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The fairy pressed a palm to the wall of water that cascaded down the rock face. Her arm passed through the rock. She glanced back at us with a mischievous smile, beckoning me to follow. My feet shuffled forward, slightly uncertain. I could hear my father's voice booming at the back of my head.

"Never trust a fairy. They are beautiful but cruel, and will take everything you hold dear to you…"

Hanabi and Neji's face flashed in my mind. I had left them behind. If I truly became human, I would be an outcast. I would never be able to set foot in Konoha again. Their faces merged into Naruto's face – confused and dazed, blooming like a poisonous flower, overtaking the images of my family and home. I didn't want to be a monster. I had tried to live up to the curse of my birthright. What benefit was there of being a Succumbs? Where was the joy in living off lust? Could a man ever love me, for who I was? Or would he only lust after me for my physical attributes?

"Don't do this." Sasuke's voice was clear and beautiful.

I blinked and saw that I was only a hands span away from the portal to the place of the Fair Folk. I turned my head to look at Sasuke.

"I have to try." My voice sounded thick, like I was about to cry.

My fingers brushed the water and instead of finding rock, I felt empty space. Cool water trickled down my arm. I pushed through and let the water take me.

I gasped as I emerged from the waterfall and into the calmer waters of the lake. The sky was washed with hues of twilight; deep velvet blue and streaks of lavender and peach. I waded through the strangely coloured water and realized I was no longer dressed in my clothes. I was naked. Laughter came from the bank and I saw the fairy, standing on a silver path that led out of the lake. Her leaf dress had blossomed into flowers. I felt myself blush, wondering if I should hide in the water. As I drew nearer, I saw that she wasn't laughing at me. She was looking beyond me. I turned and saw Sasuke sputtering in the water. My eyes trailed across his bare skin, following the drops of water slide down his smooth skin. I bit my lip and turned away before I saw too much. A memory of our bodies pressed together, stroked the edge of my mind before I pushed it away.

"He's handsome, isn't he?" murmured the fairy. She ran her fingers through her pink hair, and tiny petals floated from her. I noticed that her skin was textured like bark. She was like a living tree.

Her eyes turned to me and I felt the heat crawl up my neck.

"You're very beautiful too." She reached for my hair. "Long, silky hair, the colour of dusk, that makes both men and women want to burry their fingers in." she trailed a finger down my arm. "And soft ivory skin that evokes the desire to caress." She looked at me firmly. "Would you trade your youth and beauty to become human?"

"Keep your hands off her."

I crossed my arms casually, trying to hide my body from Sasuke, but he wasn't looking at me. His eyes flashed with heat and fire.

"Only if you let me touch you." She replied coyly.

I could see him battling with the desire to be as far away from the fairy as he could, while protecting me.

"No." I moved in front of Sasuke. "He isn't a part of this."

She looked at me, amusement on her beautiful face. "Oh, but he is." Sighing she dipped her hands into the lake and pulled out of a simple dress of ice blue and silver.

"Call me Sakura." She handed me the dress and looked at Sasuke. She eyes cast downward and licked her lips.

"It's a shame to cover you up, but if I don't, it might start a riot." She tapped her cheek thoughtfully. A mischievous smile spread across her face. She shook out her hair, releasing a handful of pale pink flowers in the air. They danced in the air like tiny blades before combining to form a wide sash.

"Here." She let the breeze float the delicate sash to Sasuke. He frowned and she giggled. "It's up to you."

Five minutes later and Sasuke had somehow managed to hide his package and the majority of his ass. We followed Sakura on the silver path that winded through the trees that arched above us. As we walked, I noticed the presence of other fairies. They were perched in the branches above us, with colourful feathers sprouting from their forearms and hair.

I ducked under a fern frond and into a beautiful summer glade.

"Welcome, to the Seelie Court." Sakura gestured at the scene before us.

There was a group of young girls dancing and laughing. Tiny horns peeked out from beneath their glossy hair. A larger group of men and woman were seated around a low table that looked like a hollowed out log. One woman had vines for hair. The sweet scent of fruit and flowers filled the air.

The Fairies were beautiful in a fascinating way. A girl with platinum blonde hair broke away from the group of diners and danced towards us. There was something strange about her eyes. There was no pupil. They were completely blue.

"What do you have there, Sakura?" asked the girl in a sultry voice.

Sakura frowned at the girl. "Do you really need to use glamour at court, Ino?"

Ino snorted and tossed her hair. "You would use a glamour if you were me."

I tapped into the power of my eyes and like a veil lifting, saw two tusks protruding from her mouth. She glared at me and I quickly released my new vision of her. She returned to her human disguise. Sakura held up a hand. "At least you don't have permanent wrinkles or cracks in your skin."

Ino smirked. "No, I…" she trailed off. "Who is that?" Her eyes were glued on Sasuke.

"Sasuke-kun," she sighed in a he-makes-me-melt voice.

"Yum." Agreed Ino.

I felt a strange twinge of discomfort as they eyed him. I cleared my throat.

"Is this what we'll be doing all night?"

Sakura laughed. "Of course not! We'll eat and dance, and then I'll bring you to our Queen who will tell you what you want to know." Sakura wriggled her fingers at something behind me. I turned as saw a small girl with hair as vibrant as a sunset skip towards us. She held a large leaf platter that held six coconut husks the size of my palm. They were filled with a liquid that smelt like plums and honey.

"Drink up!" Sakura took a cup. Dark purple liquid dribbled down the side of mouth. Ino grinned and licked up the spilt juice.

Sakura frowned at her. "You really should just get your own cup."

"I wanted to make sure there was enough for our guests."

I looked at Sasuke, wondering if it was safe to drink. Sakura looked at us, her lips tinged purple.

"You agreed to spend one day and night with us. That means you have to participate."

I picked up the drink gingerly and took a sip. The taste of something rich and sweet exploded in my mouth. Warmth rushed through me. Warm hands gripped my hands and brought the cup to my mouth again. I felt the juice drip down my chin and neck. The cup was plucked from my hands and I felt a warm tongue lap the juice from my skin. My eyes felt heavy. There was a growl and I saw Sasuke push Sakura and Ino away from me. The world shimmered and I grasped onto Sasuke for balance.

I knew it would be dangerous. I just didn't expect it to be the sort of danger where I would have to restrain myself. Hinata looked too revealing in her water-made dress. If she turned in a certain way, the light would pass through her dress and I would be able to see her tantalizing skin and the curve of her breasts. As soon as that cursed drink touched her lips I knew I was in trouble.

Her eyes were bright and something dangerous glinted in them. Her hand trailed down my chest and she smiled.

"You really are handsome."

I frowned at Sakura. "What did you give her?"

"Freedom." Her emerald green eyes sparkled mischievously. "Now, don't lose sight of her. Unless you want someone to take advantage of her." She twirled a lock of Hinata's hair around her finger. "Once the effects of the drink wear off, meet me at The Hill." She pointed to a bright emerald green hill. A large tent made of material that shimmered like moonbeams sat at the top. "Thats where the Fairy Queen will be."

My body felt loose and a little too warm. Sasuke's skin beneath my hand felt smooth. The muscles at his stomach tightened as my fingers danced along the hem of his sash. His hand closed over mine. I looked up and the flash of heat and fire in his eyes sparked desire in me. He looked so dangerous and sexy.

"Don't." his voice was taut. I felt myself smile. I could feel his self-control being pulled tight, ready to snap if pushed too far. I wanted to push him. I wanted him to take me. I wanted him.

I linked my fingers with his and pulled him away from the crowd. Laughter bubbled up in me as I stumbled over tree roots. I felt careless and carefree. I pulled a reluctant Sasuke after me, wondering if I should have made him drink something too. Without warning, I shoved him against a tree, pressing myself against him. I could feel him hardening through our thin, useless clothing. I pressed my lips to his throat and he groaned.

"You don't have to do anything." I whispered. I nibbled on his ear lobe.

His hands gripped my arms. "Hinata…"

I kissed him. I felt his resolve shatter. His arms wrapped around me, anchoring me to his body. His mouth was hot and eager. My fingers grabbed a handful of his soft hair, pulling him closer, deepening the kiss. His tongue rubbed against mine, and sucked and nibbled on it. I gasped as his hands cupped my ass and hauled me up against him. He grinded into me as he hands squeezed and palmed my ass. I shuddered when I felt his finger slip beneath my dress. His finger slid over my nether lips and dipped past them into my dripping core.

He pulled me to the ground. I looked up at him. Dark hair fell into his eyes. His gaze was so intense. I felt as if I might burn. I ran my hand across his chest. His eyes fluttered shut with pleasure. I leant up and licked his nipple. He breathed out heavily. I wanted to hear him. My mouth covered his nipple as my tongue licked at him. My fingers dug into his back as he pressed himself into me. I trailed a hand down his ass and gave him a firm squeeze. He pulled back and grabbed my wrists. He yanked them above my head.

"Don't forget who started this." He murmured and bent his head down. He pulsed my dress open, slowly. His eyes, drinking in the sight of my naked body made me flush. Pleasure licked through me like fire. His mouth devoured my breasts with slow, teasing strokes. His free hand trailed up and down my body. His tongue flicked my hardening nipples and pulled it into his hot, wet mouth. I shuddered and moaned. His hand cupped my breast and squeezed my nipple between his fingers. He pulled my nipple while sucking on my other.

"Sasuke, I can't take it anymore."

My legs wrapped around his waist. He groaned and I felt him between my thighs. He released my wrists and pulled me up so that I was on top. His hands played with my breasts, pushing them together, rubbing the nipples with his thumbs. I placed my hands on his chest and watched him as I slowly lowered myself onto him.

He jerked his hips and my eyes closed as pleasure racked through me. It felt too good. Through slitted eyes, I saw him watching my breasts bounce as he thrust into me. I bounced up and down, savoring the feeling of him inside me. His hand cupped my cheek and he pulled me down for a kiss. It was warm and soft, and turned me into mush. I sighed into it. He groaned and pulled out. He pushed me down and spread my legs before sliding in again. His movements were faster. I was being pushed to the edge. I was falling. He slowed just a little and pulled out again.

"Get on your knees." He ordered.

I felt myself tremble. I looked back at him and he thrust into me, smooth as silk. There was something animalistic in his eyes, a ferocious wildness that made me wetter. He growled and gripped my hips. My arms felt weak. My breasts rubbed against the ground, a mixture of the rough grass and my silky dress. Our skin slapped against each other. One of his hands grabbed my breast. I arched back into him, my hips moving on their own accord. Faster. Harder. There! Pleasure burst through me. I felt like an exploding star. Sasuke jerked inside me and I felt his heat burst inside me. We collapsed to the ground, a pile of sweaty limbs.

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