Margaret stared at the papers in her hand. It was over. After a long and hard service, she had left the army. Her dad was going to be so angry when he found out, but she did not care. She could no longer do this.

It was scary. She had grown up in the army, her entire life she had been clad in olive drab. She had never been more proud than the day the clusters were pinned on her collar. She was ready for the future lying ahead of her, or so she had thought.

She sighed heavily. After Korea, she had had a hard time getting back on her feet. She had known it was not going to be easy, but she had not expected it to be so hard. The people at the 4077th had become family, and every day she longed for their care, their support, the acceptance she had found in them. She longed for a friendship like that, but she had not found it.

Nightmares haunted her. All the pain, the death, the destruction she had seen over there. The people she had lost over there. The children, screaming for their parents. The parents, screaming for their children. Heartbreaking sobs from soldiers as their own nights were haunted by nightmares of war and terror.

But despite all that, she would not have missed it for the world. She had learned so much about herself, how she cared about other people. She had learned it was okay to be vulnerable, to show her fears. She could let others in, without getting hurt in the end. She could be the person she truly was, and nobody denied her that pleasure.

And now, that chapter of her life had ended with the resignation papers she was holding. Now, she was ready for a new one. A better one, right here in the States.

She wondered if Hawkeye still lived in Crabapple Cove...