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''Fuck off!'' Silver haired teen yelled at the corridor when a crow of girls were surrounding him with pink glittering chocolate boxes, love letters that was cowered on hearts and all kind of disgusting gifts. He tried to escape from the girls but it was almost impossible. There was just too many girl around him. 'I fucking HATE valentine's day!' Boy thought a loud in his mind.

Gokudera Hayato had always hated valentine's day and also other stupid celebration days. Well, of that we can blame his awful childhood. And yeah, today happened to be the day that he hated the most. There were girls behind every fucking corner waiting to young half Italian pianist to walk by and attach then with their weapons- I mean, gifts.

But even if he was surrounded by girls and their looks, he still felt one look on his neck more than some girl poking him on the blue tie he had hanging from his neck to the chest with her gift. He turned to that way and saw Yamamoto Takeshi staring at him weirdly. He was too surrounded by giggling girls, but he didn't even notice them, because he was too busy staring at his sexy friend but when Gokudera looked him back, he turned to girls and smiled to them happily and accepted all gifts that he was given. That made Gokudera angry and jealous. Yes, Gokudera Hayato, Smoking bomb Hayato, was in love to whole school's idol, Vongola's rain guardian, his boss's best friend, his kollega, the worlds idiotic human, Yamamoto Takeshi. And he hated the idea, that the other boy accepted gifts from some crazy bitches, who probably imagined all kind of perverted stuff of his Takeshi. And yes, in his own mind he owned that boy and thought all kind of hardcore things about him, but it's totally different thing that he imagine those things from those bitches thought those things. At least, he had a permission to that. … Almost.

Storm guardian tried again to escape from the girls, and if school's descipline committee's leader, Hibari Kyoya, hadn't came and told to girls to disappear because no body couldn't walk on the corridor, Gokudera would still be on trouble. When all the girls went to their classes, he went quickly on the school's roof to hide and calm on his nerves. When he escaped, he didn't notice that one girl was following him with her eyes, but she wasn't from earlier group.

When Gokudera got to the roof, he lighted a cigarette and sucked the nicotine in his lungs, trying to calm down, even thought it didn't help much. There jumped a picture of Yamamoto smiling happily to his biggest fan and accepting her gift. She was school's cheerleader's head, one of populists girls in Namimori. She had a long straight hair, the same color as Yamamoto's. She was almost as tall as Yamamoto and her eyes were same color as Yamamoto's flame. She really would be really great model, 'cos she was so beautiful and sexy. Even Gokudera couldn't deny it. And the part what Gokudera hated the most about her. She and Yamamoto would be a perfect couple. That hurted Gokudera so much that he wanted to kill that bitch right to that place where ever she was at the moment. He sighed really deeply and sat down.

Soon the door opened and a girl stepped on the roof. She was a bit shy, Gokudera noticed that immeadidly. He also noticed that she looked like a doll. A silky smooth, milky light skin, beautiful big violet eyes, that looked only him. Long a bit curly blond hair and long lashes. Her elegant moves, hair and almost everything about her reminded Gokudera of his mother, who he loved over anything else, when he was little.

At once in his life, half Italian just sat there quietly and Looked up at the girl, instead of saying anything bad or telling her 'go die' and stuff. The girl sat next to him and pianist looked at her curiously. 'She can not be from this planet..' Gokudera thought, because girl was way too cute. She leant on wire fence and looked up in the sky. 'Maybe she is U.M.A…. Or an angel that dropped from the sky…' ´Pause. 'WHAT AM I THINKING?!' Gokudera asked in his mind and blushed little. 'How can I think about something so cliché and disgusting romantic?!' He felt like betraying himself. He turned to his cigarette and continued sucking it.

The roof was quiet. Gokudera had just lighted his third cigarette. He was so nervous that hadn't even noticed that it was already third. Except he started to feel a little bad, and he knew he had smoked too much. But the point in this was, that the girl STILL sat beside him. Gokudera sucked again smoke in, and blow se smoke out from his nose. He had to broke this silent. ''…. Don't you mind this smoke?'' He asked and face palmed inside, because he didn't come up anything else to say. The girl shook her head ''… I'm used to it, my parent's smokes all the time..'' What a voice! Gokudera's heart jumper to throat, when he heard other's voice. It was almost sweetest voice that he had heard in his life. It almost won Yamamoto's voice, and he loved that boys voice. Always when the other whispers something in his ear with a sexy low voice, he shivers and blushes to it a bit. He just stared at the girl dumbly and then got in this world. '' Oh, I see..'' He murmured. It took again little moment when Gokudera had to say something. '' … Why did you come to here?'' He asked, trying to hide his curiously. The girl smiles little and turned to the boy next to him. '' I wanted to meet you.'' She said again, with her sweet and cute voice. Gokudera saw her smile, even thought he didn't look at her 'How known that smile is..' He though, because it reminded him very much of his mother really. She was just like her. Except she was younger and a bit different. But still. ''…Why?'' He asked, trying to be as normal as he could. '' Well… I just wanted to tell you.. That I really like you.. Not like those crazy fan girls, I mean it really'' She said quietly, thinking that she'd rejected immeadidly. Gokudera looked at her surprised and throw his cigarette away. ''…. Well..'' He said and looked at the roof. This was the first time that he even listened to what some girl had to say to him. In his mind rolled pictures of Yamamoto, who he cannot ever get, 'cos he is guy, and also Yamamoto is guy, and probably every girl school wanted to be with him and Yamamoto wouldn't probably even want someone like Gokudera.

Gokudera focused his mind on the cute girl next to him. ''.. I don't even know yo-'' ''My name is Natsuko, I live in Namimori and I'm new here'' She said, guessing the others question. Half Italian looked at her surprisingly. Then he looked at the baseball field, that was empty. The girl waited for the answer nervous but tried to calm herself down. ''…. I won't promise you anything… But.. Maybe we could try…'' Gokudera said a bit embarrassed , as he gave up on his pride but well, he didn't mind much. He turned to look the girl, a little smile and blush on his face. ''…T- thank you…'' Natsuko said happily smiling, and blushed a little bit too. Even thought that Natsuko was almost ordinary girl, she just seemed so different than others. Natsuko went a bit closer to him and they smiled to each others sweetly while sitting next to each others.

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