Author Notes: Prompt!fic requested by my friend Lex. Not beta'd.

On a balcony situated high, high above the ground where the elite could overlook the whole of Ohtori Academy, four school icons were gathered for a meeting of the Student Council. Three of those figures sat at the table: the President, a gorgeous redhead that personified male class and sensuality; his Vice President, the handsome rogue with wavy jade hair who stirred his tea with one hand and failed at not looking bored; and the Secretary, a young and beautiful boy, bright-eyed, and blue-haired, stopwatch in one hand and a pen in the other, ready to take the minutes.

At the head of the table stood the Treasurer and sole woman of the group, her curled, orange hair shining in the sun as she continued speaking.

"...and in addition, the Fencing Club—"


"Hello? Ah, hello, darling. No, I'm not busy. When? Hm, I'm busy then. How about Monday? Monday's good? How about seven o'clock. I'll meet you by the fountain. Of course. You know I do. Bye." Touga folded the phone shut and tucked it back inside his jacket, giving Juri his winningest smile. "I'm sorry, Juri. Please. Continue."

Juri narrowed her eyes, her long fingers tightening on the papers she held. Mickey tried not to cringe. Juri's temper had been especially short of late, and she could be frightening when angry.

"As I was saying, the Fencing Club—"


Saionji yawned as Touga's phone came out again. "Hello? No, no. Why? Really? That's too bad. I suppose I could reschedule… Yes, Wednesday would be perfect. All right. Yes. Yes. Goodbye."

"Are you quitedone?" Juri asked coldly.

"Quite," Touga beamed.

She eyed him for several moments.

"The Fencing Club—"


"I. Am going. To kill him," Juri vowed through clenched teeth as Touga held his third conversation with some new girl.

Mickey gave her a sympathetic smile. "This isn't exactly new, Sempai."

She fixed him with a frigid look that had him worrying that the Beautiful Leopard might mistake him for prey.

Touga's phone returned to an inside pocket. "Again, apologies, Juri."

Juri glared.

Touga looked back, unaffected by her fury.

Mickey glanced at his stopwatch.

Saionji sipped his tea.


"The Fencing Club—"

What if God was one of us~?

"Hell– JURI!" Touga exclaimed as she swooped and snatched the phone from his hand.

Without a word, Juri slapped the phone shut, turned, and baseball-pitched the phone off the high balcony with the strength of righteous fury. The device glittered brightly in the sun before quickly becoming a speck too tiny to follow.

Touga stared, his mouth agape. "Do you even know who that was? "

Saionji took no pains to smother his amusement.

"No, and I really don't care," Juri answered calmly as she retook her seat. "Now, the Fencing Club is plann—"


"Sounds like the end of the school day," Saionji remarked as the tower bells tolled the hour. He finished his tea and set the cup on the saucer.

"And the end of our meeting," Touga added as he rose to his feet, one hand slipping into a pocket of his immaculate white uniform. His earlier surprise and irritation had been wiped away so that traces of neither remained. "I hope your business wasn't toopressing, Juri, because it will need to wait for next week's meeting. Later." He walked inside the tower, Saionji not far behind.