Ok, seriously until we have non-comatose Fitz, we need to stop with all the fanfiction that seems to want to focus on the shooting and Fitz possibly dying. I applaud the others for how wonderfully well written they are, but please, please, please…..I can't handle it (My obsession with this show and Olitz is going to be the death of me). Read one tonight that made me so upset I once again had to retreat to my happy Olitz world. So here is yet another previously unplanned chapter, Enjoy!

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Olivia slowly opened her eyes and realized it was still dark out. Glimpsing at the clock on her nightstand she saw that it was only a little after 2am. She knew immediately what had woken her up: Fitz was not in the bed beside her. Knowing that she always had a hard time falling back asleep until she was back in his arms, she got out of the bed and went in search of her husband. She suspected that he was must likely just down the hall in Lily's nursery.

The nine weeks since Lily was born had been surreal. Because she had a caesarean section, she and Lily had been at the hospital for 3 days following Lily's arrival. Once they had got her back home they tried to get her on as regular a schedule as their positions as President and First Lady would allow. At first it had seemed like endless rounds of feedings, naps and diaper changes but as efficient as both Fitz and Olivia had always been and with the resources they had at their disposal things had quickly evened out. Lily was even sleeping for longer and longer stretches during the night, much to their relief. The circumstances and obligations had necessitated that they accept help with Lily's care during the day, however both had agreed that they would be the only ones seeing to Lily at night. They had remained firm in this decision, but it had resulted it some rather sleepless nights, especially at first. Since her birth, Lily had become the White House and America's little darling. They had been very careful to release only a limited number of official pictures and she was never brought anywhere the paparazzi might be. However, those few pictures and reports of her growth and progress had been enough to rush Lily in the hearts of Americans. As for everyone at the White House, the lucky few that got to help with her simply adored her. She was such a happy and content little girl. On the occasions where she got to visit her daddy in the west wing, they entire staff just had to flock around her and when allowed, take turns holding her. When they were not at school or studying, Karen, Gerry and Ben spent as much time as they could with their new little sister. There had been a few instances where they had to stop been from trying to shove candy in Lily's mouth or pick her up to play with because at just under four years old, he didn't quiet understand all the rules you have to follow with a baby. As for Karen and Gerry, they enjoyed holding their little sister and trying to get her "co" and gurgle at them. Lily love being held by her siblings and usually rewarded them with smiles and happy sounds. But the arms that Lily obviously enjoyed being in the most, even more than her mother's, were her father's. It was quickly discovered that if Lily was crying, all they usually had to do was place her in Fitz's arms and she would quiet right down. Fitz was able to get her to fall asleep faster than anyone and she seemed to first achieve many of her milestones while he was holding her. Her first actual smile (not the ones caused by gas) came when she was little less than 6 weeks old and happened while Fitz had her on his lap and was playing with her little feet. Her first laugh had come just a couple weeks latter when Fitz was blowing raspberries on her little tummy. When Lily heard her father's voice she usually reached out for him and Fitz, who Lily had wrapped around her little fingers, was always happy to comply. Olivia could already tell that when Lily got older, she was going to have be the main "bad guy"/disciplinarian because Fitz' was going to have a hard time telling the little girl "no" if she wanted something.

Sure enough, as Olivia got closer to her daughter's nursery she heard Fitz's voice. When she peeked in she saw that was sitting in the plush ottoman with Lily on his lap he was talking to her. So, Olivia stayed just outside the door listening to their conversation.

" and Daddy had to argue with those mean old congressman because they didn't want to do what I said but Daddy got them to see the error of their ways, yes I did." From outside the door Olivia could hear Lily cooing and gurgling in response to her father's words.

"When you are older you will be able to run rings around the crotchety old men, just like your mother. I can see it now. Just don't grow up to fact on me, ok Lily bug? I wish you could stay just like this forever. Cut as a button and just slobbering on boys rather than over them." Olivia couldn't help but giggle at this last comment, which signaled to Fitz that she was there.

"Hey, what are you doing up?"

(O) "Your not being next to me woke me up and I decided to come find you. What about you"

"She woke a little while ago and needed a diaper change. We were just having a bit of a chat."

"ah" was Olivia's response as she walked over the take squeeze in next to her husband and daughter. Once she was situated she reached down and ran a finger down Lily's little cheek. "hey baby girl, are you having a good talk with daddy?" Lily cooed and gurgled and even made a few little bubbles in response to her mother's question.

"I think that is a yes."

"Of course it is, this little girl adores you. You could read her the stock report from the New York Times and she would still gurgle and coo and laugh because it was you doing it. She is such a little Daddy's girl"

"Which is how it should be, isn't that right Lily bug?" Fitz asked as he lifted Lily up from his lap and placed a quick kiss on her check before putting her against his shoulder closest to Olivia. Olivia leaned into Fitz with her head against the back of the ottoman and brought her hand up to rug circles on Lily's back. The three were content to just stay like this as Lily was quickly lulled back to sleep. A little while later Lily was fast asleep so they both stood up and Fitz placed the little girl back in her crib and Olivia covered her back up with a blanket.

"Lets go back to bed" Fitz said as he took his wife's hand in his and they walked together back to their room. A short time later, both were fast asleep, lulled by the comfort of each other's arms.


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