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I'll be following the some part of the story through the eyes of my OC. Enjoy!

Infinite Stratos: Pink Nyaan...

Chapter 1: Cat

Everywhere was burning. I was alone. My parents were dead, killed by an IS. My elder sister had escaped. I couldn't move my left hand. It was pierced through a broken pipe and my right leg was twisted at a weird angle. I couldn't feel the pain though, my whole body was numb. The only thing causing me pain was my head.

"Hahaha... 14 years old and I'll already die... How cruel is fate..."

I laughed at my fate. Dying wouldn't be bad. No more pain, no more arguments, no more...

"Am I crying?"

I touched my cheek with my free hand, feeling the wetness of my tears.

"I-I d-don't want to die..."

Then I heard the sound of rubble being moved, a ray of sunlight broke through the ruined roof of my house.

"We have a live one!"

That was all I heard before the comforting darkness consumed me.

(One Year Later)


I woke up with a start. I stared at my alarm clock for a moment before shutting it. School was starting, I was supposedly going to be a IS pilot thanks to Shinonono Tabane. I have been living at a small motel for a whole year, recovering from the wounds I had gotten from that fateful day. Tabane or Onee-chan and her family had been taking care of me for the year. I often ate at their family household and spared with Tabane's younger sister Houki. I had developed a liking to naginatas when I was going through kendo to reform my body.

I yawned and stretched before walking towards the bath. I immediately turned on the shower and washed my body. Being naked when you slept had its perks, one of them was that I didn't have to take off my clothes when I woke up in the morning to take a shower. Yeah, I was a lazy girl. As I was shampooing my pink hair, I remembered the time Tabane caught me walking around the house, totally naked. She didn't freak out but Houki did. I laughed at the memory and stepped out of the shower.

"*knock, knock* Aari open up! Im I have your uniform for the IS academy!" I heard Houki shouting.

I sighed and opened the door.

"Finally, what too-"She stopped at mid sentence, I was still totally naked.

"What?" I asked innocently.

She threw the uniform right at my face.


"Are you trying the seduce someone?"

I stared at her.

"...Houki... I didn't know you rolled that wa-"

I was cut off when Houki yelled, "DIE!" and pulled a shinai from somewhere... Don't ask... I don't know.

Houki proceeded to attack me with her deadly bamboo sword. I backflipped to avoid her first blow and grabbed the replica of a naginata from my wall and lashed out at Houki. I used my advantage of range to push her back. When I successfully pushed her out of my room, I used my naginata to quickly close the door.

"Sorry! I didn't mean to say that..." I say mischievously, I had totally meant to say that.

"Just change! We're going to the academy soon!" She shouted from the other side of my door and walked away.

I giggled and started changing

Tabane was there to see us off but Houki had mysteriously disappeared.

"Take care Aari-chan... Where's Houki-chan?"

I shrugged and smile at her.

"I will Onee-chan... I didn't have a chance to say this but... thank you..."

Tears formed on Tabane's eyes and she hugged me, much to my surprise.

"I'll miss you Aari-chan!"

I returned her hug and smiled sadly.

"I'll miss you too..."

"Oh! Before I forget... I made you a personal IS."

Tabane handed me a pair of mechanical cat ears.


She smiled proudly and patted her bunny ears, "You look like me if you wear those... save for the blue eyes. Your personality is also like a cat... walking around naked and stretching like that."

My mouth formed an 'o' and I put them on, then I put my right 'paw' beside my face.


"Kyaaah! So cute!"

"What about Houki? Did you make her a personal IS too?"

"Yes but I'm still building it..."

The car arrived. Tabane hugged me once more before I bid her farewell. I entered the car and the driver drove me towards the IS academy. I waved at Tabane who to me was an older sister.

I had gotten the only male in my class. I had gotten the class 1-1 and I got Orimura-sensei as my homeroom teacher. The vice-homeroom teacher is Yamada-sensei. I stayed quite, looking out of the window. Seems that Houki was ignoring the male... what was his name... Orimura Ichika? Yeah Orimura-sensei's younger brother. He had been hit by her twice already. It also seems like that there are a lot of masochists in the class due to the class' behaviour towards Orimura –sensei.

I turned to look at Ichika, he met my gaze for a moment before he quickly turned away. Smirking, I raised my left hand to my face. I stared at the scar on my hand; memories which I wanted to forget came rushing back. I frowned slightly and rested my head on the table as the lessons started.

I looked into my bag, staring at the cat ears Tabane had given me. I smiled and took it out, putting it on my head. I then noticed that everyone was staring.

"Murasaki-san... Is there a problem?" Yamada-sensei asked me timidly.

I put my right 'paw' near my face.


Chapter 1: END

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