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President Fitzgerald Grant III leaned back in his chair in his private office off the oval and sighed. It has been a long day. They were still 5 votes short on an education finance bill his administration had had in the works since shortly after he had taken office. The he and Cyrus had meet with 3 "on the fence" congressman late this afternoon but had failed to secure definite support. The birth of his son Benjamin Oliver Grant two months ago has also meant that sleep had been even less common than it had been before, especially since Fitz had continued to frequently spend his nights sleeping in the nursery.

Looking through the information he had spread out before him, he realized he was missing a file on one of the congressman they were to meet with tomorrow he remembered that Cyrus had the file earlier. He decided he needed to stretch his legs so he got up and headed to Cyrus' office down the hall. When he arrived, he noticed Cyrus was not there, but he noticed a stack of files on Cyrus' desk. He figured that the file he was looking for was likely in that stack and rather than waiting to find Cyrus , he though he could just quickly look through and locate the file and head back to his office.

As he started to search though the files, one caught his eye. It was labeled "Olivia Pope". Fitz's breath caught. It has been four months since the night he had told Olivia he was letting her go that night in the restaurant. The only things that had kept him from calling her or visiting her taking it all back was knowing that the back and forth relationship was just as painful to Olivia as it was to him and the determination that once he had fulfilled his obligation to the American people he would be free to once again to pursue her. He missed her like made though. He relished the few times he had caught her on the news, doing press releases for her clients. And truthfully, he still had the FBI and secret service keep some tabs on Olivia, just to help make sure that she was safe.

Fitz could no sooner have stopped himself from opening the file than he could have stopped breathing. Any little but of information on Olivia was like food to a dying man for him. Once he did, he quickly realized it was part of the NSA's information the woman he loved. There were a few photos of Olivia with her colleagues and clients. Some financial reports and some phone call transcripts and photo copies of some of Olivia's mail. One item quickly caught Fitz's eye. It was a appeared to be a bill from Lincoln Memorial Hospital. Had Olivia been sick? Hurt? When Fitz looked down to the itemized expenses, his heart stopped. One word popped out at him and he could not tear his eyes away. "Chemotherapy". Fitz stood frozen in his spot.

Olivia has cancer. Livie has cancer. My Livie has cancer. My Livie could die.

Fitz's thoughts were interrupted by and entrance of his chief of staff into the room.

"Mr. President, what are you doing in my office? How can I help you?"

Upon hearing Cyrus' voice, Fitz became enraged.

"How could you keep this from me?"

" I am not sure what you are referring to Mr. President" Cyrus said cautiously.

"I am taking about Olivia having cancer. How could you keep that from me?" Fitz almost yelled as he shoved the hospital bill into Cyrus' hands.

" Mr. President, I have not had a chance to talk with Olivia since this came across my desk. "

"You should have brought this to my attention the moment you first say it. Beyond being my chief of staff, I though you were my friend Cyrus. You know my feelings for Olivia."

"Mr. President, I was under the impression that whatever was between you and Olivia was over, that you had let her go."

"You really believed that I stopped loving Olivia? That we could ever be over? We will never be over. Never" As he stated this Fitz threw the rest of the file at Cyrus and walked out the door. As he passed his secretary he stopped.

"Get my personal attorney on the phone now."

"Yes sir"

Once he reached his office, he turned and addressed the two secret service agents behind him.

"I want transport to Olivia Pope's in two hours. Make it happen. Same deal as before. Keep your presence minimal. I don't want to add any more stress to Ms. Pope by risking this visit turning into a media circus."

"Mr. President, I have Mr. Lywood holding on line 1 for you." Came his secretary's voice over the phone intercom.

"Thank you."

Olivia Pope was sitting on the couch watching 10 o'clock news with a glass of her favorite wine when she heard a knock at her door. Before answering the door, she looked through her peephole and saw a very determined President Fitzgerald Grant III standing at her door. Three secret service agents stood close behind him.

What is he doing here? Was the question that ran through her head and she was tempted to not open the door. The event of that night a few months ago when he had "let her go" were still to fresh in her mind. The pain still to raw. But she knew he would not go away, so she sighed and opened the door.

She had not even managed to fully shut the door behind him before he started talking.

"I am divorcing Mellie, the lawyers have instructions to do whatever it takes to get it taken care of within the shortest time possible. The day after the divorce is final, we are getting married. Decide what kind of wedding you want and it will be taken care of. Be ready to meet with my lawyer about all the legal paperwork. And I am sure Cyrus would appreciate your help with the press release."

"Mr. President…"

"You can not talk me out of this Olivia, so do not even try. You are not going through this without me by your side. God forbid the worst happens, I will not accept having not been your husband at least for a little while. And if you do take a turn for the worst, I will not allow there to be any possibility that I will be kept from your side. And no one but me will have your medical power of attorney, no one."

"Fitz, I …."

"Liv, I have already said you can't talk me out of this. Now I need to know how bad it is? What is the prognosis? Exactly what type is it? What stage? What treatments are they recommending? What….."

"FITZGERALD GRANT…..STOP, What are you talking about?"

"I know Liv"

"You know what?"

"I know that you have been receiving chemotherapy"


"It doesn't matter how. I cannot believe that you did tell me. Is that why you pushed me away in the forest? You know what that does not matter right now. But have not doubt that you will explain that at a latter date. Now answer my earlier questions"

"Fitz, I don't have cancer"

"Olivia Carolyn Pope, don't try and lie about this. "

"I'm not. Fitz, it is for a client."

"What?" Fitz asked this with a very confused look on his face.

"It is for a client. They need to keep their condition out of the press. Booking under my name was the best way to do that. That is all I can tell you."

"You don't have cancer?"


"Thank god" Was all Fitz could say as the adrenaline that he sat down heavily on the sofa.

"So now you need to call your lawyers and stop all proceedings. You will need them to all sign a non-disclosure agreement agreeing to not reveal anything. Find out if any of them have talked about to someone else we will need to get to. We will also want to have a back up press release. Maybe something along the lines of being worried about Mellie and how worried you were that the stress of being First Lady could affect her health and the babies and that fear made you act irrationally." Olivia started firing off these instructions in her typical no nonsense "fixer" fasion.


"What do you mean …no?"

"I mean no, I am not stopping the divorce proceedings. Everything I said is still happening. I am ending my shame of a marriage and you and I are getting married as soon as I can make it happen."

"Fitz…." Olivia started but was interrupted by Fitz

"Olivia, I just spent several hours terrified that you were possibly dying. Terrified that I wouldn't have enough time to fix the mess I made, to get to spend years married to you"

"Fitz, I am fine and you need to think rationally. Maybe in once you have finished your time as president we can think about….."

"No. Livie, you may not have cancer, but there are still an infinite number of things that could kill either of us. Even if we both hadn't made our fair share of enemies over the years, there are so many things that can happen to anyone. What tonight has made me realize is that I am not willing to risk it. Like I said, if anything were to happen to you, I am not willing to be kept away because I am not family. I am not willing to allow someone else to make medical decisions if you can't. And if something were to happen to me, I want you by my side. I want YOU to have all the benefits that would come from being my widow. So we are getting married. Tell me you don't love me, don't want to be my wife. I dare you to look me in the eye and tell me you do not want to spend the rest of our lives together."

"I can't"

"You can't?"

"I can't tell you I don't love you. But Fitz, this could end your presidency."

"Not this term. This will be about me getting a divorce. Even if they try, do you really think they will be able to impeach me for doing something legally that millions people do? It might mean I don't get reelected, but I can live with that, there is no guarantee of reelection if I were to stay with Mellie, which I will not be."

"There is nothing I can say to talk you out of this is there?" Olivia asked. Looking deep into Fitz's eyes, trying to discern the truth of everything he has said.

"Absolutely nothing"

After several tense moment in which the two just starred at each other, Olivia made her decision.

"Alright, under one condition."

"What is that condition?"

"After the divorce, we get married, but it is kept secret from the public. After 6 months we can start to "date" publically telling the press that nothing started between us until after you and Mellie were officially over. After the next election, whether or not you get reelected we can look into a "public" engagement and marriage". This way we get what you want…the legal ties and chance to be together, but we minimize impact of the resulting scandal on your presidency. The divorce is going to do enough damage. We are not the only ones that worked hard to get you elected in the first place, we owe it to them to not just throw everything away. Agreed?"

"Agreed, now were need a kiss to seal the deal. Come here."

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