Chapter 1: Magic Revealed

I Lyra Chen was reading in the curtained living room, I never liked curtains, but seeing as the sun was brighter than ever today, the light that shone through the windows would never do for reading. It was just like any other day, ordinary, plain and boring, then I heard the doorbell ringing.'Could you please get that Lyra?' came mother's voice from the kitchens, mother was making breakfast in the kitchen and father was out for work, Lara my older sister was upstairs, probably doing some schoolwork.

I jumped off my couch and opened the door, only to find a most funny sight at the doorstep, standing there was a woman in robes the striking color of green, and a matching witch's hat, 'Is this the Chen residence?' she asked, being raised with manners I replied Yes and led her into the house and seated her at the living room, 'Could you just wait a moment Miss…' I realized I didn't know her name, the lady seemed to know what I was thinking, 'Minerva McGonagall, Lyra' she said without hesitation, I decided to not ask her how she knew my name, I nodded and called for mother, 'Mom! Do hurry!' half a minute later mother came out and of course Lara came down, she just likes to stick her nose into other's business, which I learnt to ignore.

'Mrs Chen, I came to tell you something regarding your daughter Lyra, it might be a bit shocking so please keep calm.' Then Miss McGonagall paused for a moment, mother understood this and nodded 'Carry on' she said. 'Lyra is a witch Mrs Chen.' Miss McGonagall said slowly, and then she took out a stick, I learnt later on it was a wand, and turned the pillow into a dog and back into a pillow. I stood there gaping but mother on the other hand took this quite calmly, 'Well Miss McGonagall do continue' mother said, still as calm as ever, Miss McGonagall handed over a letter to mother, Lara went behind mother to read it, I sat there still trying to put two and two together, of course! I thought to myself, that's why I can turn flowers into butterflies, much to Lara's disapproval , and that's why I could set fire to sticks and slow my falls, I can do magic!

When mother was done, she nodded, Lara however, went straight upstairs, heaven knows why, even mother was left puzzled at this but the puzzled look soon went away, 'I understand that Lyra is a witch and can perform magic, like you did just now, but what confuses me is why Lara can't do the same thing' mother asked, I gave it a bit of thought but not long after Miss McGonagall spoke again 'That Mrs Chen is simple, Lyra was born with magic, you see, when magical parents give birth to a child the child is most likely to be magical, but in this case, neither you or your husband know of magic right?' Mother nodded at this point, then Miss McGonagall continued. 'Well if non-magical people give birth to a magical child the siblings of said child may not be born with magic and take after their parents, it should explain Lyra should it not?' mother gave this a bit of thought and after awhile nodded then she asked. 'Where will we get the school supplies?' McGonagall answered without hesitation 'Diagon Alley, you need a wand to access it so if you'll be happy enough to accompany me and Lyra today to do some shopping there I could wait for you to change' then she smiled. Mother and I hurried up to change and mother decided to leave Lara alone at home rather than bring her along, I didn't argue, whether or not Lara came was fine with me.

We hurried downstairs and Miss McGonagall was sitting down on the couches waiting for us, she held out her hand and said 'Hold on tight' and we did so, in a second we appeared in London outside a place called the Leaky Cauldron, I felt dizzy but after awhile the dizziness went away, 'Let's go in' and after saying that Miss McGonagall went into the place, we followed her in. I took no notice of our surroundings, neither did mother, we followed Miss McGonagall to the back of the place where a brick wall was visible. She tapped on the stones in an order and the brick wall moved apart revealing a place with shops of every kind, 'Welcome to Diagon Alley' Miss McGonagall said smiling.

I wished I had ten more eyes, the shops in the alley were endless, restaurants, quill shops, book shops, an apothecary and so on, with her wand, Miss McGonagall conjured a list of items and handed it to me. 'These are the things you'll need Lyra' I looked through the list as quick as I could, then Miss McGonagall asked me 'Shall we get started?' I nodded my head as a yes.

And so begun the shopping, books and quills and robes and more and more until the list was left with one thing- A wand, 'Ollivanders ought to do for a wand' Professor McGonagall told me, I came to learn that she was a Professor that taught in Hogwarts, a school for witches and wizards. I walked into Ollivanders, 'You go in Lyra, I'll bring your mother somewhere' McGonagall said outside the shop, I went in wondering where mother and Professor was planning on going, the thought soon disappeared when an old man came out from behind the millions of boxes. 'Looking for a wand young lady?' he asked. 'Y-yes' I stammered out, Well, I'm sure we'll be able to find one for you, here searched the shelves and pulled out a box.

'Ebony and Phoenix Feather, 13 inches, reasonably supple' He muttered, 'Try it dear girl' I took it and immediately felt warmth in my hands, 'Bravo! What luck!' The man cried out, I figured he was Mr Ollivander, 'That will be seven galleons' He added, I remembered Professor left me a pouch of Wizard's money, she taught me the small ones were knuts, the silver ones were sickles and the gold ones were galleons, I took out 7 gold ones and paid the man, I thanked him and exited the shop.

Professor came a while later and mother came behind her carrying a lovely Screech Owl in a cage, 'So fast Lyra? Well I guess Mr Ollivander got it right the first time?' I nodded and Professor continued 'This is your familiar Lyra' mother handed me the cage with the owl in it, 'It's beautiful' I said and mother said 'It's a she, the name is up to you' and smiled, 'Thank you' I said to both mother and Professor.

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