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Itachi x Kagome

"Why can't we tell Kaa-san and Tou-san?"

Wide blue eyes stared at Itachi, tilting her head innocently and Itachi could only sigh mentally. Why did such a pure being have to born in the Uchiha clan? And more importantly, why did she have to be his sister of all things?

"Because what we are doing is against one of Konoha's decrees," Itachi said calmly, brushing his deadly fingers through Kagome's bangs, "The Sandaime Hokage put the decree in place a while ago." Incest among Konoha's clans was accepted as long as they were as distant as cousins, but siblings are no longer allowed.

Kagome blinked, "Why, Ita-nii?" She asked, moving herself to sit in her older brother's lap, resting her back against his chest, "Why is it a decree?" She asked, "And why doesn't the Yondaime Hokage remove it?"

"Because this is wrong either way," Itachi leaned down, pressing his cold check against her silky hair, "We are of the same blood, the same parents."

"But Kaa-san is Tou-san's cousin, isn't she?" Kagome pouted, "They're married."

"To keep the Sharingan in our bloodline strong," Itachi answered, 'It may have finally backfired on the clan.'

He glanced down as Kagome looked up with a cute smiled, her Sharingan activating at the second she looked at him and he marvelled at the colour and the mutation so much inbreeding had caused.

Kagome was the only one in the Uchiha clan's history to be born with a different colour Sharingan, a sky blue instead of crimson red.

"Even it is a decree, I'll always love you the most, Ita-nii!"

He only wished such a pure girl wasn't born in the tainted Uchiha clan...