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"Do you not have any stuff?" Esposito hollers as he carries the last box up the stairs.

"Most of it is here already, idiot. I've practically lived here for months now. This is just the official moving day. I no longer have my apartment so all the stuff that has been there unused has to be moved," Beckett yells back. "Jeez, you know all this."

"Yeah yeah, but no furniture?" he shouts back.

"Have you seen Castle's loft? I don't need any of my own furniture!" she laughs. "The one piece I needed to bring has been here for a while anyway."

She's talking about the reading chair that her father gave her when she moved into that apartment. It had been her mother's.

"Okay, okay," he says as he puts the final box on the ground just inside the loft's entrance.

Kate Beckett takes a deep breath and smiles at her home. It's officially hers now. All the paperwork is done and she has nowhere else to go. This is her home.

She loves it.

"Welcome home," Castle grins at her from the kitchen.

He's been making lunch for everyone as they all help move Kate in. The whole crowd is there. Their home is filled with all their friends and family.

Kevin and a pregnant Jenny are on the couch with Martha and Jim, hearing stories about young Castle and Beckett no doubt. Javi is headed for the fridge to look for a drink after all the 'heavy-lifting' he'll complain he's done. Alexis is with a boy she met in the other room, watching TV. And Lanie is helping Castle feed the group. Even Gates said she might stop by later. They're all there. The whole family.

"Nowhere else I'd rather be," Kate smiles at her boyfriend. "How's lunch? Need any help?"

"I've got it," he says. And then he shouts, "FOOD'S READY!"

There's an immediate stampede to the kitchen and the trays full of sandwiches, vegetables, and chips are left much less full. They're like a bunch of teenagers at a party. None of them care though, they have the day off and they're just glad that the kidnapping and everything surrounding it is behind them. They're just happy to be happy and together and enjoying themselves again. It's been too long since they had a chance to do that.

They don't leave for hours. Gates comes and goes before the rest of them. "I have a family and a job," she tells them sternly. But that was after sharing a few drinks with the whole gang, so they don't think she meant it quite as meanly as she said it. She just has a reputation to keep up.

It's close to three in the morning before they've all left. And the mess left behind is something else but both Kate and Rick decide to leave the cleaning until morning. They're both much too tired to do anything about it now.

They slip into bed without even bothering to put pyjamas on. The lights never go on, they just follow the same path they do every night, the one they both know so well.

They're both asleep before their head hit the pillows.

Four hours later, seven in the morning, Castle slowly climbs out of bed. Tired but determined, he quietly cleans the loft and starts working on breakfast. They had a really late night so he knows Kate won't wake up for a while. She was still out cold when he got out of bed. Which works out well for him. He has a master plan to execute this morning. And she can't be around while he sets it up.

He's got an entire counter full of breakfast food by the time she wakes up. She leaves their bedroom just as he's pulling the last tray of french toast out.

"Morning," she yawns. "How long have you been up? Bed's cold..."

He's about to answer when she sees the tables.

"What did you do?"

"I made breakfast," he shrugs.

She laughs, "Uh, no, you did way more than that. What is all this, Castle?"

"I wanted to treat you. I remember you telling me about how your mom always made a huge brunch for you. I just wanted to do something like it," he tells her.

Her eyes fill with tears, "Oh Castle, you didn't have to do that."

"I wanted to."

"I love you," she grins at him. "C'mon then, let's eat! Are Martha and Alexis joining us?"

"Later probably," he says. "For now, it's just the two of us."

"Okay," she grins. She digs into the food and shovels it down. "God, I didn't know I was so hungry. Eat, Castle, you made good food. Eat!"

He takes a bite but has trouble swallowing.

"What's wrong, Castle? I never have to tell you to eat..." she looks worried. And when he doesn't give her answer, she becomes much more concerned, "Rick, are you okay? What's wrong?"

"Nothing," he shakes his head. "I'm okay. I'm more than okay. I've got the most amazing woman beside me. And I love her and..."

"And what?" she smiles.

"And... Katherine Beckett, would you do me the honour of becoming my Mrs Cheeseball?" he asks. And suddenly he's down on his knee and holding out a ring she didn't know he had.

She laughs and says, "Aren't I already?"

"Yes, but would you like to make it official?"

With tears in hers eyes and a grin gracing her face, she nods, "Yes."

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