Hi! This is my first fanfic...so I hope you like it :) it is in Artemis' point of view. This is set in the time skip, with just the original team. Consider this the prologue.

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Why do I care about that stupid ginger? I don't know. It's not my fault, after all, that he got hurt. He ran into that stupid trap and gave us away. Well, MAYBE it might have been to save me...

I'm staring the hospital door, waiting for him to walk out. I feel like crying. The door opens, only it isn't Wally, it's Robin. He looks at me for a second then says;

"Wally's not going to make it, Artemis. His body won't heal because of the poison. He doesn't have much longer to live."

I feel like crying. I'm such a jerk. I should be in the one in there, not him. Pushing past Robin, I run inside.

Wally looks terrible. As I walk in, Wally's father stands up, glaring at me.

"Why are you here?" He demands. The look on his face hurts me, not his words. As I stammer to reply. Rudolph and Mary push past me and leave.

I turn and face Wally. He looks like death. His left arm is completely covered in bandages, and he is pale than a ghost. "Hi." I hear myself say, I must sound ridiculous. Wally looks at me for a moment, then says;


"I should have been me." I whisper, beginning to cry.

"No, it shouldn't have. I'd take a hit for you every time." He simply replies. Walking over, I sit in the chair next to his bed.

"Baywatch, you aren't dying on me, you know that?" I say, then we start talking. We talk about random things, like the weather, favorite football teams, anything really. After 20 minutes, Wally's eyes begin to droop. Swallowing hard, I look over at the vital monitor, and note that the life support is on. I lean over and whisper a goodbye in his ear, then I get up to leave. As I'm walking out the door, I hear a sleepy voice call "Eli Manning is so much better than Tony Romo, Arty." Laughing, I exit the room.

I realized something today. Something big. I realized that I love Wally West, and I'm going to save him.

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