came flooding back towards her, "Of course, Seb! Why would I forget that?"

Sebastian held his right hand up, "Want to try it out again?"

Purple-blue eyes widened slightly but held her left hand up with a smile replacing her shocked impression, "Alright…"

They were about to do the old handshake when a certain red-head appeared from the corner of the street. She saw the handsome raven-haired teen and squealed loudly, "Sebas-chan~!"

The two looked up, startled. They immediately brought their hands down and pretended nothing was going to happen, continuing towards the unwanted red-head. As much as Sebastian hated it, he allowed the girl to glomp him when they reached her spot. He didn't have a time to see how Ciella would react…

'Damn it…' Cursing inwardly. "What brings you here, Grelle?"

"Ohh~~ Just taking an early stroll, dear! I usually wake up early but I come by your house late since you wake up late~" Grelle answered as she played with Sebastian's black locks.

"I see…" The raven-haired latter said with disappointment in his voice. So much for a good morning…

"Since you're here, let's walk to school together now~" The flirtatious red-head said as he pulled the latter away.

"But Grelle…" He protested while looking over his shoulder to see Ciella still standing. He was about to protest again when the bluish-black haired girl waved with a smile that says: I'll be fine.

That definitely shut up Sebastian but a worried frown still lingered on his lips…I'm sorry, Ciella.

As she waved her hand and Sebastian not looking anymore, the reassuring smile dropped into a frown. She's alone again…just like the last time they were in a park…


"Hey! Don't hog the food all to yourself, Seb!"

"Eh? Says who?"

"Of course, me! Duh! Share that cracker!"

"You already ate yours!"

"But I shared you my pocky! Don't be selfish!"

"You'll become fat, y'know?"

"I don't care! Share!"

"Oh alright…here, Ciella…"

Two 9 year olds sitting on a bench, eating the contents of the bag they bought from the nearby convenient store…It was a cute sight to see…One would have thought they are childhood sweethearts. But as they kept on arguing about who will get the food with playful smiles, a group of children (3 girls and 4 boys) approached them…

"Can we help you?"

One of the boys smiled, "You're Sebastian Michaelis right? I am Ash Landers…Your father said that you'll be here. He said you need to go home with us."

"Eh? But I am…"

"He said that you need to meet some business men! You're the heir to the company, right?"


"Then, let's go!" As 'Ash' pulled Sebastian to his feet, not even giving the young boy to spare a look at the girl on the bench…

The girl sat there as she finished the remains of the food they've bought but a frown already painted her lips…She knew that she'll be alone more often now…


'Yes…I'm alone now…Ever since that day…' And she continued down the streets like always…alone.

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