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To most of the girls in Kashima Ryuuichi's class, Kamitani Hayato was the dark knight type of guy that made any sane girl weak in the knees. Handsome with a dangerous aura that definitely came across as sexy with an intimidating demeanor.

Ryuuichi couldn't really blame them for thinking that.

He also couldn't fault them for having crushes on his best-friend with almost all of Hayato's admirers being drawn in by the assumption that underneath the rough hard exterior was a kind and gentle person, especially when Ryuu knew it to be fact.

In the past, girls chasing after Hayato was a norm really, nothing to be bothered about.

The taller boy ignored one and all and, unlike his other male classmates, Ryuu had never really wondered why.

If the question had crossed Ryuu's mind, he'd have brushed it off easily, attributing it to Hayato's personality. Taka's older brother rarely talked to girls and his blunt way of speaking came off tactless at times, scaring the more timid ones away.

Ryuuichi had never really given it much thought, too busy fretting about the children if ever he did have free time.

That wasn't entirely true, really.

He fretted about Hayato too, on how the taller boy's relationship with his father was going. It wasn't his fault for over thinking sometimes. Ryuu couldn't help himself, acting like a 'mother hen' as Usaida-san put it.

And then he'd gone and accidentally overheard something that answered why Hayato never seemed to accept any advances from the girls.

As much as he knew he shouldn't be constantly worrying, Ryuu ended up bothered, adding something new to his 'To Worry About List' anyway.

Ryuu hurried through the corridors, rushing as he belatedly noticed he was still wearing his apron which he hastily took off.

Not for the first time did he wonder where Hayato went. He'd gotten used to his friend fetching him from the Daycare room even if the taller boy didn't have assigned duties that day. Ryuu had barely noticed the time until the bell itself rang.

He strode through the empty corridors, a strange cast about them as the late winter sun peaked through scattered grey clouds, filtering in from the many glass windows.

"B-but I really like you, Hayato-kun!"

At the sound of the name and the pleading voice saying it, Ryuu stumbled to a stop right when he was about to turn the corner.

It sounded private and something not intended for others' ears.

He knew he shouldn't and, really, he had to get to class, but he was unable to help himself, peeking tentatively around the corner.

The sobbing girl's back was turned to Ryuu, standing directly in front of her was Hayato with his usual expressionless look.

If Ryuu poked his head out even more, he knew Hayato would have noticed him eavesdropping, but the smaller boy was unable to pull away from the scene or continue walking to class.

He was already late anyway so his mind rationally offered the option of waiting for Hayato so they could return together.

It felt like an eternity before Hayato spoke, Ryuu at least had the decency to look away from the scene as he gazed out the numerous windows that lined the hallway, his back to the wall but close enough to the corner turn that he could hear everything that was being said.

While quiet filled the air, Ryuu's mind wandered.

He'd known Hayato already had experience in 'love', their male classmates having grilled the taller boy into revealing he'd had relationships in middle school, dated a few girls who confessed to him.

When the conversation had turned into why he wasn't dating anyone now that he was in high school despite the many offers he kept getting, the stoic boy refused to give in, glaring at their companions until their classmates cowered and hid behind Ryuu's back.

Ryuu had laughed it off then, remembering only feeling a bit surprised at the reveal about Hayato's past. It reminded him that there were still so many things he didn't know about his friend.

"Sorry, sempai. I can't accept your feelings." the taller boy said politely.

Ryuu stiffened where he stood, hearing footsteps get closer. Hayato would be rounding the corner soon on his way to the classroom and Ryuuichi would be embarrassingly caught in the act of eavesdropping.

He knew Hayato disliked people sticking their noses in other people's business even if the other boy never called Ryuu on it.

Just as his mind started working out excuses he could give as to why exactly he was listening in on the private moment, the girl called out.

"At least tell me why!"

Ryuuichi could hear Hayato barely even pausing in his steps until he reached the junction of the two corridors, turning his head to look straight at Ryuu, pinning the smaller boy with an intense gaze as he answered the heartbroken girl over his shoulder.

"I'm in love with somebody else."

Ryuu shivered at the memory, remembering exactly how Hayato's sharp eyes had felt like Ryuu's soul was being laid bare for the dark haired boy to see.

He wasn't ashamed to admit that after he stood in shock, eyes bugging out like a deer's caught in the headlights, he ran. He ran all the way back to daycare, surprising Usaida-san for skipping class and turning up as red as a ripe tomato.

God, and now here he was surrounded by the kids poking worriedly at his face, playing hooky, and wondering who the heck it was that Hayato was talking about. If Ryuuichi's classmates knew the classroom's heartthrob was in love with someone, they would all be clamoring to find out who it was.

Ryuu was no exception.

He knew he should have learned his lesson when he'd thought it better to guess at who Hayato's father was rather than ask the boy himself but the idea that all this time, Hayato was in love with someone and had deliberately rejected so many girls, it made Ryuu's heart sort of ache and he didn't even know why.

The issue bothered him more than the question about Hayato and Taka's father and it caused a dull throbbing sensation in Ryuu's chest area just thinking about it.


Kotarou's voice broke through the haze that Ryuu didn't even notice come over him. He lifted his head from where he'd buried his face in his arms, knees pulled up against his chest. The children were all staring up at him with worried expressions.

He nearly smacked himself for letting the children worry. He forced a smile on his face, ignoring Usaida-san watching him thoughfully from one side, as he reassured the kids that he was fine and that there was nothing to worry about.

He didn't want to admit that for the entire period, he kept constantly glancing at the door, waiting for Hayato to walk through, demanding some sort of explanation or apology for Ryuu's indiscretion.

Most especially, he didn't want to admit to himself that the sinking feeling of disappointment in his stomach was because Hayato hadn't even bothered to call after Ryuu or follow him back to the Daycare room, even if Ryuu hadn't expected him to.

When it was finally about time for the next period to begin, he left for class with a sigh. Upon entering the room, his eyes automatically fell on Hayato who was staring straight at him, before he forced himself to look away and take his seat. He gave excuses for having felt a bit ill to his classmates who were wondering why he'd missed the previous class.

He hoped his face burning up would be seen as a sign of him catching a sort of fever and not to be understood as the sign of embarrassment that it was mixed in with something else entirely.

As Ryuu gathered his things after class ended, a familiar voice from close behind him caused him to startle and drop a few things.

"I have Baseball club duties. The old woman will be picking up Taka today."

"A-ah. Of course."


Ryuuichi couldn't make himself meet the taller boy's eyes, opting instead to stare at the other's shoulder.

When the other boy finally turned away, slinging his bag over one shoulder, Ryuu sighed quietly in relief, blurting out a goodbye before he could catch himself.

Too late. Hayato paused to look at him over his shoulder, their eyes meeting, and although it was only for but a moment, Ryuu felt a tingly shiver run up his spine.

"A-about what happened earlier..." Ryuu averted his eyes, feeling the flush rise up through his neck.


"I'm sorry. For, er, overhearing. I-I didn't mean to. So..."


Hayato regarded him for a moment longer while Ryuuichi tried his best not to fidget, the dark-haired teen finally leaving after nodding a goodbye.

Ryuu rubbed at the back of his neck, wondering what the heck was going on. He turned back to fixing up before heading back once again to the Daycare room.

"Good work today!"

"See you tomorrow!"

Ryuuichi waved at the kids and their parents as they left the Daycare room, holding Kotarou in one arm. Having finished up with the tidying, Ryuu held Kotarou close as they headed out themselves.

He rearranged Kotarou's scarf, the cold air still biting.


The familiar voice brought warmth to Ryuu as he turned to see Hayato a few yards away. He paused, waiting for the taller boy to stride towards him. Ryuu swore to blame the weather if anyone asked why his cheeks were heating up.

Hayato raised an eyebrow, a silent question, before Ryuu found his bearings, leading them out the school.

They walked quietly and for the first time since they'd known each other, the atmosphere around them felt awkward. Ryuu really tried not to fidget but the thought of asking who exactly Hayato was in love with was nagging at his brain.


Ryuu blinked at Kotarou's small form in his arms, the baby with hands outstretched towards their companion. Even Hayato looked surprised.

"Er, do you-?"

"Give him here."

Handing Kotarou over to the taller teen, their arms brushed. Ryuu felt another sparks shoot through from the small contact of their bare hands rush up his arms. If that didn't warm him through and through, the sight of Hayato holding Kotarou close and snug in strong arms certainly did.

He grinned up at Hayato, knowing very well he was looking just a bit foolish, but Ryuu didn't care.

He felt warm and fuzzy inside despite the odd fluttering in his stomach. Kotarou looked content in Hayato's arms, and if that was a small smile playing on the taller boy's lips, Ryuuichi didn't point it out, afraid it was going to disappear.

There was undeniable affection in those dark eyes as he adjusted the baby in his arms and Ryuu could see it plain as day even if half the time even he had trouble figuring out what Hayato was thinking or feeling based from the other teen's usual expressionless face.

Then those eyes found his and Ryuuichi learned something new about his bestfriend. Ryuu found himself breathless.

And whatever issues Ryuu knew he should have been worrying about that time, he didn't let it stop him from pressing forward as soft warm lips brushed down gently on his, eyes falling shut as he relished in the new feeling.

He'd fuss about hearing the words he knew Hayato meant for him from the taller boy himself later. For now, he smiled while he could before his mind and embarrassment caught up with him.

When it did catch up with him, his face heating up as he sputtered nonsense, trying to start a conversation, the embarrassment didn't keep him from noticing the pleased look on both Hayato and Kotarou's faces.

Well, he had enough to worry about, he didn't want to add the scary idea of Kotarou and Hayato ganging up on him to the list, so he sighed and let himself be lead away as they walked in contented silence, the greyish sky getting a pinkish tinge. Spring was coming soon, another term, another season, and a beautiful start at something completely young and new.

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