A Secret

"R-Really?" That was definitely Juudaime's voice. For a moment there was a deathly silence. Then he heard again the same person's voice. "You have to tell him.. I mean, that's pretty serious… He should know.." Now he couldn't be quiet anymore. He now opened his eyes, just a little to see his boss's face. " Wh-… What are you talking about.. Juudaime..?" He asked, voice very hoarse because of the incident. Tsuna now turned to look from Yamamoto till Gokudera, and a relief was showing on his face. "G-Gokudera-kun…! You're awake..!" He said happily, while taking a hold of the other's hand. Yamamoto boggled and turned also to look at the patient, but he looked at him vaguely. Coughing little, he started so speak again, voice as hoarse as moment ago. "What were you talking about..? And how did I get here?" A little fake smile appeared on Tsuna's face. "You were about to choke on the apple I gave you, but gladly Yamamoto-kun saved you and brought here.. You have been asleep till now." Gokudera nodded shamefully 'cause the idiot saved him from a fucking apple. APPLE. How the fuck could Vongola's tenth boss's right hand man be saved from a piece on un-moving, delicious and fucking un-live able fruit like some kind of Snow white princess?! How shameful from him, does he even deserves to be Tsuna's right hand man anymore? Before he could reply anything to his boss, Tsuna stood up and continued speaking. "Um.. I have to go to bathroom now.. But I will come back soon." He said while turning to door. Before he went to the door he nodded little to Yamamoto, giving him a sign that he could speak to the pianist.

When he closed the door behind him Yamamoto immediately opened his mouth. " .. Gokudera.." He said quietly. "I am NOT going to thank you." Half Italian said angrily, still having little hoarse voice. "N- no, I didn't mean that.. Thought it would be nice.." Yamamoto answered laughing little. Gokudera tche'd, closed his eyes and turned his back at the other teen. " Umm.. Actually.. I have to tell you something.. And I want you to listen to me carefully.." Yamamoto said, sounding pretty nervous. Gokudera's heart started to race for some reason and he now smiled slightly without showing it to the other. " .. I…" Baseball star mumbled, trying to find the right words to tell. Gokudera prepared to hear what the other was trying to say and he noticed Yamamoto's nervousness: ' …. Maybe… Maybe he is going to tell me about.. His feelings..?' He thought inside his head, and started to get his hopes up. '…. I- I mean…! That's impossible! I hate him! Why in the hell was I thinking something like that? Stupid me stupid me!' Although he tried to push his earlier thoughts away, he still hoped for that even if he couldn't admit it for himself.

"… I spoke with Natsuko." He finally said. Pianist opened his eyes and stared coldly at the white boring wall in front of his face. He turned to look at the baseball star, now irritated. Not noticing the other's irritated look, Yamamoto continued speaking. "This is pretty hard to tell you but-"

" I 'm not interested to hear your stupid and futile things you're about to say." Gokudera said, interrupting the other before he even started to tell his thing. The rain guardian looked very surprisingly at the younger guardian. " N-no, Gokudera, you must listen to me..!" Gokudera just turned again his back to Yamamoto and pushed a pillow against his head so he couldn't hear the other so well. "I don't hear you..!" He croaked. Baseball star sighed hard and tried to pull the pillow away carefully so he wouldn't hurt the other teen more. "Gokudera, listen! Please!" He begged but Gokudera just started to say 'Lalalalalala' so he couldn't hear what older teen was trying to say. Yamamoto now pouted a little and stood up, still trying to pull the pillow away. "Gokuderaaaaaa.." He whined like a Lambo who want's candy. "I'm not interested to listen to any of your fucking bullshit!"

"…" Yamamoto now slowly let go of pillow. The room was quiet and Gokudera couldn't even hear baseball nut's breath properly. '….. Did he got angry…?' The storm guardian thought. He now Relaxed a bit, still not letting go of his pillow.

"Hn-… W- WHA-?!" Gokudera shouted a little his voice almost normal, thought his throat was still hurting, when he felt a heavy weight on top of him. Suddenly he found himself laying on his back and his pillow was taken away from his face and he saw when it was thrown on the other side of the room. He turned to look the person above him and saw baseball star there, sitting on top of his lower waist with a serious face. The older of guardians now took a grip of the younger's wrists and pushed them on both sides of his head. The storm guardian looked at the other in the eyes, his owns big as plate and a little blush spreading on his cheeks. '… His eyes are just like chocolate.. And his lips looks really soft…' He dreamed for a second but then he realized what he was thinking and what was more important, what was happening. He turned a little more red again. "G-Get off me you freak..!" He said embarrassed and trying to sound angry. He tried also turn on its side, kick the other off of him and get his hands free. "No, Gokudera, please, just listen to me, okay?" Yamamoto answered and hold him in place. 'Fuck!' He shouted in his mind when nothing worked and his manhood just rubbed the other's ass slightly, making him feel very weird. He now blushed even more and tried only get his hands free. "Hnn-… Y- Yamamoto..!" He whined, sounding like he was having sex or something with the teen on pot of him. And now it was the other's turn to blush.

He saw a vision in his head where Gokudera was fully naked under him. It was almost like it was a bit slow motioned, and the background was just pink and glittery. Their position was almost the same, he just didn't sit on top of the other. Instead of that he was between the others un-covered and all wet tights. Gokudera was sweaty all over on his body and he was blushing like hell. There were hickeys everywhere on his body, not too much thought. And all made by Yamamoto himself. His gorgeous Jade-green eyes were looking at him, wanting more enjoyable pleasure and they were a little watery. "Hnn-… Y- Yamamoto..~!" He huffed with a bit exhausted, erotic and so sexy voice that there couldn't be more sexier voice than his. His beautiful eyes were closed tightly when Yamamoto trusted deeply and roughly inside the silverette, making him moan loudly. Gokudera was now drooling little and pretty sexily from corner of his m-

"Uwah-..!" Suddenly something hit on Yamamoto's cheek hardly and he was about to fell off from the bed but he got back to sit to where he was. He now kept his hand on his cheek and saw Gokudera, who was staring at him a bit angrily and his right hand was in fist. There was still a little blush on his cheeks but it was almost gone. The rain guardian looked at the other a little stunned. He blushed more than the other when he understood what he had just dreamed about. His groin felt now sensitive and he hoped that the other wont notice a thing. He tried to pull himself to a piece but the vision still disturb his thoughts. Half Italian now tried again to kick the other teen away but now Yamamoto woke up from his thoughts and took quickly the same grip of Gokudera's wrists and went to the same position where they were earlier. He now went closer at the other's face, trying to be a bit serious again. There were couple inches between their faces ands both of them were blushing lightly. ".. Gokudera.. Now listen to me." Black haired boy said with low voice, making the other teen shiver. Pianist now glared at man on top of him "…. I guess I have no choice.." He said knowing that he had no change to escape now.

Satisfied, Yamamoto now was about to open his mouth but suddenly the door was opened. They heard a fragile girls voice. "H- Hayato…?" It said sounding cute and injured. Both of boys freeze on their places and slowly turned to look at the door. For their horror they saw storm guardian's girlfriend. Yamamoto almost immediately narrowed his eyes but Gokudera went bright red and throw the other on the floor. "Ouch..!" He heard Yamamoto to yell but he tried to ignore it " Y-yes?" He tried to say as normally as he could but he mostly looked like a scared cat. Natsuko looked just like she was about to cry or something. ".. This was NOT what it looked like…!" Gokudera protested quickly, swinging his hands in the air like crazy, and his voice was now normal. Girl just looked at her boyfriend, still the same expression on her face. "I- It's just… That idiot tried to force me to listen to his stupid things! I swear!" He kept explaining. Now Yamamoto stood up from the floor and rubbed back of his head. "Ouch.. That hurt.." He mumbled quietly. " O-… Okay.." Natsuko finally said, smiling little. "Umm…. Hayato.. I thought that.. Could we talk alone..? Just the two of us?" She said, sounding really really cute. Yamamoto felt jealous at the same second when the girl asked to be alone. ' I bet she will not tell the truth to him…' He thought. Gokudera looked a bit surprised at first but then he turned to look Yamamoto with a cold expression. "Out." He said rudely.

Yamamoto now sighed and went to the door, looking at the Gokudera once more. ".. I WILL tell you, you like it or not.." He promised and went out, closing the door behind him. Pianist just rolled his eyes at the other and looked now at his girlfriend. "Come here." He said kindly. Natsuko now smiled little and sat down on the chair beside the bed. She give a light kiss on Gokudera's cheek and looked at him in the eyes. "You know… After three weeks, there is school prom.." She said quietly. Gokudera just nodded little but couldn't say that he didn't care or even like this kind of things at all, so he just listened. " So… Would you like to go to there with me..?" She asked with adorable smile on her face. Gokudera were quiet for a moment but sighed and looked away "Well.. Maybe we could go…" He said without thinking so much. Natsuko now slimed happily. "This is why I love you~" She said and kissed him on the lips. Gokudera went to little shock when the girl said that and before he could answer to the kiss she already pulled away and went to the door, not waiting for boy's answer. " I will tell you more details later~" She said and disappeared right after that. Gokudera just stared at the door now, thinking what the hell did he answer to that question and why. "Tch.." He now wondered, what was he going to wear and things like that.

" Hello aneki. Yeah, everything went more than perfect~ Well, I'll tell you later. Yamamoto is soooo jealous right now of Gokudera and Gokudera doesn't guess anything, he wont even listen to Yamamoto~ .. Oh so you got them? Good good~ Yeah, let's talk later, bye bye." Natsuko hanged the call and put the phone in her pocket and evilly grinning she leaved school gates.

*knock knock*

Half Italian looked at the door. " Come in." He said since there was nobody else in room. Because of Shamal's order he had to stay the rest of school day resting on the bed but Gokudera didn't want to leave Tsuna to school so he decided to stay there. Shamal said that he won't treat Gokudera but he still could stay there if he want's.

Tsuna, Gokudera's dear boss opened the door and came inside room. He was followed by Sasagawa siblings, Kyoko and Ryohei. " Hey Gokudera-kun.. Are you feeling okay?" brunette boy asked. Gokudera just nodded and smiled to his boss. "Yeah, I'm fine." He answered. "Gokudera-kun." Orange haired girl called cheerfully. The storm guardian turned to look at her and saw sandwich in her hand and she was offering it to him. "I thought that you must be hungry.. Tsuna-kun told me that you haven't ate anything today yet." She said with a smile. Gokudera shook his head. " No thanks, I'm good." Kyoko lowered her head little but suddenly Ryohei took the sandwich and tried to force Gokudera to eat it. "You have to eat so you could heal TO THE EXTREME!" He said loudly and Gokudera just tried to push the other male away "S- stop you fucking Law-head!" Bomber yelled to the guardian of sun. " O- Oniichan..! Gokudera-kun is patient, don't bully him..!" Kyoko whined to his older brother and pulled him from sleeve. Tsuna just made his usual 'HIIIII' voice and followed other's doing with his eyes. "B-But Kyoko…!" Ryohei whined too and looked at orange-haired girl and saw her making pouting face. He then sighed hard and took few steps backwards, leaving the sandwich to pianist's chest. He mumbled something about 'extreme' (ofc) but no one could hear exactly was he mumbling something else too. Both Kyoko and Gokudera sighed from a relief and Kyoko just smiled to him. "S-sorry, Oniichan is like that always…." Silver-haired teen nodded and glared a wall, not wanting to look at the girl or her stupid brother. "Yeah, I have noticed…" Girl now Smiled awkwardly and went next to his brother.

Brunette boy now looked at his silver-haired friend. "Umm… Gokudera-kun..? I heard that you.. Umm.. You're going to the school prom.. With Natsuko… Is it true…?" The small boy said carefully. He had heard Gokudera's jealous fan girl's speaking something and Yamamoto had asked what they were talking and they told it. At the same they laughed little to Yamamoto, because of the earlier accident with the school radio speaker. You could have seen right away that he didn't like the idea of Gokudera and Natsuko together at the prom and he was displeased immediately. When the girls teased him, he blushed little and gave them some excuse to leave and started to walk away, trying to avoid that topic.

The bomber looked at his boss surprisingly. 'How did he know?!' He screamed in his mind. "Y-yeah, it is…" He said sounding awkward. "WHAT?! HAS OCTOPUS HEAD A GIRLFRIEND?! THIS IS WEIRD TO THE EXTREME!" Ryohei now shouted suddenly. Gokudera blushed a little and glared at him. "S-shut up Turf top…!" He yelled back. " Huh? Gokudera-kun has a girl friend? Congratulations~" Kyoko said smiling brightly. Gokudera just face palmed, because now everybody knows and he wanted to keep it a secret from his Vongola family. " Yeah yeah… Thanks… I guess." The bomber boy murmured under his breath.

They now talked about all kind of things, and Ryohei went to practice his awesome boxing skills, leaving the three of them on the room. Soon the door closed behind him, Gokudera opened his mouth.

"Juudaime, I think you should go to the prom with Kyoko." He whispered quietly to his boss and twinkled his eye, obviously trying to help him to get a date. Well, as we all can guess, the orange haired girl heard what the other said and smiled widely, now waiting brunette to invite her to there as his date

Tsuna went as red as tomato when his right hand man said that. "E-e-eh? M-Me?" He whispered while blushing like hell. He looked at Kyoko and saw that the girl had heard what silver haired boy said. He now turned to girl, smiling little. "K-Kyoko-chan, w-will you go to the p-prom with m-me...?" He asked timidly. Kyoko smiled widely and nodded, blushing little too. "Yes, I will." She said like she responded to proposal. Vongola's Decimo now smiled widely and blushed little while nodding.

Gokudera just watched them blushing and acting like they were now going to marry each others. He fake smiled little but in his mind he was thinking 'Yak. Disgusting romantic. But I don't mind as long as it is Juudaime..'

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